Navigraph Releases New AIRAC Dataset for Leonardo’s FlythemaddogX

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In an announcement on their forums, Leonardo Software House has revealed that Navigragh has released a brand new AIRAC dataset for their Fly the Maddog X 64-bit edition aircraft. (Fly the Maddog X (P3Dv4.x and above).

It must be noted that the 1.4b414 version for P3D v4.4/v4.5 is already compatible. Installing the new dataset now gives users the opportunity to fly ARC-DME procedures.

You can manually download the new dataset right away or you can re-scan your addons within the Navigraph Data Manager and it will automatically recognise the 64-bit aircraft.

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Navigraph Charts Closed Beta Video Preview [Chewwy94]

Popular flight simulation Twitch streamer Chewwy94 has released a video via his YouTube channel showcasing a first look of the closed beta Navigraph Charts utility. The short video provides a detailed insight into what to expect from the new look client. Firstly, Navigraph is allowing a select amount of beta testers to test the brand new features as a web-based client.
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Navigraph Seeks Beta Testers

Navigraph Beta
Over on their Facebook page, Navigraph has put out a post stating that they're seeking beta testers for an upcoming major revision to Navigraph Charts. The upcoming major revision is said to be a long-anticipated release with Navigraph being committed to providing the best product possible and therefore they are looking to select a broad group of users with a diversity
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SimBrief Update – Default AIRAC Update & More

Over on their Facebook page, SimBrief has posted enticing information regarding a couple of recent updates they've pushed to their online virtual flight planning solution. Keeping it more up-to-date for those who do not possess of the latest Navigraph navigational cycle, SimBrief's default AIRAC cycle has been updated to 1803. All users who are not on a newer AIRAC cycle
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ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS) Navigraph Update Coming Soon

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Over on their Facebook page, Imaginesim has announced that Navigraph is in the progress of updating their datasets over future iterations to match with Imaginesim's WSSS Singapore Airport. Navigraph has not provided ImagineSim with any firm dates yet, however, we'll endeavor to let you know once the update has been released. If you don't own it already, you can buy
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MilViz Tease Navigraph Charts for KA 350i

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Military Visualizations has announced via Facebook that they are going to be bringing Navigraph Charts into their KA 350i. While at the moment integration is simply pictures of charts that users must add manually, such as the process in the TFDi Design 717, future plans include integration with Navigraph’s Cloud Charts SDK. This means that in the future, people with a subscription will be able to see live charts direct from their cockpit. This is similar to how others such as PMDG have integrated charts with their 747-8 aircraft.

The team also said that they can finally say the plane will be out “this year”, referring to the fact for many, it is now 2019, assuming that it will release in this year.

We’ll keep you updated with any further MilViz news as it happens.

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Navigraph FlightSim Community Survey 2018 Results

Navigraph Survey
Last month, Navigraph asked the community to get together and fill out an in-depth survey about all things flight simulation and beyond. Although it took 20 minutes to complete, over 15,000 people filled it in providing their habits, knowledge and more to build up a detailed understanding on the stance of the community in 2018. Questions ranged from current simulator
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Navigraph FMS Data Manager Adds Active Sky XP Support

ASXP Mockup
It's essentially a monthly ritual, where sim pilots hit that "Update" button in the Navigraph FMS Data Manager to keep their navigational data up to date for their next flight. In doing so, the data manager updates all of the (supported) installed aircraft and add-on applications that simmers hold in their arsenal. This month though, Navigraph has made a lot
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Navigraph Charts – Quick News Update

On their Facebook page, Navigraph has said they will soon be providing Commercial Airline Overlay Charts (CAO) from Jeppesen, in addition to all other current charts. These charts were developed to better support pilots that primarily operate category C and D aircraft. No news on when specifically these Charts will be released, though I don't think it will be too far
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