Microsoft Flight Simulator February 13th Update – Development Roadmap and More

Microsoft Flight Simulator Feb 13 Update (2)

As promised, the new update from Microsoft regarding the new Flight Simulator has dropped today. Whilst it didn’t bring a huge amount of news, it did provide a few updates regarding the release of future Feature Discovery Series videos.

Episode 6 (Airports) will release next week on February 20th, and will provide an in-depth look at the airport the team are building for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following on from that, Episode 7 will focus all on IFR flying and will release on March 5th 2020.

New Alpha invitations are also being sent out to those that signed up. They will be sent from today onwards until next Tuesday (Feb 18th). If you’re a developer awaiting an SDK, then the team has said that they are slowly rolling that out to people over the coming weeks. So far 30 development partners have access to the SDK and that the feedback from them has been fantastic so far.

On the Insider section, Microsoft also shared the current Development Roadmap, along with a new feedback snapshot from the current alpha testing. One of the more exciting insights we have is that come late March, we will see a focus video looking at multiplayer. Microsoft also are aware of the feedback including when will we see 3rd party information, along with continuing to acknowledge VR and damage modelling.

Finally, the post ended with a range of previews all taken by Alpha testers.

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Black Box Simulation Confirms they will Develop for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Whilst Black Box Simulation continues to work on v0.9o of their long-standing Airbus series of aircraft, CEO of the development team Graham Waterfield has confirmed that "will be developing for ." The short statement doesn't go much beyond confirming this information, but he did add that developers are restricted from commenting on detail due to the NDA. However, as soon as
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Why Isn’t Microsoft Confirmed for FlightSimExpo 2020?

Microsoft Will They Exhibit
Yesterday, we partnered with FlightSimExpo to reveal the initial list of exhibitors confirmed to be attending the show in Las Vegas this upcoming June. Just shy of 40 exhibitors were confirmed to attend including software developers, hardware developers and a huge range of various communities. However, there was one big name missing from that list that I'm sure many simmers
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Is Shared Cockpit Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Shared Cockpit Microsoft Flight Simulator
Update 21-Jan-20 @ 10:25z: After publication, a number of developers came forward to us to share that the documentation shown in the video bares a very similar resemblance to that of the current ESP SDK. We were given a link to public documentation for the current Prepar3D SDK which features numerous snippets of information that closely matches that found in the
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Microsoft Flight Simulator – Huge January 16th Update


Microsoft has updated its blog site, as usual, with a huge amount of new information, screenshots and also a brand new episode of their Feature Discovery Series.

Feature Discovery Series (Episode 5): Soundscape

An all-new Feature Discovery Series episode has been released, with the focus being all about the soundscape. This 10-minute video looks really in-depth about how far the development team are going to deliver an exceptional sound environment within the simulator. From using real-world recordings to accurately depict the aircraft’s varying sounds to also how the environment itself will feel alive using sound.

Developer SDK

Perhaps more excitingly for those who are developers reading this, an alpha version of the anticipated SDK will be made available soon to developers. After months of hard work, Microsoft will release the 3rd party development SDK to those who are partners at the same time as the upcoming ALPHA release (more on that in a moment).

The SDK will enable 3rd parties to create and edit scenery, airports, aircraft and missions. The SDK is also confirmed to be the same as the one developers use to make in-sim tools. There will be plenty of time for developers to pass on feedback to ensure that the SDK meets their requirements.

Those of you reading who are 3rd party developers, but not yet been in touch with the team, Microsoft is advising to reach out via this email.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator “Let It Snow” Trailer

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An all-new trailer for Microsoft's upcoming Flight Simulator has been released entitled "Let It Snow!" The trailer, in clear reference to the huge community feedback over the past few months, indicates that a form of seasonality will indeed come with the new flight simulator. The trailer opens with the typical imagery we've seen over the past few months, before a
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update 19-Dec-2019

MSFS Screenshots 19 Dec (3)
Microsoft has issued its final blog update for Microsoft Flight Simulator of the year. The new update, whilst brief, did give a nice shout out to those currently in the Test Alpha 1 by sharing some of their incredible looking screenshots. Further to that, a brief update on the developer's SDK and a feedback snapshot was also shared. To start,
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Blog Update 12-Dec-2019

GC Mountains
Microsoft has updated its Flight Simulator blog with some brand new media and also some additional information on their Partnership Announcement Series. Furthermore, a new insiders roadmap was shared, which includes additional Discovery Series information.  Starting with the new information from the Partnership Announcement Series, this time, Microsoft spoke to a pilot at Cubcrafters to talk about the XCub. Sebastian, CEO
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Feature Discovery Series Episode 3: Aerodynamics

Feature Discovery Series Episode 3 Aerodynamics
As part of Microsoft's continued deployment of information via their social channels and blog, the team has released the third episode in their Feature Discovery series. This time, CEO of Asobo Studios, Sebastian Wloch, talks in-depth about the aerodynamics of the new simulator. The 12-minute video, which features fresh, never before seen footage, goes into a lot of details about
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