FS2Crew Pushback Express & Aerosoft CRJ Development Update

Pushback Express For Microsoft Flight Simulator P3D And FSX

Shortly after the release of Pushback Express, FS2Crew has shared on Facebook a roadmap of their current development status of their utility add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first item covered is the publication of the update 1.1, available right now in your customer account, which incorporates an error related to the Settings Panel for some European users.

A version 1.2 is in the works, being scheduled for release around the 4th to 7th of October. The major feature of this update will be Voice Control. The developer, known for the long standing commitment to their line of products, hinted some other features where in the works and this initial release of Pushback Express was “just the beginning”.

On a final note, FS2Crew added that an update to the Aerosoft CRJ add-on would be pushed in the same time frame as for Pushback Express V1.2. This new update will incorporate a flow made by a real world American CRJ First Officer.

FS2Crew Pushback Express is available on Simmarket for €19.96, currently discounted until 14th of October from its original €24.95 price.

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REX Weather Force 2020 Released

Weather and environmental add-ons developer REX has released their first add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator with REX Weather Force 2020. Announced only a couple weeks ago, Weather Force 2020 is a METAR based dynamic real-time weather engine designed to work exclusively with Microsoft Flight Simulator. REX claims that the further granular control of their engine creates smoother weather transition. In
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Microsoft Flight Simulator First World Update Will Focus on Japan, Out Next Week

Microsoft Flight Simulator Japan World Update Trailer
Microsoft has confirmed that the first world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be entirely focused on Japan. In a video featuring Jorg Neumann during Tokyo Games Show 2020, he confirmed the first details for the 'World Update' which will release next week. The first of many 'World Updates' will start by covering the country of Japan with a huge overhaul
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Honeycomb Aeronautical Shows off Bravo Throttle In Action

Microsoft Flight Simulator Quito Landing Challenge With Honeycomb Yoke And Throttle
Whilst pre-orders for the Honeycomb Aeronautical Brave Throttle controls happened a few weeks ago, customers are now just waiting to get their hands on the hardware for their simulator. Despite some initial hiccups with the process, Honeycomb Aeronautical has shown off how the hardware can be used in Microsoft Flight Simulator. To be more specific, Nicki from the team has
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Partnership Series TEXTRON, Dev Update

Following on from the release of a sizable and significant patch, Microsoft has taken to their blog to give a detailed account of various elements, including an all-new partnership series update for TEXTRON. The blog update is fairly extensive, so we'll break it down for you below. Reflecting on the Latest Patch The development team were keen to thank the
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Aerosoft Shares Previews of Twin Otter in Development for MSFS

889120874 Screenshot(62).png.ec921343081277e84e26269ddccaa68f

Announced during their live stream event in August, Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok has shared a handful of in-development previews for the Twin Otter aircraft. As well as the new previews, he also gave a few other details about what customers can expect when the aircraft eventually releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

First and foremost, it should be made clear that the Twin Otter that is in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator is an entirely new build made from scratch. This means all new modelling, texture work, aircraft systems, etc. As a result, Mr Kok did confirm that the aircraft would not receive any upgrade discount for customers of the Prepar3D version of the aircraft. That said, he did say that they intend on selling it as a “medium-priced product”.

Adding to his comments on the price of the product, it is confirmed that the aircraft will also be made available for those who use Microsoft Flight Simulator when it releases for Xbox consoles. He confirmed that the buttons/controls and axis are already mapped out and planned for use on an Xbox controller. However, it was made clear that this does not mean the systems will be simplified, but rather they are ensuring it’s accessible to as many people as possible.

The in-development previews are still very early on. It’s also worth noting that Aerosoft has now grown its internal aircraft development team to now enable them to have two full teams working on aircraft simultaneously.

You can see the full forum post here.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Upcoming Patch #2 Details

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be updated within the next 10 days addressing a large number of the initial feedback for the simulator since release. The team at both Asobo and Microsoft have continued to listen to feedback from the community and will be releasing the second patch addressing numerous bug reports and other feature requests. The details of this patch
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Be “Amazing” on Xbox

Whilst PC gamers around the world have been flying in the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator since August 18th, there are still many who are eagerly awaiting the Xbox console release of the new flight simulator. Flight Simulator has always been a PC exclusive release so to have a console version in the works is exciting and makes the
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FSDreamTeam Releases Chicago O’Hare Airport for MSFS

119166782 3541301912588425 3332777731894034066 N
FSDreamTeam has released its long-awaited Chicago O'Hare Airport (KORD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to a Facebook post issued by the development team, the airport product can be downloaded from the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, simMarket and also FSDreamTeam's own store. The airport product, which has been teased and shown off numerous times since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator,
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Freeware C152X Realism Mod Released for MSFS

FlightSimulator PtqcVm9FAv
A brand new freeware modification for the default Cessna C152 has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new freeware module sees various improvements across the board that greatly enhances the default aircraft fixing various nuances found within the plane. The initial post was shared by DRF30q on the Avsim forums, who also provided the Git repository for people to download this
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