UK2000 Release Belfast City and East Midlands Xtreme

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UK2000 have made everyone’s weekend with the release of not one, but two sceneries for two different platforms.

We recently reported on East Midlands Xtreme that was in development at the time, but the UK2000 team have outdone themselves by managing to get this one out the door in a very short space of time.
As we previously reported, East Midlands contains a handful of graphical and functional enhancements, such as custom lights, custom taxiways and parking positions, AI traffic ground routes, and PBR window and reflective surface rendering. The developers claim compatibility with X-Plane 10 & 11.
You can grab East Midlands Xtreme for £16.99 from the UK2000 website.

Not content with getting one scenery to us today, UK2000 have also released something for the FSX and P3D crowd, while strangely also ensuring compatibility with FS9.
Belfast City airport is 4 miles from the Belfast city centre, and along with serving commercial passenger flights, it’s also home to a Bombardier maintenance and manufacturing facility.
UK2000’s rendition of this airport boasts features such as high-detailed buildings, high-resolution ground textures with realistic ground markings, 3D lighting, and static aircraft just to name a few.
If you’re a fan of this Irish airport, you can pick this one up for £16.99 as well, available through the developer’s website.

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UK2000 Announce East Midlands Xtreme X-Plane Edition

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In a brief Facebook post, the UK2000 team have announced East Midlands Xtreme for X-Plane is currently in the beta stages of development. Features that are currently listed for the British airport, are items such as custom lighting, custom taxiways, AI traffic ground routes, and physical based rendering of the terminal buildings. They tease that there may be more visual
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