ShortFinal Design Updating Boston Logan Freeware for XP11

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Taking to Facebook, scenery developer ShortFinal Design has announced that they are currently in the process of updating MisterX’s highly regarded Boston Logan (KBOS) scenery for XPlane 11.

Initially released for free back in 2016, Boston Logan (KBOS) was one of the first sceneries released by famous XPlane scenery developer MisterX. Since its original release, the scenery has become one of the most highly regarded freeware sceneries released for the platform. Although having become a bit dated since its release, the scenery continues to be regularly downloaded and persits in serving its purpose of providing XPlane users with a detailed rendition of Boston Logan (KBOS) to enjoy for free.

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SFD Global on X-Plane – Next Week Release Hopeful

Shortfinal Design Sfd Global Xplane 11 (3)
Announced back in February of this year, Short Final Design is now in the final stages before releasing their anticipated SFD Global project for X-Plane 11. The new utility will transform the world of X-Plane and replace ground textures as well as implement regional autogen. According to the developer, who is known as MisterX in the X-Plane community, the release
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Short Final Design EDDM Munich Airport Released

Eddm Munich Airport X Plane 11 (5)
Short Final Design has included a range of accurate models, buildings and aircraft throughout the scenery. Also included is HDR night lighting, high-resolution photo scenery, and ground textures throughout. Keeping in line with the realism, Short Final Design has included a range of animated airport vehicles, custom animated jetways as well as making sure it is WorldTraffic 3 and X-Life compatible.
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Short Final Design Release Japan Pro Freeware for X-Plane 11

Short Final Design Misterx Japan Pro X Plane 11 (15)
Short Final Design (also known as MisterX6) has released a brand new freeware project for the X-Plane community. As an early Christmas present to the community, Japan Pro features high quality autogen for the entire country, as well as enhanced renditions of both Tokyo and Naha (Okinawa). The freeware includes all of the features you would expect from a premium
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ShortFinal Design Release Airport Environment HD 2.0 For Free

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X-Plane freeware users rejoice: ShortFinal Design has released Airport Environment HD 2.o for X-Plane 11. The new freeware will enhance your X-Plane experience to improve lots of the default texture work found in the world. Runway and taxiway textures have been fully replaced, along with blast pads, runway shoulders, apron lights and more. To help with immersion, baggage carts, tractors,
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ShortFinal Design Releases KLAX HD

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Hailed by many as one of the X-Plane community’s most talented scenery artists, ShortFinal Design has released the much-anticipated KLAX – Los Angeles International HD.

The scenery depicts the world’s fifth busiest passenger airport in spectacular detail, with custom models as far as the eye can see. All buildings are baked with Ambient Occlusion, while objects and the high-resolution ground textures have their own dynamic reflections.
The LAX Gateway pylons have animated lighting at night, while the rest of the scenery is given HDR lighting throughout. Also animated are the airport information boards on the terminals, as well as custom jetways and DGS at all gates (utilising the AutoGate plugin).
Giving the scenery some life is animated airport vehicles through the use of GroundTraffic, while landside parking spots are filled with an enormous amount of static vehicles. Secure side, there are 311 parking positions which are filled with randomly placed static aircraft, and World Traffic 3 users can expect routes to be included for their AI traffic.
Finally, the entire scenery is built upon 15cm/px photo-scenery, and the footprint is based on a custom mesh – adding realistic sloped runways and taxiway underpasses.

The regular price for this scenery is $26.95, but at release this scenery is available for $24.95 in the July 4th sale. Head to the store to pick up a copy.

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