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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Update: FSElite First Look

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When Microsoft Flight Simulator was released back in August 2020, the list of features that were yet to be implemented at the request of the community was still quite long. One of the most requested features that were on the desired list was the ability to fly using Virtual Reality technology. In a subsequent update just before Christmas, developer Asobo Studio, released the all-important feature, in a free update, to allow users to experience the platform from a whole new perspective. Personally, I have only used VR once before and I was astounded with the gaming experience but the game I played was simplistic and one-dimensional. I wondered how such a high resolution, complex simulation would work and how it would operate on my moderate PC setup using the brand-new HP Reverb G2, which currently has the highest resolution at 2160×2160 per eye, of any VR headset available for PC. I explore exactly what MSFS in VR has to offer in this FSElite First Look.

Setting up the Reverb G2 is rather straightforward. The headset only requires one cable that splits into two at a junction box that does need to be plugged into a mains power source. The first of the two cables plug into the Display Port found on most graphics cards. The second is a USB-C connection but also comes with a USB-C to a conventional USB connector. Once you have put the 2 AA batteries in each of the hand controllers, you are ready to turn your PC on and get installing the headset. The HP Reverb G2 communicates with your PC through the Windows Mixed Reality Portal, a VR app that can be downloaded through the Microsoft App Store. Once this is installed, you will need to run the WMR app every time you use your VR headset. Luckily, it is not performance heavy. I have found that the WMR app does load a few secondary applications so if you are suffering from performance issues, you can terminate these to free up some resources.

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Imaginesim Atlanta for Microsoft Flight Simulator: The FSElite Review

Imaginesim Atlanta For Microsoft Flight Simulator The FSElite Review
INTRODUCTION Atlanta is home to the world’s busiest airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport saw over 110,000,000 passengers in 2019, 10 million more than the next airport. With Atlanta not being one of the handcrafted airports included with Microsoft Flight Simulator (it later was added in the USA world update after the Imaginesim scenery was released), this scenery is a welcome
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FSElite 2020 Holiday Raffle: Asobo Studio – Microsoft Flight Simulator

A Msfs
Welcome to FSElite's 2020 Holiday Raffle. This year we have over 160 prizes to give away to the community thanks to the incredible support of numerous flight simulator developers and publishers. As has become tradition at FSElite, we're giving everyone in the community a chance to win any of the amazing prizes in time for the holiday season. Our raffle this
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iniSimulations A310 Announcement, A380 Update, and more.

A310 1
Today, iniSimulations announced the next aircraft in their line up of planes. Following the recent teaser that was released a few days ago, the next iniSimulations aircraft is the Airbus A310-300. Airbus A310 The iniBuilds A310 is going to be a standalone product and will feature "new and improved 3D elements including a new wing and a full overhaul of the exterior
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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update II: USA Now Available

20201122 US Update 07 1024×576
As expected, the Microsoft Flight Simulator world update has now been made available for free to all owners of the new flight simulator. World Update II focuses on the USA, with enhancements to the elevation maps, aerial imagery, new airports and various brand new points of interest added. In addition to the world update, version of Microsoft Flight Simulator also
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Microsoft Flight Simulator has Been Nominated In The Game Awards

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has been nominated for the best simulation/strategy game of the year in The Game Awards. Developed by Asobo Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the latest entry in long-established series since Flight Simulator X back in 2006.

The Game Awards is an annual event that awards creators, publishers and developers in the gaming industry for the efforts in their titles. The best part is the awards are helped by votes by the community meaning you have the chance to influence who wins which award.

Before you burn me at the stake for mixing the word “game” on a flight simulation website, it’s worth knowing just how important this really is and the lasting impact it will have on the community for years to come. Since the release of the simulator in August, flight simulation has had a huge amount of exposure which has helped increase the number of people interested in the hobby and continues to drive education through simulation. With Microsoft Flight Simulator being up for such a prestigious award, it will once again highlight the product to the masses and continue to bring more and more people to the community. This can only be a good thing for community members, content creators and also developers.

Whether or not you believe that Microsoft Flight Simulator should walk away with the award for Best Sim/Strategy at the 2020 Game Awards, the fact it has been nominated is an achievement in itself.

You can cast your vote for Microsoft Flight Simulator, or any other sim/strategy game on The Game Awards website.

Speaking of voting/answering survey questions, have you completed the Navigraph survey yet? You haven’t got long left.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Blog Update November 12th 2020

Microsoft and Asobo have just shared their weekly development update throughout their Development blog. The development part itself is relatively short, with the confirmation that the round 2 of invitations for the VR Closed Beta will be posted soon. This time, non-Windows Mixed Reality (VMR) products owners will be called for contribution. Development Roadmap and Feedback Snapshot As usual, the
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Blog Update November 5th 2020

It is again time for the weekly development update of Asobo Studios and Microsoft regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update is relatively small as Asobo Studios are mainly focused on ensuring their workers are safe due to the new rapidly evolving COVID situation and new lockdown in place in France. As such, most Asobo employees are now working from their
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Blog Update October 22nd 2020

C0mmanderkiller 4
Microsoft and Asobo Studios have shared with us their weekly development update regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator. Around the World Series Episode 5 - North America The first major item of this update is the latest episode of their Around the World series, this time focusing North America. The Series aims at showcasing various places where the simulator is at its
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch#4 Full Changelog

XO Cap10 02 1024×576
Microsoft and Asobo Studios have just pushed the full changelog with patch #4 for their simulator. Version of the sim is due out today. The major features of this patch were hinted a few days ago, but we now have our hands on the full changelog. Planes The VFR map should no longer crash the title during a flight
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