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Mad Flight Studios Releases SP-30 for X-Plane 11

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After more than two years of development, Mad Flight Studios has released the Spectr-Aero SP-30 for X-Plane 11.

The Spectr-Aero SP-30 is an ultralight single-propellor two-seat aircraft weighing less than 500 kg. The Russian-built plane is mainly used for training purposes, but is also used in agricultural applications for crop dusting and aerial sowing operations.

The SP-30 includes ground and engine service options, including propellor covers, pitot covers, parking ties, and wheel chocks. Pilots can manually check the oil, change the oil and air filter, and even select the prop pitch. The plane also includes two cockpit languages (English and Russian) and comes with a layered paint kit.

The plane includes both English and Russian manuals and can be purchased from SimMarket for $46.50 USD.

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Mad Flight Studios – Video Previews of the SP-30

SP 30 Beta By Mad Flight Studio X Plane 11 Fuel And Weight Operations
X-Plane 11 developer Mad Flight Studios has shared two new previews of their upcoming SP-30 in video format. The 2 videos show off the weight and balance operations (above) and also the ground services (below) available with the product. Both videos do a great job at highlighting how users can click areas around the aircraft to interact with it. For
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