Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Released


Following on from the huge Sim Update 5 release earlier this week, Microsoft and Asobo Studio has released a new patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new patch addresses a number of problems that arose following the release of version that was released earlier this week.

The new patch sees a number of changes to the stability and performance of the simulator, including various crash to desktop issues,  minor memory leaks and also crashes relating to the offline AI traffic. Furthermore, some changes to the navigation have been made such as the flightplanner not resetting and also some occasional freezing being fixed. Other minor changes include a fix to the weather having temperature spikes at high altitudes, improved UI elements when using the in-game cursor and the fact that the sim should no longer freeze when you connect/disconnect a peripheral.

The patch is now available for both PC and Xbox Series X|S users. To get it, simply boot up your simulator and start the download and installation process. Remember, you may want to temporarily rename your Community Folder to get ensure compatibility and no issues whilst you update.

You can read all about Sim Update V in our previous post. We’ll have a review for the Xbox Series X|S version of the simulator very soon.

Featured image by SimFlight2020

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Now Available on Xbox Series X|S; PC Update Now Available

Microsoft Flight Simulator Now Available On Xbox Series XS And Xbox Game Pass
At long last, a mainline flight simulator is now available on a home console. Just shy of a year ago, Microsoft Flight Simulator launched on PC and now Xbox Series X|S owners can discover the virtual skies. To make exploring the virtual world easier, Microsoft has improved the user interface of the simulator to allow simmers to discover new parts
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Welcome Xbox Microsoft Flight Simulator Users

Welcome Xbox Users Fselite
Today is the day that a proper flight simulator will appear on a gaming console. This is a historic day and one that I never expected to happen. As such, from all of us here at FSElite, welcome to those of you using Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S. Despite the fact the simulator is on a console, the
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Will Microsoft Attend FlightSimExpo 2021?

Microsoft Flight Simulator Fs20202 Latest Previews (5)
A question I'm sure many of you are wondering; will we see Microsoft attend FlightSimExpo 2021 in San Diego this year? So far, FlightSimExpo has revealed plenty of developers and manufacturers who will be in attendance at the show, with also some representing the show online. We already have the developers behind the other core sims, Lockheed Martin and Laminar
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Microsoft Flight Simulator July 15th Development Update

This week’s development update from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team covered a few items that were particularly noteworthy. Whilst we eagerly await the Xbox Series X|S release in just over a week, as well as the hotly-anticipated Sim Update V, this week saw the introduction of the Orbis International aircraft being added to the simulator.

Microsoft has partnered with Orbis International to bring their extremely unique aircraft to the simulator as free downloadable content. Orbis has converted an old MD-10 cargo aircraft into a flying hospital that is equipped with a state-of-the-art operating room, laser treatment room, classrooms and AV suite. In the field, the aircraft is used to teach and train people around the world to help prevent blindness and moderate-to-severe vision loss. For those that download the free aircraft to your simulator, whilst you won’t be able to fly it, you will be able to explore and look around the detailed cabin that faithfully recreates the one-of-a-kind interior.

The rest of the development update remains somewhat familiar to what we’ve seen before. The development roadmap remains unchanged, with the next world update still focusing on Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Looking forward to September, Sim Update VI is pencilled in for the middle of the month, but no information on what that will bring at this time. Finally, Microsoft has confirmed that several new add-ons have been added to the in-sim Marketplace, including Captain Sim’s questionable 777-200ER.

In the meantime, you can read about how the next Sim Update will boost the performance of the sim by up to 70% in some scenarios. You can also read how the Xbox version of the simulator will run at 30FPS and offer cross-save functionality.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update V Will Bring Huge Performance and Visual Improvements

Chrome 2021 07 01 12 51 40
It is no secret that simulators demand an awful lot from systems in order to render at a smooth and visually pleasing rate. Whilst Microsoft Flight Simulator has always been performance-intensive, the visual quality and fidelity were always commented on for being gorgeous. Since the release of the simulator, last August, Asobo and Microsoft have worked to optimise the sim
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Next Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update Will Focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Chongqing China Screenshot By Reinier044
A new development blog post was shared by Microsoft overnight and whilst the post itself was quite short, the development roadmap shared revealed quite a lot about what is coming up next. Perhaps most significantly is the confirmation that World Update VI will focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As with previous World Updates, we imagine that Germany, Austria and
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World Update V: Nordics Now Available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Nordics World Update Trailer
Microsoft Flight Simulator has been updated to version and launches alongside World Update V: Nordics. The long-awaited World Update sees Europe’s Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden updated with new airports, imagery and points of interest to discover. In total 77 new points of interest have been added across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. These new
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