Mex High Flight Releases Marrakech Menara Intl. Airport

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Mex High Flight has released their first scenery that’s not located in Mexico. With the release of Marrakech Menara International Airport (GMMX), the developer has crossed the Atlantic into Africa.

Marrakesh is the fourth largest city in Morocco, and located in roughly the center of the country. The airport has several passenger terminals to handle a considerable amount of passengers per year, as well as a cargo terminal. The airport serves a number of destinations, mostly in Europe. Marrakesh is a focus city for Ryanair and national airline Royal Air Maroc.

Marrakesh airport stands out by unique shapes and designs on their terminal building, with the big glass globe at the entrance of the airport, the diamonds on the main terminal building, and other designs that can be found all around the airport. These designs and shapes have been accurately recreated by Mex High Flight, with detailed 3D objects. The scenery also features realistic ground markings, numerous static objects, some animations and photorealistic scenery around the airport, which has been covered with autogen. A full list of features can be found at the end of this post. The scenery is available for €19,50 from SimMarket for Prepar3D v4.

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FSElite Exclusive: Mex High Flight Marrakesh Previews

Mex High Flight Marrakech Airport 201
Scenery developer Mex High Flight, who previously worked on airports such as Havana International Airport and Mérida Yucatan, has shared with us some brand new previews for their upcoming Marrakesh Airport. These exclusive shots show off how far development has come since we originally shared early development previews with the community. Since June, the product has come a long way in development.
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FSElite Exclusive: Mex High Flight Announces Marrakesh Menara Airport on P3DV4

Mex High Flight Marrakesh Previews (3)
Scenery developer Mex High Flight has confirmed to us today that they are working on Marrakesh Menara Airport (GMMX) for Prepar3D V4. The new scenery is being developed with the use of features including SODE jetways and PBR effects on the glass of the terminal buildings. Marrakesh Menara Airport, in Morocco, North Africa, sees frequent traffic to many parts of the world
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