Orbx Announces Tyabb Airport

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On roughly 15 minutes of flying from the city of Melbourne, you can find Tyabb Airport (YTYA), and Orbx‘s next scenery. Home airport to its developer Jordan, this airport will soon see it’s debut in our simulators. Tyabb is a relatively small airport, but Orbx wouldn’t be Orbx if they didn’t pay a lot of attention to the region surrounding the airport as well. The scenery will cover an 85km2 area in high resolution photorealistic imagery. There will be custom points of interests such as Bluescope Steel and Flinders College, for the people more acquainted with this area. It will also make use of ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2 and NatureFlow to make the area really come to live. As always, the scenery will benefit from a lot of optimisation to keep your performance high whilst making sure no details are spared.

Orbx Tyabb Airport will become available soon™ for $24.95 AUD for Prepar3D only. However, on its release it will immediately become available through Orbx’s upcoming ‘End of Year‘ sale, at a price of 15% off. FTX Australia will be recommended.


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Orbx / Turbulent Designs’ Melbourne V3 Released

As we said the other day, Orbx and Turbulent Designs were in the final stages of releasing version 3 of Melbourne. Well, now it's readily available to buy now from the FlightSimStore for $39.95AUD. If you have previously purchased any other version of Melbourne prior to the release, for the next 30 days (or so), you can upgrade to version
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