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Drzewiecki Design Releases New York Airports v2 X

Over the past few weeks, Drzewiecki Design has been previewing their new version of New York Airports v2 X. Today, the development team has released the product, spread over two different packages. Over the two packages, you will be able to fly and explore the following New York airports:

John F. Kennedy International Airport – KJFK
LaGuardia Airport – KLGA
Teterboro Airport – KTEB
Newark Liberty International Airport – KEWR
Essex County Airport – KLDJ
Linden Airport – KCDW

There are plenty of differences between this version and the previous one, including new ground polygons with improved textures, better detail on objects, up to 300% better performance, and all models have been re-exported and complied in ultra high resolution 4096px. As it’s becoming the norm now, SODE has also been included to allow animated jetways and seasonal changes to the scenery.

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Drzewiecki Design New York Airports X v2

Drzewiecki Design have provided the community with even more previews of their upcoming New York Airports X v2. In a post on Facebook, they said that J.F. Kennedy version 2 has been completed. The team have worked hard on ensuring that airport buildings are up to date, creating brand new ground polys, as well as adding high quality static aircraft (there’s been no word on whether these can be switched off). Furthermore, there’s individual mesh design, fully operational taxiway bridges, and of course the use of SODE jetways.

As previously mentioned, the airport will be released in 2 parts. Both of these releases is still expected to be next week.

As soon as we hear anything new, we’ll be there to let you guys know.

We interviewed Drzewiecki Design during Developer Month, so check that out!

Drzewiecki Design New York Airports X V2 – LaGuardia Airport Previews

Our friends over at Drzewiecki Design have shown off some new screenshots of their upcoming New York Airports X V2. This time, they show off the fact that LaGuardia Airport is now complete, with brand new aprons/terminals, animated vehicles and SODE jetways. The detail in the screenshots looks stunning and goes to show just how much effort the team are inputting into this project.

Further to that, they showed off the first glimpse into what the vision for JFK airport will also look like. Already the ground textures look great and blends in nicely with the surrounding area. When we interviewed the team during Developer Month, the team were pretty excited about this release.

Release for part 1 is expected in a week or so. According to the forums, the project is due for release by the end of this month, so we’re unsure if part 2 will also release just as soon. If you need reminding, here’s what you can expect from the project: Keep Reading

Drzewiecki Design Teterboro previews

Drzewiecki Design is hard at work on their update for New York Airports X. This v2 will come with new objects with better visuals, a lot of updated textures, animating stuff and most noticeably a huge performance improvement. A few days ago they have shown us a preview of Teterboro airport (KTEB), included in the package. Keep in mind that the scenery is not done yet and some stuff, like lights and SODE vegetation, is still missing. The new things we can see though are very nice! Teterboro v2 will have new ground polygons with enhanced run- and taxiway markings, updated airport surrounding, 3 new EMAS systems, a new localizer structure at runway 01 and a lot of custom cars. To check out the entire post and keep up to date with New York Airports X v2 you can go over here.

Also make sure to read our Developer Month interview with Drzewiecki Designs to find out all about them!

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Drzewiecki Design – Confirms New Version of New York Airports and Seattle Details

After their latest release, Washington X, it wasn’t long before Drzewiecki Design confirmed that they were working on Seattle. Since then only a few images have floated around the internet showing off the harbor area.

Confirmed in an exclusive interview with FSElite by the team, Drzewiecki Design have confirmed the final package will include 3 detailed Boeing fields, 4 seaplane bases, heliports and an extremely detailed downtown area including Flight Simulator’s home: Microsoft Headquarters. They say it will be their “biggest” product to date!

In addition to that, Drzewiecki Design also confirmed that they are working on a brand new and updated version of their New York Airports package. 90% of the package will be brand new to ensure improved performance and visual splendor.

As part of Developer Month you can read the full interview tomorrow from 12:00pm zulu.