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Study Level A380 Confirmed for Prepar3D V4 and X-Plane

It’s a busy day for Matt as he’s just gone on record to confirm that he and his team of 8 will be working on a Airbus A380. Via his Twitch account, he said it will be a “study level” sim, as it’s something he has always wanted to work on. Due to the fact the aircraft is seriously complex, it won’t be for a 32-bit environment so the team will be developing it Prepar3D V4 and X-Plane.

He confirmed that he has the contacts he needs to develop the aircraft.

Outside of this information, there’s not a lot left to tell other than he’s already started working out the logic behind certain systems include “Brake to Vacate (BTV)”.

Don’t expect it to be released any time soon. This is a project of love that will be developed as long as it needs – there’s no time scale. Matt said that he’ll possibly update us on development come the end of the year, but for now, let’s take this as confirmation for an aircraft to look forward to in the future.

As for why we’re not putting this under the grill like we did for Cloud Surf Team is the fact that Matt is an established community member who has produced the fantastic ProjectFly.

In the mean time, the team will continue to develop ProjectFly and SimStall (and now the PTA tool).

PTA Will Continue to Live on with P3DV4 Thanks to Matt Davies

We published an article yesterday indicating that a Reddit user has been reverse engineering the original PTA to be able to work with Prepar3D V4. We were contacted by a few developers asking us to remove it due to the fact that it wasn’t clear if the Reddit user had acquired the rights to do so. As a result, it appeared that wasn’t the case, and as such, we removed the post immediately.

However, Matt Davies then contacted us to confirm he has purchased the original source code and will be releasing a new version which is compatible with Prepar3D V4, as well as a host of other features.

This is completely separate from the information we posted yesterday regarding the Reddit user. There is no connection between the two developers here at all.

The tool will be suitable for both P3DV4 and P3DV3 and also use new technology to make for a slicker experience. The biggest news is the fact this new update will have a community section which will allow people to browse and apply other people’s settings immediately. So if you’re on Twitch and like the look of their sim, look them up, download and enjoy.

As the PTA was purchased for a high amount, this will be a payware tool. The amount hasn’t been disclosed yet, but it “won’t be expensive”. Release is expected in the next couple of weeks.

We’ve contacted Matt to ask for some screenshots of the new tool. We’ll update this post if we get anything.

Announcement: FSElite Partner with SIMCAST

London, UK – 15th April 2017 – FSElite partner with SIMCAST to Bring Flight Simulation News via Video

Today, FSElite are pleased to announce that they will be working with Matt Davies, creator of SIMCAST, projectFLY and his own Twitch channel to deliver the best of flight simulation news via videos. SIMCAST is a great way for the community to digest a large number of news without the need of reading various links and articles as it’s all in one practical place. The video series, SIMCAST is a revival after a long hiatus and FSElite are proud to be supplying the news on this fantastic endeavour.

Calum from FSElite says, “I’ve been a fan of Matt’s for many years now and SIMCAST is another excellent video series from him to bring the latest news in a great format. I’m really excited Matt chose us to supply the news and is another step to us bringing a great community together.”

Matt from SIMCAST said, “It’s time to revive something which the community loved – however now it’s on a more frequent basis. FSElite have proven themselves to be reliable, which is exactly what I need in order to bring SIMCAST back to working order. I look forward to working with FSElite to continue developing SIMCAST into the best news show around.”

This new partnership continues to demonstrate FSElite’s continued reliability when it comes to reporting.

You can tune into SimCast via the “Matt Davies” channel on Youtube. New episodes will be released twice a month covering the latest news from Flight Simulation thanks to

You can watch the latest episode here:

About are all about community driven content. FSElite covers everything from flight simulation news, reviews and editorials that the community want to see.

We are comprised up of multi-aviation backgrounds from all around the world teaming up to bring you the best in Flight Simulator and Real-World Aviation experience.

At FSElite, we are nothing but short of experience. Our team is made up of a wide range of experts (certified flight instructors), industry insiders and those new to real-world flying and earning their Pilot’s License. But our team expands to the many friends and connections we have made over the years throughout the aviation realm, and we stride to expose you to the many sides of flying, both Sim and Real-World.

We implore you to check out our FSElite podcast where we compile interesting topics and discussions. Ranging from debates over which aircraft is better and which hardware is best for Flight Sims of today, up to bringing on various developers or well known people in the simulator community to engage in conversation about what’s going on in our favourite hobby.

You can find out more information at

Or you can email FSElite @ [email protected]


SIMCAST is a bi-monthly news show relating to all things flight sim! It takes a roundup of the latest and greatest (sometimes not so greatest) goings on within the simming word and puts them all into one easy to digest episode.

You can find out more information at


projectFLY v2.1 Coming Saturday 15 April – Prizes to Win

projectFly will be updated to version 2.1 on the 15th April at 13:00 (BST we assume) and comes with a wealth of new features! The biggest feature will be a new account tier system. Matt Davies, owner of projectFly has made it very clear that it’s a “cancel any time” system if your circumstances change. So projectFly will remain completely free for ‘blue’ members, but those who want enhance their experience can do so.

As long as projectFly grows, so will the list with plenty of updates coming all the time. I personally use projectFly all the time and it’s a great service to help track flights.

Other features include a change to the look and feel of the site including some fixes to the header navigation. Attention was given to the booking system as well, allowing thing like default settings which will be move loved by many users.

The client itself has also been given some updates. Including the ability to view the radar and some settings information as well. I hope that in the future I can book flights directly through the client.

The other huge change is the radar. Released with the initial version, the radar allowed people to view all online traffic in the flight sim community. The radar section has been overhauled to be around 50% faster than before and improvements will continue going forward.

All of this sounds fantastic and to celebrate, the gang will be doing a group flight from Stockholm (ESSA) to Paris (LFPG). To help, Orbx will be throwing a sale of Stockholm, giving 25% off until the event itself. You can buy it from Orbx Direct.

As part of the launch, the team will be giving away free tier membership for those in the chat and on the stream.

You could potentially win:

1 x LIFETIME projectFLY Gold Account Subscription
10 x 1 month projectFLY Gold Account Subscriptions
20 x 1 month projectFLY Silver Account Subscriptions

Lots of great stuff coming from the team. You can watch the stream / take part in the live event. Whilst watching, why not take 10 minutes to read Matt’s interview with us during Developer Month.

projectFly v2 – Ready and Waiting

For those of you who follow Matt Davies on Twitch or Youtube may know of the project him and a few other people have worked on named projectFly. I’ve personally been using it since day 1 and it’s a great tool to log and track all your virtual flying.

Since then, the team have been working tirelessly to bring the next update which has gone through various different development to finally bring it to today’s version 2.

With a brand new radar edition, a new client and a much better interface, projectFly has redefined itself. With career mode upcoming as well as various other updates all in the work, projectFly is turning into a flexible and exciting place.

If there are any significant updates, we’ll let you know. Why not head over to the site, sign up and fly and start logging your flights.