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Mango Studios

Mango Studios Releases FlightFactor 767 Sound Enhancement Pack

262015 Wasd

Owners of the FlightFactor 767 can now buy the Mango Studios 767 Sound Enhancement Pack. The new sound pack features a range of custom sound and quality recordings from the real-aircraft to enhance the experience for users.

The new Mango Studios sound pack for the FlightFactor 767 includes custom sounds for within the cockpit. This includes elements such as the batter, avionics, packs and also for the switches, buttons and rotaries. Outside, the package contains custom sound packs for 3 different engine types. This includes the  GE CF-6 General Electric, RB-211 Roll Royce and PW-4000 Pratt & Whitney power plants, all of which include jet blast sound effects. Whilst still outside the aircraft, you will be able to hear the GPU, APU and other elements all custom for the aircraft. Finally, a new custom user interface is included to have more control over the sound pack.

You will need to own the FlightFactor 767 already in order to take advantage of the sound enhancement package. If you do, you can buy the pack now from simMarket for €12.75 (excluding VAT).

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Mango Studios Releases FlightFactor A350 Sound Enhancement Package

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The FlightFactor A350 has seen numerous updates in the past, but developers Mango Studios felt as though the sounds were lacking and developed their own solution. This is Mango Studios' first product for the X-Plane market and will enhance the original engine, cockpit and environmental sound effects found on the FlightFactor A350. The product, available now, includes a complete rework
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