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Milviz Previews ATR In-Sim

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Over in a post on their Facebook page, Milviz has released a partial preview of their work-in-progress ATR-72 aircraft.

In the preview, we can see a section of the aircraft in a partially complete state. Milviz is bringing attention to the prop effect with the quote, “Proper props…“. This preview appears to be from Prepar3D.

We don’t have much more information regarding the aircraft although we’ll keep you updated if anything surfaces. You can check out the last previews of the ATR here.

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Milviz Updates PA-30 Twin Comanche

MilViz has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on their PA-30 Twin Comanche although, there was just one piece missing from the aircraft for users who are 'not so old school' which made it feel incomplete, an autopilot. MilViz has updated their PA-30 with their own custom coded, highly detailed KAP 140 autopilot system. They have carefully replicated the logic used in the real
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MilViz Release T310R For X-Plane 11

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After previously showing off their rain effects for the aircraft, MilViz has finally released their T310R product for X-Plane 11. The T310R is a variant of Cessna's C310, with two turbocharged powerplants and a range in excess of 1,000 miles. Features Advanced FMOD sounds PBR materials and textures High-quality interior and exterior rendering Smooth animations Authentic turbo performance Realistic weight and
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Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche Released

After a bit of teasing on Facebook along with the odd preview, Milviz has released their anticipated stunning PA-30 Twin Comanche "Twinkie". The Twin Comanche is a classic and capable twin. It is a must for pilots who want to take control rather than having the autopilot take away all of the fun - that means Milviz's rendition of the Twinkie
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MilViz Previews ATR Cockpit

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Adding to the ever-expanding catalogue of previews we have of the much-anticipated ATR series add-on from MilViz, a pair of screenshots was released showing the early stages of the modelling and texturing of the cockpit. This time, in the X-Plane platform. Additionally, MilViz has confirmed - in the comment section of the post - that the ATR will release with
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MilViz Preview T310R Rain Effects In X-Plane 11

T310r Rain

Announced back in June at FSExpo, word of the MilViz T310 for X-Plane has been sparse, until now. Over on their Facebook page, MilViz has posted a preview featuring windshield rain effects in their upcoming aircraft for X-Plane 11.

We suspect a release is on the horizon as MilViz have now further introduced us to the T310R by publishing its store page with a release of the paint kit, an extensive feature list (subject to change) and many new previews.

The T310R features RealityXP GTN 650/750 compatibility, FMOD sounds, PBR materials, realistic flight dynamics, windshield rain/ice effects and more which you can view on the store page.

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Milviz Preview SR-71 With PVD Implementation

Milviz SR 71 PVD Preview FSElite
In a quick little post to their Facebook page, Milviz showed off the latest preview of their upcoming SR-71A, this time with implementation of the PVD! For those who don't find themselves buried in the SR-71 flight manual in their free time, I'll give you a basic rundown of what the PVD is and how it's used. PVD stands for Peripheral Vision Display,
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UPDATED: Milviz Publish Statement on TheFlightSimStore

Milviz FSS Statement 1FSElite
Update 21 September 2018 @ 1725z: Another developer, Indiafoxtecho, has come forward with a similar story of not getting paid, and no contact with FSS, since May. They ask you avoid buying their products from TheFlightSimStore until further notice. Original article: With troubles over at TheFlightSimStore still ongoing, and with many developers not getting paid, Milviz has joined the ever-growing
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FSElite Exclusive: Milviz T-38C Previews

Milviz T38C FSElite Exclusive 17
While it's been a while since we heard or saw the last of the Milviz T-38C, today we're glad to bring you new previews of the upcoming aircraft! You may or may not have noticed our recent King Air 350i exclusive post where we stated that Milviz had been kind enough to send over their upcoming T-38C for us to
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MilViz Preview Night Shots of SR-71

Milviz Sr 71 Preview 5
Military Visualizations (Milviz) posted on Facebook today some brand new previews of their SR-71 during the night to showcase the impressive range of night textures in the aircraft. These are some of the first shots we've seen of the aircraft in a while since the exterior shots were posted in May. You can be sure to follow development of the
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