Microsoft Flight Simulator First World Update Will Focus on Japan, Out Next Week

Microsoft has confirmed that the first world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be entirely focused on Japan. In a video featuring Jorg Neumann during Tokyo Games Show 2020, he confirmed the first details for the ‘World Update’ which will release next week.

The first of many ‘World Updates’ will start by covering the country of Japan with a huge overhaul making the experience that much more immersive. As promised before the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the ‘World Update’ will be much more than just new aerial imagery as locations such as Tokyo, Mount Fuji and more will all be vastly improved over what is currently available in the simulator. Using the photogrammetry technology in other cities, Japan will be much more lifelike than before. In addition, a new digital elevation map has also been added.

Alongside the new imagery and city details, there will be six new hand-crafted airports including Kushiro Airport, Hachijo-Jima Airport, Nagasaki Airport and more.

New landing challenges and an all-new bush trip will also be made available when the update releases.

You can watch Jorg’s video message during TGS, along with a new trailer for the upcoming ‘World Update’.

The new update will be free and released on September 29th 2020 for all current owners of the simulator, including those on Xbox Games Pass for PC.

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Aerosoft Shares Previews of Twin Otter in Development for MSFS

889120874 Screenshot(62).png.ec921343081277e84e26269ddccaa68f
Announced during their live stream event in August, Aerosoft's Mathijs Kok has shared a handful of in-development previews for the Twin Otter aircraft. As well as the new previews, he also gave a few other details about what customers can expect when the aircraft eventually releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator. First and foremost, it should be made clear that the
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Build Now Available

Gordongreig 1
Microsoft Flight Simulator has been updated to build This new update delivers on the promise from Microsoft to address numerous areas such as performance, aircraft handling, the environment and much more. The hugely extensive update is free to download and can be updated by running the simulator from your desktop. As said on the blog post, the primary focus on
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Be “Amazing” on Xbox

Whilst PC gamers around the world have been flying in the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator since August 18th, there are still many who are eagerly awaiting the Xbox console release of the new flight simulator. Flight Simulator has always been a PC exclusive release so to have a console version in the works is exciting and makes the
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Over 1 Million People Have Used Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Releasing on August 18th, the long-awaited Microsoft Flight Simulator finally landed for fans around the world. The Franchise has been beloved by Microsoft for years and then it went mostly dormant between 2006 until the reveal of a new Flight Simulator in 2019. The release of the new simulator breathed new life into the genre and we saw a huge uptake in fans looking to take flight in the new simulator. Despite the simulator being out now for only a matter of weeks, over 1 million unique users have loaded up the simulator to fly.

Alongside this huge and staggering achievement, more than 26 million flights have been logged which has amounted to over 1 billion virtual miles flown. Those numbers will continue to grow as Microsoft continues to add downloadable packs, world updates and the third-parties continue to bring out the latest aircraft or scenery products. It’s not just time in the simulator that has been vast in size, but also the fact that over 6.5 million hours of play time has been watched on Twitch.

This just proves that the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator has gone just beyond the flight simulation community and has gripped a world where travelling isn’t the same as it was once. Over time, we look forward to seeing those 1 million unique people step even further into the flight simulation community and supporting their newfound hobby.

In related news, Microsoft yesterday released the first patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator addressing some performance concerns and other minor changes based on community feedback.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator: The FSElite Review

Microsoft Flight Simulator Review Fselite COVER
In all my current time with flight simulation, and in particular, being within the media side of things, I had never thought I would be writing a review for a new Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. The series that was left behind when the Aces team was closed down seemingly held on to life for years thanks to a huge amount
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Hands-On With Microsoft Flight Simulator

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is just a few weeks away from a public release and we have been lucky enough to have had our hands on a beta build for just over a week. That time has been spent covering all corners of the world in this ambitious title. Without a doubt, this is one of Microsoft’s most vital
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Interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios

Microsoft Flight Simulator Interview With Microsoft And Asobo Studios
The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is only a few weeks away and we are able to really start talking more about the simulator as we approach the release date. The FSElite team recently had a virtual interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios to discuss the new Flight Simulator and look at some of the challenges faced during the current global
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