PROAVIATION SIMULATION: [P3D v4] PMDG 747-400 V3 | Aerosoft Madeira X Evolution | Performance Test | (FYC)

On October 6th, 2002, an Air Atlanta Icelandic 747-267B landed at Madeira’s Funchal International Airport. Its mission was to test the recently extended runway so that it could be used by larger aircraft. The mission was a success, as the 747 landed and then took off without any issues.

That was the only time a 747 has been seen at Madeira. So, I decided to do a performance test with the Aerosoft Madeira X Evolution scenery and the PMDG 747 v3. The scenery gave great performance – and note that the “Airline Density Slider” had been set to 100% as the airport doesn’t have many gates. Don’t forget to check out my P3Dv4 settings at the beginning of the video (00:10) as they aren’t always the same.

No tweaks have been applied to the P3Dv4 configuration file!

Addons Used:
PMDG 747-400 V3
Aerosoft – Madeira X Evolution
Turbulent Designs – Terra Flora
ORBX FTX Global Base Pack
EZdok Camera
Super Traffic Board

PC Specs:
i7 6700k (Skylake Processor) – Not Overclocked
GTX 1060 6gb (Gigabyte Windforce) – Not Overclocked
8GB RAM (Kingston Hyper-X 2400MHz) – Not Overclocked
B250M-D3H Motherboard (Gigabyte)
240GB SSD (Kingston UV400)
1TB HDD (Toshiba DT01ACA100)

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Aerosoft Madeira & Sacramento Update

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Aerosoft have announced updates for both their Sacramento and Madeira airports. Both updates can either be downloaded at Aerosoft or through other retailers, depending on where you have bought the products. Madeira has the following changelog for version 1.04: - LPMA Afcad optimized, handles AI-Traffic with curved approach to Runway 05, - RNAV Approaches added based on actual Navdata to
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Madeira/Cristiano Ronaldo Update Preview

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MK-Studios has announced that their difficult approach airport Madeira Funchal LPMA update version 1.04 is getting close to release. For more information head over to MK-Studios but here is a changelog: - LPMA Afcad optimized handle AI-Traffic with curved approach to Runway 05, - RNAV Approaches added based on actual Navdata to be used with GPS and ATC, - Completely
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Aerosoft Madeira Updated to Version 1.03

A couple of weeks ago, we informed you guys of an upcoming update to Madeira to reflect the real-world changes taking place. For example, the airport is now called Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo Airport and as such signage has changed throughout the airport. To ensure the airport is as accurate as possible, MK-Studios have updated it. Further changes to version 1.03
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Aerosoft Madeira X Evolution: The FSElite Review

In early 2015 MK Studios posted a cryptic terrain mesh of an airport that needs no introduction and asked the community if they knew the airport. This would lead to months of excruciating anticipation for the community. However almost two years later the saga was brought to an end and we welcomed Madeira Evolution X with open arms. I think
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MK Studios Confirms Madeira Update Coming Soon


MK-Studios have confirmed that they will be releasing an update for Madeira “soon”. The new update to version 1.03 will include the new name for the airport Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, as well as additional windmills for Porto Santo, and an adjustment to the slope wall resolution. Of course, there’s a bunch of fixes for both FSX and P3D users too to improve their experience.

The full changelog is below. When it’s out, we’ll be sure to notify you.

-Afcad adjustments (FSX and P3D),
-Papi lights appear as square from far fixed (FSX),
-3D grass added (FSX),
-Taxiway centerline lights fixed (FSX),
-New taxiway markings added to match current airport state (FSX and P3D),
-Airport name changed (Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo Airport),
-New airport logo added (FSX and P3D),
-Porto Santo windmils added.
-Slope wall resolution adjusted (FSX and P3D),
-Runway lights red type added at runway endings (FSX and P3D).

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Aerosoft Madeira X Evolution Released

Yesterday, Aerosoft dropped the promotional video and today, Madeira X Evolution is out! Madeira is one of the most challenging airports in the world due to probable wind shear, mountainous terrain and steep turns before finals. Oh, and no instrument landing system either! It's a fun airport and one that looks great when done right. We've had Madeira in our
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Aerosoft Madeira X – Official Promo

Last week, MK Studios announced that their latest scenery package Madeira X was on finals. It's been a long time coming, but finally, the product will soon be out. Not only that, but the official promo has been release showing off some of the incredible features packed into this challenging airport. You can watch it above. Make sure you leave
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