PilotEdge Launches SkyHigh Charters And Releases New FSX/P3D Client

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PilotEdge, a high-quality, subscription-based online ATC service, recently launched their latest project which was announced at FSExpo, just a week prior.

The service is for those pilots who have completed all the tests which PilotEdge offers, who then go on to simulate being a charter pilot on the network. With the focus on offering pilots a variety of flying experiences and challenges, it makes sure to keep both pilot and controller on their toes.

The service is said to often require pilots to use a specific route and approach (and missed approaches), as well as specific navigation equipment time of day and weather sets.

PilotEdge members who have completed all the tests up to I-11 can now fly the first scenario, more details of the scenario and SkyHigh Charts itself can be found on the PilotEdge website.

In addition to SkyHigh Charters, Pilotedge’s new client for both FSX and P3D has been released. More information, as well as the download link, can be found here.

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PilotEdge Announce New FSX/P3D Client, Sky High Charters

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PilotEdge has announced a new FSX/P3D client for their network users in the very first on-stage announcement for FSExpo. The client, based on vPilot, will bring dynamic model matching to the user experience, along with ground clamping, simultaneous COM radios, yoke PTT support without the use of FSUIPC, and a web-based interface. Additionally, PilotEdge has also announced a new project 'Sky High
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