Milviz Previews SR-71 Cockpit

Milviz Preview SR 71 Cockpit FSElite

Over on their Facebook page, Milviz has shown off the night lighting in the cockpit of their upcoming SR-71A Blackbird.

The SR-71 Blackbird is renowned for being the fastest, fixed wing and air-breathing, manned aircraft of all time, with top speeds exceeding Mach 3.2. Having this incredibly fast spy plane in our sims will make for some interesting flights, to say the least.

That was all that was shared for now on the SR-71, but be sure to stay tuned to FSElite for an original First Look of the Blackbird in the coming weeks ahead!

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New Milviz T-38C Talon Previews

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A release may just be on the horizon with this aircraft looking quite consummate overall. Milviz's rendition of the first supersonic trainer will include a modernised glass cockpit, weapons training (VRS TacPack required), a custom flight control system, PBR textures and much more which you can find in the special features list at the end of this article
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Milviz Teases Mitsubishi MU-2

Milviz Tease Mitsubishi MU 2 FSElite
Quite possibly one of the least-known aircraft in the Milviz pipeline, the Mitsubishi MU-2 has been shown off once more, this time as a wireframe model in a 3D tool. While the last shots we showed of the 'Moo' were in-sim, the aircraft looks to be back in the CAD. Even at this stage, the model looks to be very
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Milviz Announces PBR for Upcoming Aircraft

Milviz Statement On PBR FSElite
Today is certainly a good day for anyone excited about what's in the Milvz pipeline, as it was just announced that all of their upcoming aircraft will feature physically based rendering (PBR)! In addition to this announcement, Milviz is also considering adding PBR to some of their past releases. Due to the sheer amount of work required to add PBR
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MilViz Previews ATR72-600 Cockpit Animations

Milviz Post Textured ATR Cockpit Render FSElite
Following their single cockpit render preview, over on their Facebook page, MilViz has released a short video previewing all of the moving cockpit parts in their upcoming ATR72-600. In the short video straight from 3DS Max, MilViz is showing off the seven-hundred and twenty-five different animations within the cockpit of their in-development ATR72-600 for Prepar3D and X-Plane. Let us know what you
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Milviz Post Textured ATR Cockpit Render

Milviz Post Textured ATR Cockpit Render FSElite

The Milviz ATR 72 (and 42) is quite possibly one of the most anticipated upcoming aircraft from the company (aside from SR-71, in my opinion), with many keen to have a Milvz-quality ATR in their sims. With this being said, it’s been a little silent on the ATR front from Milviz, with the last preview we saw being back in November.

Today, Milviz has surely made a lot of people happy by posting a render of the highly detailed cockpit that will be featured in their product. Alongside the render, Milviz shared a snippet of information in the comments: it’ll feature PBR for P3D v4.4 users! On a more somber note for X-Plane fanatics, whether or not the ATR will fly the Laminar skies is still undecided; currently, the decision is ‘maybe’.

While that was, sadly, all for now, we’ll keep a razor-sharp lookout for anything else on the upcoming Milviz ATR 72/42 and will let you know when we have anything new to share.

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Milviz Shows F-16C Preview

Milviz Preview F 16C FSElite
While we haven't seen (or really even heard) anything on the Milviz F-16C in quite some time, that doesn't mean that work hasn't been speedily progressing on the aircraft. Today, Milviz took to their Facebook page to show off a single preview of their upcoming F-16C block 50/52, this time in-game. In the preview, we're able to see the bird
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MilViz Tease Navigraph Charts for KA 350i

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Military Visualizations has announced via Facebook that they are going to be bringing Navigraph Charts into their KA 350i. While at the moment integration is simply pictures of charts that users must add manually, such as the process in the TFDi Design 717, future plans include integration with Navigraph's Cloud Charts SDK. This means that in the future, people with
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Milviz Previews ATR In-Sim

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Over in a post on their Facebook page, Milviz has released a partial preview of their work-in-progress ATR-72 aircraft. In the preview, we can see a section of the aircraft in a partially complete state. Milviz is bringing attention to the prop effect with the quote, "Proper props...". This preview appears to be from Prepar3D. We don't have much more
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