UK2000 Scenery Releases Luton 2020HD for MSFS

Luton Airport Msfs (16)

UK2000 Scenery has released Luton 2020HD for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The awaited UK airport from the development team is now ready to install for the newest flight simulator enabling simmers to now fly various routes from the north-London airport. Home to easyJet, along with others such as TUI, Ryanair and Wizz Air, the airport has plenty of short-haul traffic for simmers to enjoy.

The product from UK2000 Scenery features detailed 3D terminal buildings and various custom vehicles scattered throughout. UK2000 Scenery has also replaced the base imagery and replaced it with their own to better suit the airport environment. There is also optional static aircraft (airliner and GA), along with custom night lighting using the native MSFS technology. All of this has been designed to provide good performance.

Luton 2020HD for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for £18.48 from UK2000 Scenery’s website. Customers who own Luton 2020HD for Prepar3D, FSX and X-Plane will get 50% off the Microsoft Flight Simulator version by using the link in their account page.

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UK2000 Scenery Previews Luton HD2020 in MSFS

Luton Airport Msfs (12)
Developer UK2000 Scenery has shared some brand new previews for Luton Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Luton HD2020 will be available in a few weeks according to the Facebook post shared by the development studio. The new previews of the airport were shared on Facebook showcase the terminal areas, static aircraft and numerous parts of the apron. It is also
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UK2000 Scenery Releases Luton 2020HD for X-Plane 11

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Edit: We've been informed that this is not a port of the FSX/P3D build, but built from the ground up. We have edited the article slightly to reflect this. UK2000 Scenery has released Luton 2020HD for X-Plane 11. Luton is one of the biggest airports in the UK and is home to easyJet, with Ryanair, TUI and Wizz Air all populating
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UK2000 Scenery Updates Luton 2020HD

Uk2000 Scenery Luton 2020hd (14)
After its release last week, UK2000 Scenery has taken onboard customer feedback and released a new update for Luton 2020HD. The new update fixes a flashing ambient shadow for Prepar3D V4, issues with various taxiway signs and AFCADS, and a night time brightness increase. Finally, signs now light up at night. The airport is home to various low-cost airlines, notably
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UK2000 Scenery Releases Luton 2020HD

Uk2000 Scenery Luton 2020hd (5)
UK2000 Scenery has released Luton 2020HD. As promised a few weeks ago, the team has released the airport which sits North of London. The airport is home to various low-cost airlines, notably easyJet. Others such as Ryanair, Wizz Air and more frequent the airport serving a wide range of destinations. The airport package from UK2000 Scenery builds on the HD
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UK2000 Scenery Luton 2020HD Releasing February 8th 2020

Uk2000 Scenery Luton 2020hd (5)

Early next month, UK2000 Scenery will release Luton 2020HD for FSX and Prepar3D. The new airport builds on their new technology stack designed to ensure that the UK2000 Scenery suite is modern and up to date.

Luton Airport in particular has been under a huge amount of construction for many years (many of it is still ongoing) and a current layout of the airport does not currently exist for FSX or Prepar3D. The airport is home to the UK’s largest airline easyJet, along with serving other carriers such as Wizz Airlines, TUI and Ryanair.

To accompany the release date announcement, a range of previews of the airport were shared.

UK2000 Scenery will release Luton 2020HD on February 8th, providing nothing show-stopping creeps in between now and then. An X-Plane release is expected to follow in the coming weeks.

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UK2000 Scenery Shares 2020 Roadmap

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After the release of Bristol 2019HD this week, the team at UK2000 Scenery has announced what their intentions are as we head into 2020. Announced on Facebook, the team has confirmed that no more airports (other than the X-Plane conversion of Bristol) will be released during 2019 and instead, the focus is now on creating airports for 2020. On the
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UK2000 Announces New HD Scenery System

Uk2000scenery Hd Scenery (2)
UK2000 Scenery announced that Inverness would the first of many new airports being developed by the team. Following on from that, UK2000 Scenery decided to share a Facebook post which went further into detail about their new workflow and development tool kit. The goal of the new HD scenery system was aimed at increasing texture resolution and model details to
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UK2000 Scenery Provides Brief Roadmap

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UK2000 Scenery has confirmed that they are developing 3 key airports with the new technology they said they were working on. Those airports are Bristol, Luton and Glasgow. Dubbed as the 2020 edition, these new airports will reflect their representative airport in the current state. In terms of timelines, Glasgow is looking to be released at the end of 2019,
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UK2000 Scenery Release Luton for X-Plane 11

UK2000 Luton X Plane 11 1
UK2000 Scenery has released Luton for X-Plane 11. The London airport is home to multiple low-cost carriers, but easyJet certainly rules the roost there. You can even see that from the bright orange hanger on the far side of the airport. The scenery is based on the 2014 FSX/P3D release, so won't be fully updated with the new terminal buildings
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