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MK Studios

MK-Studios Single Helsinki Teaser

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Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has previewed a single teaser of their upcoming Helsinki Airport (EFHK). The teaser was initially meant to be a little bit of a ‘quiz’, where users were supposed to guess what airport the teaser was showing. But due to the team accidentally using the wrong image that gave away the airport, people had no hard time figuring out where this belonged. The teaser shows off the t-loader jet bridge that is very common at the airport and used on all the ‘old’ gates that are not part of the current airport expansion.

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MK-Studios Shares Details of Tenerife South (GCTS) Update

Scenery developer MK-Studios has shared more details and a changelog for their Tenerife Vol.1 V2.30 scenery update. The update, made over on the company's Facebook page, included a few screenshots and went into detail on what we can expect from the latest renditon of this popular tourist airport. The scenery is said to include an all new 2m/pixel resoloution mesh
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MK-Studios Shares Lisbon Update Details

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Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has shared some details regarding their upcoming update for Lisbon airport (LPPT). We've known the team has been working on an update and Prepar3D v5 compatibility for some time, but the team also announced to be working on some changes (also applicable to the P3Dv4 version). Now, MK-Studios has finally shared the details on these changes.
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MK-Studios Keflavik: The FSElite Review

Kef Poster
Simmers have been waiting for a proper rendition of Keflavik airport for a long time. The scenery developed by Aerosoft, which through a little fiddling worked in Prepar3D, dates back many years and is missing a lot of the expansions that since then have been added to the airport, including an entirely new parking apron and a terminal extension. When
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MK-Studios Updates Palma De Mallorca (LEPA) to Version 1.01

MK-Studios has updated their Palma De Mallorca to version 1.01, which adds new features, functionality and fixes various issues all reported by the community. The news posted to Facebook highlighted numerous areas of improvement with the full-build update. As commented in our comparison article, animated vehicles have now been added to the airport, along with further terminal roof details. Alongside
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MK-Studios Shares First Helsinki In-Sim Previews

Mk Studios Helsinki Airport P3d 3

MK-Studios continues to preview airport previews with today bringing the first in-sim previews for Helsinki Airport (EFHK). Finland’s capital airport is home to Finnair, Norwegian Airlines and various other airlines. It features three primary runways and a number of terminal buildings and more.

The new previews from MK-Studios are the first we’ve seen from within the simulator of the airport, but cover more of the perimeter than of the airport itself. However, it has been confirmed that the mesh resolution will be up to 1m and will capture all the terrain differences around the airport. Furthermore, it has been said that the airport product will feature high-resolution satellite imagery along with custom autogen buildings.

Of course, more features and details are expected in the coming weeks and months as we edge to a release.

In the meantime, you can follow MK-Studios on their Facebook page, or check out their recent release of Palma De Mallorca.

Our friends at AviationLads are due to have some new previews very soon.

Current Features Announced

  • Custom very high-resolution mesh (up to 1m resolution) that captures all terrain differences around the airport,
  • High-resolution satellite image,
  • Custom autogen buildings.
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MK-Studios Roadmap Update, Helsinki Previews

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Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has shared a big update regarding their on-going scenery development projects. The developer has been releasing products left and right and has many more projects on their roadmap, so there is a lot to dig in. DublinIs currently undergoing testing, and will soon receive an update with Prepar3D v5 support. Palma De MallorcaOnly released two weeks
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MK-Studios Donegal Airport (EIDL) Previews

Mk Studios Donegal Airport (4)
MK-Studios are preparing to release their next airport. Heading back to Ireland, Donegal Airport is used by two airlines taking people to Dublin and Glasgow. The challenging approach, tricky weather and small runway means it can be challenging for any pilot. Due to the fact this airport is smaller than what MK-Studios has been developing lately, the team said that
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Head-To-Head: Palma De Mallorca Airport (LEPA) – Aerosoft, JustSim and MK-Studios

Palma Comparison Mk Studios Aerosoft Justsim
Palma De Mallorca is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. With all kinds of airlines from all over the world visiting, it makes for an exciting destination for simmers. From low-cost carriers to charters and premium airlines, Palma De Mallorca is a very popular airport. So popular it seems, that three different developers found it worthwhile to
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