Milviz Teases Hot Fix 2 for King Air B350i

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The Milviz King Air released back in December 2019 after a long road of development. Since then, the developers have been pretty quiet with regards to updates or responses to user feedback. However, a small teaser image was shared highlighting one of the key differences for the second hotfix.

The second hotfix will address some of the bugs brought up in feedback, along with refining things further. Milviz said that a new build will be sent to testers soon and once ready, will be shared with those that picked up their copy. The second hotfix will also include, according to the image on Facebook, 2D undockable avionics screens.

If you’re interested in picking up the aircraft, the MilViz King Air B350i will cost you $79.99.

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Orbx Now Distributing Milviz Products via OrbxDirect

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Announced during Flight Sim Show 2019 in Cosford last year, Orbx has today made available Milviz products to be purchased and installed via OrbxDirect. The aircraft, previously released via other vendors and publishers, is now available to install via Orbx's easy-to-use Central system. You can now manage your Milviz aircraft add-ons via the installer as well as have updates automatically added
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MilViz Releases King Air B350i on Prepar3D V4

Milviz King Air Released (2)
MilViz has released their long-awaited King Air B350i on Prepar3D V4. After a sound preview earlier this week, the team has finally released the anticipated aircraft, which comes with a huge variety of features. The Beechcraft Super King Air is a twin-turbo-prop that can reach up to speeds of 312 knots and a range of 1,806 nautical miles. The speed, flexibility and
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MilViz King Air B350i Sound Demo Video and Pricing Set

Prepar3D Milviz B350i Sound Demo
Although poised to release earlier this week, the team has taken a bit longer to polish up the anticipated King Air B350i  before release. However, despite this small delay, the team did release a video that highlights many of the sound effects and noises which will come with the aircraft upon release. The video begins on the ground in a
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MilViz King Air B350i Release Imminent

Thanks to a tip-off from JB3DG it has been brought to our attention that the MilViz long awaited B350i release was imminent. MilViz has posted today on their unofficial forum the following statement : "The final testing version has arrived. This version is expected to be a complete version of what 1.0.0 will be. The team has worked very hard
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MilViz King Air B350i Video Tour

YouTube content creator Rocky Mountain Flight Simmer has shared a new video that focuses on a cockpit tour of the upcoming MilViz King Air B350i. The 19-minute video gives an in-depth look into many of the systems, functionality and more to expect once the aircraft eventually releases.

The video is from a beta version of the aircraft, so there may be a few quirks here and there as the team resolve them.

The aircraft has been in development for a long time, but MilViz did confirm that it is close in a recent post. We will keep you updated as we see or hear more news.

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Milviz King Air 350i “Coming Soon”

Milviz King Air 350i Night Lighting
Aircraft developers Military Visualizations (Milviz) has shared a single night lighting preview of the cockpit all lit up. Along with that news,  the team confirmed that it is shaping up for a release and will be "Coming Soon." The short Facebook post gave a single teaser image of the cockpit at night from inside the simulator, along with this caption: "350i
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Milviz Shares New F-16C Preview

Milviz Shares New F 16C Preview FSElite
Over on their Facebook page, Milviz has shown off a new preview of their upcoming F-16C! In the image we were provided, we can see the aircraft has already been fitted with an assortment of weapons, as well as drop tanks. As learned from some of Milviz's comments under the post, the F-16C will be the Block 50 'big mouth'
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Milviz Shares ATR FMS220 Preview

Milviz ATR FMS220 Preview
Earlier today on Facebook, the team at Milviz uploaded a preview of the FMS220 in their upcoming ATR for Prepar3D. Shown is the INIT page and the programming of an initial flight plan. Unfortunately, there is no further information regarding the ATR shared at this time. Earlier this year Milviz shared previews of the ATR's overhead panel, they can be
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FSElite Exclusive: Recap from Milviz Live Interview

FSElite Exclusive Recap From Milviz Live Interview
Last week, Milviz Owner and Director Colin Pearson joined us on a special live stream to talk about all things Milviz. The two-hour interview covered a wide range of subjects, previews, and tidbits to excite people about what's to come in the future. This post features all of the aircraft shown off, along with some exclusive previews, which can't be found
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