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MK-Studios Teases Lisbon PBR Update

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Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has teased a short but sweet teaser of an upcoming update for Lisbon that will include PBR textures. The previews don’t show off too much yet, but we can see the PBR effects on the apron textures shown, as well as the single traffic cone in the screenshot. Also features in the screenshot is the recently released PMDG NGXu, also sporting new PBR textures, to stay in the theme. MK-Studios also shared that the update will be free for existing customers.

MK-Studios Lisbon was released for Prepar3D in September last year. It is available on SimMarket for €23 for both Prepar3D v3 and v4. It is not clear if the upcoming update will include any other changes available for both platforms, since the PBR textures naturally will only be for Prepar3D v4(.4).

Updated 14-11 with additional screenshot.

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MK-Studios Status Update On Tenerife North, Keflavik

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After the release of their long-awaited Dublin scenery, MK-Studios have posted a small Facebook update on their upcoming work. While announcing that Tenerife North Vol. 2 was not to far from release, the team has also released a work in progress screenshot of their Keflavik (BIKF) scenery. This announcement will come as a good news to many simmers, since the
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MK-Studios Releases Dublin Update (V1.01)

Dublin Update Mk Studios 1
Despite having released Dublin only just a few days ago, MK-Studios has updated Dublin Airport (EIDW) to version 1.01. Regardless of the minor version number, the amount of changes is fairly significant. Based a lot on the feedback from the community, there have been improvements in areas such as the PBR texturing, additional customisation options in the installer and also
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MK-Studios Releases Dublin for Prepar3D v4.5

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Just in time for Cross the Pond, MK-Studios has released Dublin for Prepar3D V4.5. Dublin is the busiest airport in Ireland serving over a whopping 31 million passengers in 2018. It is a hub for Aer Lingus, Ireland's flag carrier and Ryanair. Along with flights to the Middle East on both Emirates and Qatar, Dublin also has flights to North
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MK-Studios Shares Status Update

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Anyone have Vatsim's CTP on their mind? MK-Studios certainly does! Earlier today they published a status update for their current products on Facebook. Starting with Dublin, all buildings and ground textures are made with full PBR material. Included below are some pictures of Dublin as it goes into Internal beta testing. They also hinted that the use of full PBR
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MK Studios Shows Off Some New Dublin Previews

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Developer MK Studios has posted a few more previews of their upcoming Dublin Airport (EIDW).

In a quick post on their Facebook page, the developer shows off the photos with a quick comment that they were “glad to hear that Dublin was selected for Cross the Pond.” With no release date given, perhaps this might be the biggest hint that we might see the airport before the event on October 26th.

Dublin Airport is Ireland’s busiest, serving over 31 million passengers in 2018. This makes it the 13th busiest airport in Europe. Airlines from across Europe and North America fly into and out of the airport, meaning that this airport offers routes for everyone.

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MK-Studios Dublin Brief Status Update

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Scenery developer MK-Studios has a brief overview of the current status for their upcoming Dublin airport. It has been quiet from the team for a while as they took time off for vacation, however, it is now full-speed ahead on bringing the airport to life in Prepar3D. The brief overview stated that modelling and texturing of the airport is now
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MK-Studios Previews of Dublin Airport (EIDW) Product

Mk Studios Dublin P3dv4 (7)
Developer MK-Studios has shared some of the first in-sim screenshots for their upcoming Dublin Airport. The first screenshots focus on outside of the airport showcasing off some of the 300 custom objects designed for the area, as well as the 72,000 accurately placed autogen buildings. The project is still very much in development, so some things are expected to change.
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MK-Studios Issues Brief Development Update

Mk Studios Shop Logo 1499439100
Popular developer MK-Studios continue with their hard work by updating their catalogue of sceneries to keep in line with all of the visual and performance benefits of Prepar3D 4.4+. In a brief post on their Facebook page, they are keen for feedback on which scenery to update next. This has been presented as a poll for the community to decide
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MK-Studios’ Tenerife Vol. 1 V2 Update Released

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MK-Studios has released the expected Version 2.1 update for Tenerife Vol. 1. It's a big update, with lots of new additions as well as changes. Some of the notable changes include improvements to the PBR textures featured in this scenery, with entirely new textures and wet effects. MK-Studios has also improved the autogen around the airport, and removed some old
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