More Aerosoft Lukla – Mount Everest Extreme Previews

LuklaMtEverestExtremePreview 009.thumb.jpg.155a8d43b57120086b658b6baab79a04

Over on the preview forum, a few more screenshots of Aerosoft’s upcoming Lukla – Mount Everest Extreme scenery. Previously we’ve been seeing how the airport itself has been progressing, and how it compares to the old version. This time, the previews take us a bit outside of the airport and show off the Himalaya mountains, in which it is located. It also very nicely shows how the clouds can create an extra interesting challenge in this already inhospitable area of the world, with thick cloud formations in between or covering some of the mountains in the previews. We also get a nice preview of the tallest mountain in the world itself, Mount Everest.


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Aerosoft Previews Lukla Extreme for P3D

Aerosoft Preview Lukla Extreme For P3D FSElite1
Just 6 days after releasing Lukla Extreme for Aerofly FS 2, Aerosoft has released further previews of the Prepar3D version of Lukla. The Prepar3D version of Lukla looks incredibly stunning thus far and we can't wait to see more in the coming days and weeks. While we wait, why not check out our first look of the Aerofly FS 2
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New Aerosoft Lukla – Mount Everest Previews in AFS2

Lukla Aerosoft Limesim (2)
Over on the Aerosoft forum, many work-in-progress previews have been posted of the in-development Lukla - Mount Everest in AFS2. Lukla – Mount Everest was originally released for FSX back in 2006. In 2016, it was announced that the entire scenery is getting reconstructed from scratch by the LimeSim and S3DD team. The previews below show Lukla's eye-catching details up
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3D Everest Park Releasing in December

3D Everest Park (3)

Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini has today confirmed that their next project, 3D Everest Park will be released on December 1st 2018. Situated on the tallest mountain on the planet means you won’t be short of challenging approaches, lush views and plenty of fun scenarios to try out at Lukla Airport.

Lukla Airport is deemed one of the most challenging airports in the world thanks to it’s cliff-edge terrain, short runway and huge change in slope during take off or landing. The developers are promising a highly detailed and realistic recreation of the airport and surrounding area. There will be 3D vegetation and houses all around the airports. Secondary airport Syangboche (VNSB) will also be included in the package.

Frank and Fabio went onto to say that they chose to produce their own ground imagery and mesh due to copyright and cost issues. However, they feel confident that they have reconstructed the area as a true representation so pilots will get the immersive experience.

Whilst the release date of December 1st 2018 seems pretty firm, no price has yet to be set. We’ll continue to watch and will let you know. You can read more on the forums.

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Frank Dainese Announces Everest Park 3D for X-Plane

Frank Dainese has announced an astounding scenery. Everest Park 3D is in development for X-Plane. Mt. Everest needs no introduction. It is the tallest mountain in the world, reaching just over 29000ft. The stairway to heaven is part of the Himalayan Mountain Range. Lukla, which is where most climbers will start their ascent to the base camp at the bottom
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Aerosoft Previews Lukla – Mount Everest Renders

Preview June 001.thumb.jpg.10a97ed1feabdf309b86fe88f729cda3
Sasa, in the Aerosoft forums, posted screenshots of the early development of their Lukla Airport scenery, on Saturday. Lukla - Mount Everest was originally released for FSX back in 2006, but the whole scenery is now being rebuilt from scratch by the LimeSim and S3DD team to meet modern standards. The screenshots show just the base model of the airport
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New Aerosoft Lukla-Mount Everest Previews

Aerofly Fs 2 Screenshot 24 20180504 160136.jpg.0850ac3199da0e7b1aa2a4b0b2083025
It's been a few months since we've seen any previews of Lime Sim/Aerosoft's upcoming Lukla-Mount Everest reboot, taking one of their most popular sceneries and giving it the remake it deserves. Today, that all changes with a bunch of new previews of the terrain surrounding Mount Everest shared by Sasa on the Aerosoft preview forums! The reboot of Lukla-Mount Everest
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Aerosoft Announces a New Lukla Mount Everest

We will soon see a brand new Lukla Mount Everest. The old version developed by LimeSim and S3DD, and published by Aerosoft, has been around for a while now. Whilst it is still a good piece of scenery, it has certainly started to show its age. As a result, the new Lukla will be developed from scratch. Below you can
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