New Zealand

Flightbeam Auckland Previews

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Flightbeam seems to be progressing nicely with their Auckland Airport (NZAA) scenery. Over on the Flightbeam forums, developer Mir shared some previews of the highly anticipated airport. The previews show two extremely detailed gates on the international terminal of the airport. In the previews we can see two absolutely beautifully modelled jetways, that even show some signs of wear and tear. We can also see the apron area which seems to feature a fair amount of clutter in the form of baggage carts and service vehicles. We can also look inside the terminal, where you can see The Loop Duty Free shop as well as a part of a passenger waiting area. This seems to suggest Auckland airport will feature some interior modelling, much like Flightbeam’s other New Zealand scenery; Wellington.

Those are all the previews Mir had to share for now, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated when more previews come out as this project is getting seemingly closer to its release.

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Godzone Real New Zealand NZCH Christchruch Now Available

Christchurch Nzch Airport P3dv4 (8)
Update 30-Jul-2019: The product is now available via simMarket for €22.50. Thanks to LimblessDwarf on our Discord for the information. After many years of development, scenery developer Godzone has released NZCH Christchurch airport. Christchurch is the second busiest airport in New Zealand, seeing frequent flights from airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Jetstar Airways and of course, Air New Zealand. Destinations served from
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Flightbeam Studios Wellington: The FSElite Review

It’s the land of kiwis, hobbits and unprecedented natural beauty. It’s also the country of Flightbeam Studios’ latest scenery. Of course, I’m talking about nothing other than the wonderful country of New Zealand. For an area of the world that receives so little love, it’s great to see some developers give it some attention. Luckily Orbx has done this in
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Flightbeam Studios Releases Wellington International Airport

P3DV4 FlightBeam NZWN Wellington International Airport
Accompanied by a trailer that beautifully shows of all of its gorgeous detail, Flightbeam Studios has released Wellington International Airport (NZWN). The project, announced in June of last year, has finally made its way to our simulators. Wellington is the third busiest airport in New Zealand, right after Auckland and Christchurch. The airport serves as a hub for Air New
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Godzone Virtual Flight Previews Christchurch Intl. (NZCH) for FSX and P3D

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In an announcement on their Facebook page, Godzone Virtual Flight has dropped some impressive looking images of their upcoming Christchurch International Airport (NZCH) for FSX and Prepar3D. After a few delays with this self-confessed "monsterous project", Godzone look to be in good shape for a release very soon. The latest images show advanced progress and they have stated that the
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Flightbeam Previews Wellington Intl. Surrounding Area

Nzwn Nov4

Four months ago, Flightbeam had showcased Wellington’s airside that is said to surpass their current products in terms of detail. Today, Flightbeam are back with part two of Wellington Intl. (NZWN) previews showcasing the detailed surrounding area coverage of the Wellington Peninsula over on their forum.

In these previews, we can see the satellite ground imagery, custom buildings, custom vegetation, custom 3D objects and autogen buildings scattered throughout the surrounding area showing that Flightbeam, along with other developers is definitely starting to raise the bar for detail in our simulators.

We don’t have much more information regarding Wellington, but a release must certainly be on the horizon as it was mentioned in their previous post that we’re to look forward to one this year. We will be sure to keep you updated if any new information rolls out regarding Wellington Intl. (NZWN).

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Orbx NZGS Gisborne Airport Released

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When you think of stunning scenery, you probably don't think of New Zealand as a possible location, and if that's the case you'll want to pick up the brand new NZGS Gisborne Airport by Orbx to give yourself an excuse to take flight in the land of the long white cloud. The all-new scenery by Finni Hansen is the first Orbx airport
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Orbx Releases Whangarei Airport (NZWR)

It's been a busy day for Orbx. In addition to their sale and Student Discount programs, they also released a brand new scenery package. Designed and created by Alex Goff, Whangarei Airport (NZWR) is now available to download via FTX Central V3 for $32.95AUD. The New Zealand airport is the first North Island airport available from Orbx and requires their
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Orbx Announces Whangarei Airport (NZWR)

Orbx has announced that they will be releasing their first North Island Airport in New Zealand. Whangarei Airport (NZWR) will be a huge project undertaken by Alex Goff and a few other dedicated forum members. The project includes the airport as well as the bay and the city of Whangarei itself. There will also be plenty of places to explore
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Real New Zealand Dunedin released

Godzone VF have released their second 'Real New Zealand' scenery; Dunedin. Real NZ sceneries are known for their high quality photoscenery, according to the developers self. RNZ Dunedin covers a large area of 2400 square kilometers covering the area of Taieri Plains, Dunedin City and Otago Peninsula. It also features two different airports, Dunedin airport and Taieri airport. Both airports are
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