Infinite Flight Version 21.5 Available Now


Mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight, has released its newest update that brings additional 3D airports, additional free regions and also the A330-900neo.

The A330-900neo was developed by Airbus as the successor to the A330-300 and brought with it a new wing design, improved engines and other aerodynamics benefits that enabled it to be more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient. With the A330-300 already in Infinite Flight, it made sense for the developers to focus on this and bring another wide-body jet to the mobile sim. Version 21.5 of Infinite Flight brings the jet to the simulator with 17 liveries such as Air Belgium, Corsair, LionAir and TAP.

In addition to the new aircraft, Infinite Flight has expanded its 3D airports with 26 new ones added to the sim. These airports include Keflavik, Frankfurt Main, Manchester, Washington Dulles, Istanbul and many more. In total, 93 3D airports have been added to Infinite Flight. Flying to each of these airports is great, but having great scenery is a must to get the true experience. This is why version 21.5 includes a selection of new free regions for anyone to fly across. This means even if you don’t have a Pro subscription, you can discover solo flying over these great looking areas from your mobile device.

The full changelog for Infinite Flight 21.5 can be found below. Otherwise, you can check out the free version over on the App Store for iOS or on Google Play for Android. Be sure to check out the full blog post for a full rundown of all the new airports.

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Infinite Flight Adds 3D Buildings and New Cloud Layers with Version 21.1

Infinite Flight Trailer 2021
Mobile flight simulation platform Infinite Flight has been updated to version 21.1 and now includes 3D buildings and all-new cloud layers. Described as their "most ambitious update ever," those who use Infinite Flight can now get an even more immersive experience when whizzing around the world on their mobile device. When Infinite Flight first released, there was a big focus on multiplayer
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Infinite Flight Adding 3D Buildings and Clouds

Infinite Flight 2020 Recap
Mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight will add 3D buildings and clouds in the future. As a much-requested feature, the team at Infinite Flight continue to add new technology and assets to the mobile flight simulator as progress is made on the platform. Speaking in their 2020 Year in Review article, Infinite Flight made it clear that whilst 2020 was a challenging
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Infinite Flight Releases 20.1

Infinite Flight 20.1 First Look
Mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight has been updated to version 20.1. The brand new version of the flight sim includes the long-awaited B772 update, a complete rework of the B737 Cockpit and the global navigation data and instrument procedures. This means users can use real-world accurate SIDs and STARs, along with other procedures when flying on the flight simulator. The
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X-Plane Mobile MMO Now Available

X Plane Mobile – Global Multiplayer
Laminar Research has released its latest update for their X-Plane Mobile service which now includes the previously announced massively multiplayer online (MMO) service. Those on the premium subscription will be able to take part in the online world with friends close and far away. The new MMO is a completely new way to address multiplayer in the mobile worlds and
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Aerofly FS 2 Announces FS2020 For Mobile

74214103 2516032188682729 2897142577172054016 O
In a long Facebook post, Aerofly FS 2 has announced their FS2020 simulator on mobile. While it will be a new purchase, this version is an update of the existing FS2019 rather than an entire new version. It sees the addition of new flying areas such as Nevada, Utah, Colorado and the Denver city area. This means that the Grand
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X-Plane Mobile Nearing Release and Searching for Beta Testers

70210349 10156360619726283 1901841613504643072 O
Laminar Research posted on Facebook earlier today with a new screenshot and more information for their update to X-Plane Mobile. The newest version of X-Plane Mobile is nearing completion and will be the first to feature Global Scenery. A screen shot of the new scenery and airports was included and can be referenced above. Accompanying the new global scenery, X-Plane
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Infinite Flight Previews New UI Improvements

Copy Of DSCF7409
Mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight continues to improve and enrich the experience for users. This time, the focus has shifted to ensuring that the user interface (UI) continues to be intuitive and flexible as the simulator continues to expand and grow. Jason, part of the Digital Marketing team at Infinite Flight, published a small blog post detailing some of the
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Laminar Research Announces Offline Flying for X-Plane Mobile

X Plane Mobile Offline Mode (3)
On Twitter, Laminar Research shared a handful of new images from their upcoming X-Plane for Mobile, along with announcing a new feature. The new feature will enable you to plan any route using a global map before then downloading the associated scenery to your phone. By doing this, you will then be able to fly offline between those two destinations.
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