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Microsoft Flight Simulator June 18th Previews – New Previews, Alpha Invite Update and More

Microsoft Flight Simulator Fs20202 Latest Previews (9)

Microsoft has shared their latest blog update on their Flight Simulator website, and whilst this update is less chock full of detail than usual, a range of stunning new previews from alpha testers was shared. This came alongside the news that additional Alpha invites are being sent out, as well as a brief update on the upcoming partnership series.

Starting with the new previews, Alpha testers are really starting to get creative with their photography skills. People are really taking advantage of flying the Airbus A320NEO and the Boeing 747-8i, as well as getting up close and personal with numerous locations around the world.

As for the partnership updates, both of them have been delayed by a week. This means that the NAVBLUE partner update will release on June 25th 2020, with the series with FlightAware will drop on July 2nd 2020. As always FSElite will cover them once they are ready to be seen.

For those of you Alpha testing, then a new patch is expected to release on June 25th 2020, with full patch notes available then. Just last week Alpha 4 was released and you can find out more in our video below.

Finally, if you’re awaiting the famous email to land in you inbox inviting you to join the Alpha, then good news as Microsoft is releasing more today.

As a reminder, we discuss everything you need to know about the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator in our latest magazine, which is being printed as you read this! You can order yours from our website.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha Build Available for Those In Process

MSFS Screenshots 19 Dec (1)
For the first time, Microsoft has shared patch notes for the current Alpha Build with the general public. The patch notes range from including information about new included aircraft, new multiplayer components and also fixes and changes based on community feedback. In the blog post from Microsoft, they firstly thanked the community for providing feedback throughout the alpha testing process.
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FSElite Video: Overview of Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer “One Shared World”

Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer One Shared World
The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator introduced us to the all-new "One Shared World" where you can fly with anyone anywhere in the world. Simply connect to a massive online space and fly in real-time using real-world weather, aircraft and more. Microsoft also gave us brand new information about live AI traffic injected from real-world data sources and how technology will
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – March 12th

Microsoft Flight Sim Update 3 12 (2)
Microsoft has published a new weekly update on their blog site, with new information on the Feature Discovery Series, Alpha Builds, SDK, and more. Feature Discovery Series Starting off with the Feature Discovery Series, last week, we were told that the team was still on track to get Episode 8 out today, but that is unfortunately not the case. Episode
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – February 27th, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 2 27 2020 (5)
Over on the usual blog website, Microsoft has released another update for the upcoming Flight Simulator. This update includes a reminder for the Discovery Series, a partnership series update, a feedback snapshot, and a plethora of new screenshots. Starting with the Discovery Series, it simply stated a reminder for what is to come. Episode 7 and 8 have been switched
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – February 20th, 2020

Microsoft has released a new update on their blog website, with new updates on the Feature Discovery Series, Development Roadmap, and more.

Feature Discovery Series

Starting with the biggest news, Episode 6 has been released. Episode 6 covers Airports. Some of the highlights from the video are that there are over 37,000 airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator that have been manually edited. 80 of the most popular airports were given special attention to bring more realism. Iconic airports have also been selected and have been dressed to a very high standard in the sim. Additionally, ground services got some attention such as catering, luggage, and more. Air traffic was also talked about as well and these aircraft will also be able to do ground services.

For more specifics and details, check out the full video. Its well worth the watch.

Episode 7 and 8 have also had a few changes. They will still be IFR and Multiplayer, but have been switched around. Episode 8 will be coming first featuring multiplayer, releasing March 12th. Episode 7 will follow at the end March covering IFR.

Partnership Series

The latest partnership series update was pushed back a week for the release of the Discovery Series video.

Development Roadmap

This is the latest road map for March and April.



Lastly, Microsoft shared 9 new previews of the upcoming sim, featuring a look at a lot more landscapes, some close ups of airports, and a look into multiplayer. 14 TBM900 aircraft can been seen in one screenshot in a massive formation. Airports like Saba are previewed, as well as a grass field.

As always, be sure to check back for more updates from Microsoft, the next one is expected on February 27th.

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Black Box Simulation Confirms they will Develop for Microsoft Flight Simulator

85055900 10159444133433858 966661142485139456 O
Whilst Black Box Simulation continues to work on v0.9o of their long-standing Airbus series of aircraft, CEO of the development team Graham Waterfield has confirmed that "will be developing for ." The short statement doesn't go much beyond confirming this information, but he did add that developers are restricted from commenting on detail due to the NDA. However, as soon as
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Why Isn’t Microsoft Confirmed for FlightSimExpo 2020?

Microsoft Will They Exhibit
Yesterday, we partnered with FlightSimExpo to reveal the initial list of exhibitors confirmed to be attending the show in Las Vegas this upcoming June. Just shy of 40 exhibitors were confirmed to attend including software developers, hardware developers and a huge range of various communities. However, there was one big name missing from that list that I'm sure many simmers
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