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Microsoft Flight Simulator Partnership Series TEXTRON, Dev Update


Following on from the release of a sizable and significant patch, Microsoft has taken to their blog to give a detailed account of various elements, including an all-new partnership series update for TEXTRON. The blog update is fairly extensive, so we’ll break it down for you below.

Reflecting on the Latest Patch

The development team were keen to thank the community for the ongoing support after the last couple of patches which fixed a few early growing pains. Microsoft continued to acknowledge that there is still a handful of bugs and issues that were new even after the update and will continue to monitor the forums and community in general to pick up where people are having issues. Again, they emphasised that the forums are the best place to give you feedback so that the team can continue to build upon the experience.

Partnership Series Update: TEXTRON

This short video highlights how TEXTRON and Microsoft worked together to create some of the included aircraft within the simulator.

Around the World Video

The next episode in a series of videos being produced by Microsoft to highlight the world has been released. This time, the focus is on Africa.

Development Roadmap

The development roadmap for the flight simulator has been updated to be a little more specific about what to expect between now and November. In the short-term, it appears a new update will be released on September 24th. Following that, additional partnership series episodes will be made available, plus further update information on third party content and the SDK.


SDK and Third-Party

A new SDK for third-party developers will improve key areas to further support those that need it. All aspects from the SDK will be updated including the scenery editor, aircraft editor and also a new node-based particle effects system. In addition, the WebAssemly part of the SDK has been updated to address some usability issues.

As for third-party developers, it was reconfirmed that over 900 applications have been made to the Marketplace Partner Program and that Microsoft is slowly introducing new developers to the arena. Last week saw Aerosoft, Big Tire, FLYT, FlyTampa, Gaya Simulations, LatinVFR and others added to the list, whilst also enabling updates for products through the store. More developers and addons are being added soon.

More Screenshots

Whilst simmers may have the product in their hands, it hasn’t stopped Microsoft from continuing to showcase stunning screenshots taken by the community.

That wraps up this week’s update, but we can expect more information on the “update” in next week’s blog post.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Officially Released

Microsoft Flight Simulator Logo
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Gaya Simulations Previews Vienna in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gaya Simulations Vienna Airport Loww

Scenery developer Gaya Simulations appears to be the first scenery developer to showcase previews for their products in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The development team felt that Vienna was the best product to showcase off the current development by Gaya Simulations.

The previews show off some of the custom ground textures, building work and also the jetways. It’s still a work in progress but nice to see the first previews of the airport in the simulator.

The previews follow on from PMDG who shared numerous previews for their 737 NG3 in the simulator just a few days ago.

Gaya Simulations said that future products by the team will be shared in the coming days.

So what do you think of these previews?

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Ama
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Interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios

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