Microsoft Flight Simulator Spotlight Series: UK/Ireland Streamers

This week has been a big week for Microsoft Flight Simulator with the release of the new United Kingdom and Ireland world update. That update, released on Tuesday, added plenty of new points of interest, new hand-crafted airports and updated 5 primary cities with new photogrammetry technology. To celebrate the big release, a new Spotlight Series has been released focusing on content creators from the UK and Ireland.

In the video, Chewwy94TwoToneMurphyObsidianAnt, and LondonController took to the screen to tell simmers why flight simulation is important to them and why they got involved in the community. It’s inspiring to hear their stories and also to get an insight into how flight simulation is also helping their real-world flying aspirations. We hope to see more of these in the future to get even more insight from various members of the community. You can watch the video now above.

In addition to the spotlight series, Microsoft shared updated versions of the development snapshots and also the feature wishlist. The new development roadmap includes information on a new trailer dropping on March 4th (details TBA), along with a new partnership series release in mid-March. Following on from that, it’s been reconfirmed that World Update IV: Frane and Benelux will release on March 30th.

The next blog update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be out next week and we should be getting a new partnership series and also an idea on the development roadmap up until May 2021. In the meantime, you can find out more about the UK and Ireland update here.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update III Delayed Until February 16th 2021

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A short post from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team has confirmed that the upcoming World Update III: United Kingdom has been delayed again until February 16th 2021. This delay follows various other delays which have been attributed to the new technology and tools being used to incorporate the new photogrammetry cities into the simulator. On the social media post shared
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Won’t be “Dumbed Down” for Xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series XS Announce Trailer
With Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox Series X|S later this summer, the question remains how the simulator will work on a gaming console. Since August 2020, the simulator has been available on PC and already seen various updates and improvements adding new content to the simulator. With the whole world modelled, various types of flying and plenty of ways
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update: Orbx Partnership, World Update 3 Further Delay and More


A brand-new development update on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator blog has been shared, which details new information regarding World Update 3: United Kingdom, a new partnership video and also an update to the bug tracker and wish list.

Leading with the bad news first; World Update 3 has been delayed once again. Whilst progress continues to be made, there is still some integration work to be done before the free update can be released for owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator. As mentioned last week, the delay is a result of how the new photogrammetry data is being added to the simulator. That said, Microsoft said “progress has been very good” and that the new anticipated date for the release of the update is between February 9th and February 11th. 

It was also confirmed that the new World Update will include five brand-new photogrammetry cities. These are Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and London. In addition, nearly 80 points of interest will be included with favourites such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Eden Project to name just a few. Furthermore, five hand-crafted airports will be added including Barra, Liverpool, Land’s End, Manchester-Barton and Out Skerries, along with visual and other improvements to 85 others across the UK. Digital elevation data right across the UK and a range of activities will also be included for free in the update.

Whilst we wait for the new update to drop, a new partnership video was released. This time, the focus is on Orbx. The video takes us on a trip around their various offices and gives us a peek into the future of the company and how they have worked closely with Microsoft for well over a year.

The blog also features another developer interview. You may remember him from one of the first development videos, but Lionel Fuentes is back providing us an insight into some of the challenges he and his team overcome during the development of Microsoft Flight Simulator. He continues to be incredibly passionate about the simulator, the community and the advances being made by developers.

Finally, the blog post gave us an update on the number of addons in development, released and a brief look at some of the upcoming projects. Those include Just Flight’s PA-28R, Aeroplane Heaven’s DC-3 and the upcoming Aerosoft Twin Otter.

Don’t forget, you can get our recap from the recent Developer Live Q&A session, which also confirmed that parts of Europe will be the focus for the new World Update.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update Jan 14th 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.01.13
A brand new development update blog post was shared by Microsoft on the official Flight Simulator website. Whilst it was hoped that the Aerodynamics Feature Discovery Series video would release today, it was decided that to ensure that the quality matched previous videos, a little bit more time is needed to ensure it reaches the same standard. The current plan
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Wins Best Strategy / Simulator at the Game Awards

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has won best strategy / simulator at the annual Game Awards. This huge achievement that will help the flight simulation community to continue growing with new pilots and future simmers. Congratulations to both Asobo Studio and Microsoft on this momentous achievement. The Game Awards is an annual event that awards creators, publishers and developers in the gaming
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