New Previews of Orbx LOWI Innsbruck on X-Plane 11

Orbx Lowi Innsbruck X Plane 11 (10)

After the mammoth preview thread from last week, Jarrad from Orbx has taken to the forums yet again to share some brand new previews of LOWI Innsbruck for X-Plane 11. Work is still on-going, but Jarrad wanted to give a few more details about the product before its eventual release.

The first big piece of news is that the coverage area is going to be the biggest area ever seen from a single Orbx airport product, In total, over 8200km2 of highly detailed ground texture, mesh and other details will be included in the product once released. According to the post, simmers will be able to explore a large portion of the Austrian Alps, the state of Tirol and areas just on the outskirts of Munich. The entire coverage area will be crafted with photoreal texturing, high definition 10m mesh and custom autogen throughout.

In addition to the large coverage, a small CityScene will also be included in the product. Over 160 models will be included to portray the town of Innsbruck and beyond. Airport clutter and other details will also be included.

You can check out the full forum thread on Orbx. In the meantime, we’ll continue to watch progress for a hopefully-soon release! You can also view a 360 panorama of the product on the forums.

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Orbx Announces Innsbruck for X-Plane 11

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After 18 months of hard work, Orbx has unveiled an X-Plane rendition for what is probably their best scenery to date: Innsbruck (LOWI) airport. This airport, of course, needs no introduction. Orbx has previously released this airport for Prepar3D and Aerofly FS2 and the result of this was absolutely breathtaking. It's one of our favourite and highest rated sceneries. The
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PROAVIATION SIMULATION: [P3D v4] PMDG 737-800NGX | ORBX Innsbruck Airport LOWI | Performance Test | (FYC)

P3D V4 PMDG 737 800NGX ORBX Innsbruck Airport LOWI Performance Test
In this video I will be testing ORBX's beautiful Innsbruck airport scenery with the PMDG 737NGX. Innsbruck Airport is situated at the heart of the Alps therefore the first thing that comes to mind when the Innsbruck airport is mentioned is its challenging approaches. I've chose to do the famous LOC DME East Approach Circle to Land RWY 08 - one
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UPDATE: Orbx LOWI Innsbruck Airport – Prepar3D V4 Previews and Dynamic Lighting [Now Out]

Orbx Lowi Innsbruck P3dv4 8

UPDATE Sun 6th August @ 10:00z

Innsbruck version 1.10 is now released. It will add the below dynamic lighting as well as fix a “batch shift issue” in Prepar3D V4.

Make sure you read this post to find out how you can enroll into the open beta to ensure all Orbx airports are compatible with P3DV4.

Original post –

Whilst we all eagerly await Orbx airports to be fully functional in Prepar3D V4, Jarrad Marshall was kind enough to showcase dynamic lighting in his latest airport: Innsbruck.

The shots you see below are previews of the very first Orbx airport to include the new feature for P3DV4 (although I think Bilbao may have them as well – I’ll need to check) and showcases just how beautiful his stunning scenery can be at all times of the day. Jarrad said that a ‘considerable amount of effort’ has gone into the new lights. He wants to ensure that there is a good balance between eye-candy and performance. As a result, the primary areas (e.g. aprons, airport buildings) use the new lighting technique, whilst those areas considered to be ‘secondary’, will use the the older style to light up the area. Furthermore, if you’d prefer to not use it at all, you can do so. Further to night lighting, he wanted to show you off some daytime shots showcasing the improvements in draw distances for the autogen.

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JustSim Innsbruck updated for Prepar3d V4

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JustSim have issued an update for their Innsbruck (LOWI) scenery, of which you can find our review here. The updated version makes use of the P3DV4 SDK and includes the new night lighting. Screenshots of the updated scenery can be found below. You can buy Innsbruck for €17,50 over on SimMarket. Please note that if you have previously purchased JustSim
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Aerofly FS2 Innsbruck LOWI Preview

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Over on Aerofly Flight Simulator's Facebook page they have released some previews of Orbx's Innsbruck for Aerofly FS2. This scenery is expected to release for PC very soon. Below you can find some attached images to look at while waiting for the big release day. To stay updated follow FSElite on Facebook.
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Orbx Innsbruck (LOWI): The FSElite Review

Welcome to Innsbruck. Capital of the state Tyrol (Tirol) and hidden in the Alps. Historic home to the Olympic Winter Games not once, but twice. A busy hub for many tourists particularly during winter. With challenging terrain, tight turns and forever changing weather, it is arguably the most dangerous airport approach in Europe. If that sounds familiar: that was the
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Orbx Innsbruck (LOWI) – Ask Me Anything

AMS Orbx Innsbruck1
Ask Me Anything is a new and experimental feature we're trying at FSElite to answer your questions about key releases before our reviews. Reviews often take longer due to the detail, but often, we form first impressions much quicker. As a result, we'll do our best to answer your questions quickly so you can make a more informed purchase decision
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