Navigraph Purchases SimBrief

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In an announcement on Facebook, Navigraph has confirmed they have completed a purchase of popular flight planning tool SimBrief. In the statement released by both parties, the community has been reassured that this acquisition is a “natural progression of the already close collaboration between Navigraph and SimBrief” and that users should know that flight planning functionality will continue to be free. SimBrief will continue to operate under the same name but with the tag line “by Navigraph”.

As is currently the case, users will be able to unlock AIRAC cycles through SimBrief, but this new acquisition will build upon the integration already established.

“SimBrief founder Derek has done an outstanding job creating a flight planning service which the flight simulation community loves,” says Magnus Axholt, CEO and co-founder of Navigraph. “We plan to integrate SimBrief and Navigraph even further and enable additional functionality to SimBrief using the data and resources Navigraph has available.”

The press release also confirms that Derek, founder and creator of SimBrief will remain playing a key role in the development of new features for the next generation of Navigraph Charts. “With the powerful combination of his real world aviation background and software development experience, Derek is a very welcome member of our skilled and multi-disciplinary Navigraph Development Team,” Magnus goes onto say.

The new partnership means that developers will be able to tap into the SimBrief and Navigaph APIs even easier than before through the upcoming Navigraph Developer portal.

“Navigraph has been a strong SimBrief supporter from the very beginning,” Derek adds. “I have always enjoyed working with them to improve the integration between the two services. This very much feels like a natural progression, and I am excited to be a part of the team going forward.”

“I have been both humbled and incredibly grateful for the support the community has shown me since I launched SimBrief nearly eight years ago, and I’m looking forward to this next chapter in SimBrief’s development,” says Derek in closing.

We have confirmed with Magnus from Navigraph and Derek from Simbrief who told us this is not an April Fools, despite the timing which may suggest it would’ve been.

Thanks John M. and Gold787FlightSim for the tip.

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Navigraph Adds New Familiarization and Qualification Charts to Over 270 Airports

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Navigraph has added a brand new feature to their Ultimate subscription service for all current and new customers. As of the recent AIRAC cycle (2101), customers can now access Jeppesen’s Airport Familiarization and Qualification Charts directly through Navagraha Charts. As of today, over 270 airports have these charts available to virtual pilots for use in any flight simulator. The new
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Navigraph FlightSim Community 2020 Survey Results Now Available

FlightSim Community Survey 2020 Results
The results from the Navigraph FlightSim Community 2020 Survey has been released. The survey took place late last year and saw over 23,500 people respond to the survey answering a range of questions to help developers, publishers, media outlets and content creators better understand the community to continue creating great flight simulator related content. The results of that survey has been
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FSElite 2020 Holiday Raffle: Navigraph – 1 Year Subscription and Goody Bag

Navigraph 1 Year
Welcome to FSElite's 2020 Holiday Raffle. This year we have over 160 prizes to give away to the community thanks to the incredible support of numerous flight simulator developers and publishers. As has become tradition at FSElite, we're giving everyone in the community a chance to win any of the amazing prizes in time for the holiday season. Our raffle this
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Navigraph Starts Navdata Update Beta Testing for MSFS


The well-known Jeppesen charts provider Navigraph has started beta testing their navigational data update tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Navigraph quotes two reasons that resulted in this tool. First, because of the many missing or erroneously coded data in the MSFS default navdata. And secondly, users enjoy working with and are used to work with the Jeppesen data, provided by Navigraph.

Navigraph Navdata updates the default MSFS AIRAC  to version 2010, valid from September 10 to October 7. An AIRAC contains the airports with their departure, arrival and approach procedures, navaids and enroute waypoints. Also, additional VFR waypoints have been added to the simulator. Next to adding missing airports like EDDS and ZBAD, and ILS procedures for LIRF and others, Navigraph specifies updating over 7,700 VHF and 3,300 NDB navaids, almost 71,000 enroute waypoints, over 1,300 markers, and even more than 13,000 airports in this update.

The navdata provider also refers to a YouTube video by Navigraph CEO Magnus Axholt, stating that “the constant update of the virtual world [in MSFS] is great news for IFR pilots. Finally, they’ll be able to fly as real as it gets, and this will make their service more important than ever.”

More info on how to improve navigation in your sim and future updates awaits you on the Navigraph website.

Update Sept. 11: All Navigraph users are free to download and test the new application, by visiting this webpage.

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Navigraph Previews MSFS Navdata

Navigraph Logotype
Over on Facebook, Navigraph has given us a first glimpse of what they are working on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Earlier this month, Navigraph CEO Magnus Axholt explained in detail what the developer's plans for the new flight simulator are. He explained that users will shortly be able to use the Jeppesen data provided through Navigraph to use inside their
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Navigraph Comments on Plans for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Navigraph’s Plans For The New Microsoft Flight Simulator
Utility developer and data provider, Navigraph, has shared a 10-minute video on how they plan to have their products work with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Magnus Axholt, CEO of Navigraph took to the camera to explain everything in detail. Magnus starts by addressing the Navigraph survey from the end of 2019 which saw 56% of respondents say that they
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Navigraph Introduces Simmers Without Borders – Donate Computing Power to Help Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Join Simmers Without Borders In The Fight Against Corona
Navigraph has started a new pro bono venture to help speed up the search for a vaccine against the coronavirus (COVID-19). The new project, Simmers Without Borders, is open to anyone in the flight simulation community who are keen to do something to help find a vaccine for the coronavirus. As you know, COVID-19 is a global pandemic that requires immediate
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Navigraph’s 2019 Community Survey Results Now Available

FlightSim Community Survey 2019 Results
Late last year, Navigraph partnered with 29 developers, community leaders and publishers to distribute their annual flight simulation survey. The results of the survey have now been made available for public viewing. In total, 17,800 people responded to the survey, answering over 90 questions all related to flight simulation. The survey was designed to help developers, publishers and community members assist with
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