Microsoft and Working Title Simulations Announces Partnership

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It has been confirmed that the developers behind the CJ4 and G3000 mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Working Title Simulations, has officially partnered with Microsoft to support development within the simulator. The news was confirmed on the Twitch stream hosted by Microsoft and Asobo Studio last night and was then accompanied by a press release from Working Title Simulations.

The new partnership means that members of the core development team of Working Title Simulations will transition from volunteer developers to now working full time with both Microsoft and Asobo Studios on the simulator. By partnering, Working Title Simulations hopes to drive development forward faster than ever and continue building on the progress they’ve already made.

Working Title Simulations said that “we do not have answers to every question about the future of Working Title, the platform and the team quite yet. However, we are deeply thankful for all of your excitement and enthusiasm that has helped us get to this point, and our goal is to keep this great community connected and moving forward together.”

Whilst the teams work out the exact details and future plans, the team are unable to disclose any roadmaps details at this time. However, they endeavour to remain fully transparent wit the community and keep people updated through official development updates and future Q&A sessions.

For current mods, such as the CJ4 and the G3000, things will remain as they were before this announcement. As mentioned in a FAQ sheet, “WT mods will continue to be available for download from Github.” That said, it was confirmed they are looking to work with Microsoft and Asobo to bring the features of the mod into the base sim. The full FAQ can be read here and answers some of your initial burning questions. 

This is a significant step for the flight simulation community as it’s the first time we’ve seen Microsoft bring in an external team that started out as a freeware modification developer for the platform. Their modifications are amongst the most popular in the community and this partnership will hopefully mean great things for the sim in the future. We’re excited to see how this partnership develops in the coming weeks and months.

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Flybywire Simulations A32NX Updated to Version 0.5.1

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Following on from the recently released update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team at Flybywire Simulations has issued a quick patch to ensure it is fully compatible with the latest build. Version 0.51 has fixed multiple issues including with the APU, the engine start, flaps and also some minor issues with SimBrief integration. Along with the update to ensure compatibility
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Flybywire Simulations A32NX Sound Improvement Preview

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The freeware add-on that enhances the default A320Neo mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to be developed by the Flybywire Simulations team. The assortment of developers, pilots and testers continue to bring improvements to the aircraft through visuals, audio, systems and more. The latest development previews are shown on their Facebook page highlight the sound improvements that are being made.
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Working Title Citation CJ4 and Garmin Mods for MSFS

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The release of Microsoft Flight Simulator sparked a new interest in mod development for simulation. It is no secret that default aircraft, in most simulators, turn out to be quite basic and would gain some improvements. The Zibo Mod for the X-Plane Boeing 737-800 and the FlyByWire A320NEO mod for MSFS are two good examples of this. Currently, another team
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FlyByWire Simulations Updates A32NX to v0.4.0 for MSFS

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Gathering of developers FlyByWire Simulations has posted a new update to their improvement of the default Microsoft Flight Simulator A320Neo to version 0.4.0. As you will see below, the change log is impressive. This is due to a combination of dedicated team and the fact that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the default A320NEO. The
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Aviacraft Releases Flight Factor A320 Mod v4

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Aviacraft has released a new version of their Flight Factor A320 modification pack. The new mod pack, which is freeware, adds a range of options and changes to the standard Flight Factor A320 for those looking for changes to the aircraft to enhance their simulation experience.

The new updated mod will enable users to change their exterior lights on the aircraft, along with adding improved wheel and tyre textures. Impressively, the mod also adds 3D window shutters and windows, plus 3D cockpit windows. Other additions include the ability to add a 3D Satcom and also the Sharklets, which airlines use to improve fuel consumption and range of the A320. The modification pack also enables users to add 4k textures to the engines, along with changes to the cabin texturing, cockpits and also the wings themselves. The package is almost a complete makeover for the aircraft from Flight Factor.

You can get the mod package from the Aviacraft website right now. The pack is ready for the latest version of the Flight Factor A320, but do know that it hasn’t been tested yet with Vulkan.

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PropStrike Studio Announces X-Plane Cessna 172 Mod

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Developers PropStrike Studio has announced via Facebook that they are working on a freeware mod to improve the default C172 for X-Plane. The announcement comes after a meeting with a former bush pilot Ken Myles. Ken used to fly a Cessna 206 in and out of small fields around Quantam River in British Colombia, Canada. Ken inspired the team to create
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