Aerosoft and Sim-Wings Releases Malaga Professional

Malaga Prof (2)

With the Summer in Europe fast approaching, developers are keen to get their hot destinations out in time for simmers to take advantage of the sunshine. Sim-Wings have decided to re-release Malaga X, but this time under the professional banner. The product released via Aerosoft now includes a complete P3DV4 experience inlcuding new material options and all files now being compiled with the P3D V4 SDK.

Malaga Professional follows on from the 2016 product Malaga X. Despite the ‘professional’ tag missing from the original product, Malaga X is fully compatible with P3DV4, including the installer. When comparing feature lists between products, the following is the only differences between the two.

  • All code (BGLs) compiled with P3D V4 SDK, using new material options and being performance optimised to the new engine
  • All objects optimised for new shadow technology
  • Ground layout following P3DV4 SDK

Malaga Professional is available to buy from Aerosoft for €23.49 or €6.58 for the upgrade service. Or you can buy the original Malaga X for €21.81 (P3DV4 compatible). Hopefully now, Sim-Wings can get back on track with their development of Tenerife South, which was due at the end of January.

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Aerosoft Malaga X Released

Aerosoft have today released Malaga X for FSX, FSX:SE and Prepar3d. Marking the end of a 2 year development cycle, the Spanish airport has finally be released by developer SimWings. Located in the Costa del Sol, it is one of the busiest airports in Spain, offering flights for all over the world. Not only is the airport itself covered, but
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