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New MK-Studios Dublin Airport Previews

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As promised, MK-Studios has dropped some work-in-progress renders of their upcoming Dublin Airport (EIDW) scenery on their Facebook page.

In their post, they state that modelling of the airport is almost coming to a close and progress is going well with texturing.

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PBR Previews of MK-Studios’ Upcoming Roma

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MK-Studios gave a hefty update recently regarding their current project plans. One of the airports included in their proposals was to completely re-do their Roma airport. Rome Fiumicino airport is one of the busiest in the country and deserves to find a home in your sim if you enjoy European flying. As an airport they loved developing, MK-Studios are giving
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MK-Studios 2019 Road Map Plans

Mk Studios Tenerife South 01
MK-Studios released their Tenerife South Volume 1 V2 just a few days ago and how they have posted information regarding their plans for the rest of 2019. To kick things off, Tenerife Vol 2 was announced a while back and is now expected to be released in summer of 2019. No specific month and or date has been set nor
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Developer Month 2019: MK-Studios

MK Studios
Welcome to Developer Month 2019. Between April 8th and May 8th 2019, we will feature a variety of developers, publishers, community personalities and more who will tell us their story. From written interviews and blog posts to video interviews and more, we have curated a range of interesting content to maybe even inspire you to be one of these developers
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[Update: Pricing] MK-Studios Releases Tenerife South V2

Mk Studios Tenerife South 01
Update 10:20z 22Apr2019  MK-Studios has sadly announced that their intentions of giving away the update for free via simMarket is no longer an option. As confirmed on their Facebook wall moments ago, simMarket has added a 5 Euro fee for those looking to upgrade. This is to cover the server costs. MK-Studios assured customers that it was not ever intended
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FSElite Exclusive: MK-Studios Announces Tenerife South V2

Mk Studios Tenerife South 33

We are pleased to announce that MK-Studios will be updating their original Tenerife South airport to version 2 within the next week. Version 2 isn’t just a minor update – it is completely new with a huge set of features all of which have been improved upon from the first release. If you’re an existing customer, this update will be offered to you free of charge when it is released.

The number of changes between version 1 and version 2 is pretty significant. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of brand new satellite imagery for the whole island. The new version features 25cm/ pixel resolution at the airport area, with 50cm/ pixel for everything else. This means that the island can be explored in much great detail than before. In addition, PBR texturing will be included for all taxiways and runways and also the 3D volumetric grass. Other changes include the new terminal construction, improved dynamic lighting, 3D people and denser autogen and custom objects near the airport for improved immersion.

If you’re new to the MK-Studios Tenerife product, then you may be interested in hearing that the product comes with other features as well. Tenerife South from MK-Studios features thousands of custom built objects around the island, a customer AFCAD for accurate operations at the airport and detailed modelling and texturing of the airport as it is today. Furthermore, the airport is fully compatible with SODE and GSX, including the VGDS docking system.

As mentioned, the new update will be free of charge for existing owners of Tenerife South from MK-Studios. The old version is currently not available to purchase as of right now whilst the stores bring the new version online. Once version 2 is released we will let you know.

In terms of other MK-Studios projects, we can also tell you that once Tenerife South V2  is released, Tenerife North will come shortly afterwards. Sadly, at this time, we have no information on Dublin to share at this time.

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Windsock Simulations Release Update for Lisbon on X-Plane

Lisbon Lppt X Plane 11 (1)
Developer Windsock Simulations has just released a large update for their recently released Lisbon airport for X-Plane. The airport was originally created by developer MK-Studios for Prepar3D and this is a port of that same product. This new update for Lisbon airport includes brand new custom SAM jetways, VDGS docking system and PBR texture work for the ground polys. Furthermore,
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MK-Studios St. Patrick’s Day Development Update

MK Studios EIDW St. Patricks
Over on their Facebook page, MK-Studios has posted a short St. Patrick's Day development update regarding two releases they plan to have out before the summer. MK-Studios state that they're still on course with producing Dublin (EIDW) to contain all of the new features Prepar3D v4.4+ offers. Secondly, they announce that with Dublin, they'll be releasing a known holiday destination
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MK-Studios Lisbon Now Available for X-Plane 11

Mk Studios Lisbon Xplane 11 (12)
Prepar3D V4 users have been enjoying Lisbon from MK-Studios since last year, but now X-Plane 11 users finally have an excuse to the travel to the Portuguese capital. Lisbon Airport, also known as Humberto Delgado Airport is now available on X-Plane 11. Serving as the largest base for Portuguese airline TAP, the airport serves a range of destinations domestically, within
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