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UPDATE: Orbx LOWI Innsbruck Airport – Prepar3D V4 Previews and Dynamic Lighting [Now Out]

UPDATE Sun 6th August @ 10:00z

Innsbruck version 1.10 is now released. It will add the below dynamic lighting as well as fix a “batch shift issue” in Prepar3D V4.

Make sure you read this post to find out how you can enroll into the open beta to ensure all Orbx airports are compatible with P3DV4.

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Whilst we all eagerly await Orbx airports to be fully functional in Prepar3D V4, Jarrad Marshall was kind enough to showcase dynamic lighting in his latest airport: Innsbruck.

The shots you see below are previews of the very first Orbx airport to include the new feature for P3DV4 (although I think Bilbao may have them as well – I’ll need to check) and showcases just how beautiful his stunning scenery can be at all times of the day. Jarrad said that a ‘considerable amount of effort’ has gone into the new lights. He wants to ensure that there is a good balance between eye-candy and performance. As a result, the primary areas (e.g. aprons, airport buildings) use the new lighting technique, whilst those areas considered to be ‘secondary’, will use the the older style to light up the area. Furthermore, if you’d prefer to not use it at all, you can do so. Further to night lighting, he wanted to show you off some daytime shots showcasing the improvements in draw distances for the autogen.

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Aerofly FS2 Innsbruck LOWI Preview

Over at Aerofly Flight Simulator Facebook page we found a few screenshots of OrbX Innsbruck LOWI for Aerofly FS2. Release for PC version is expected to be real soon. Attached some images below to look at while waiting for the big release announcement from us.

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Orbx Innsbruck (LOWI): The FSElite Review

$39.95 AUD
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We want to ensure that you make the most informed decision you can. We will always put the Simmer First as per our Community Charter. When reading, please use of Review Guidelines to help you understand how we review products.

Welcome to Innsbruck. Capital of the state Tyrol (Tirol) and hidden in the Alps. Historic home to the Olympic Winter Games not once, but twice. A busy hub for many tourists particularly during winter. With challenging terrain, tight turns and forever changing weather, it is arguably the most dangerous airport approach in Europe.

If that sounds familiar: that was the exact opening for my review for Innsbruck by JustSim. But that doesn’t make it less true. Innsbruck is a beautiful place with many famous landmarks. And of course the very famous approach through the mountains. With the review mentioned above I wasn’t too impressed for missing out on the details that make this area so amazing (though the airport itself was very nice), beautiful and unique. But did Orbx manage to capture this feeling?

Short answer: yes. Orbx have done an incredible job with Innsbruck. The area looks amazing. The details and landmarks are all there. The airport itself feels very busy and alive, and so do the towns in the area. If you’re here to get convinced to buy this add-on: you will not regret it. For those that want to dive a little bit deeper into it: let’s read on.

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Orbx Innsbruck (LOWI) – Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything is a new and experimental feature we’re trying at FSElite to answer your questions about key releases before our reviews. Reviews often take longer due to the detail, but often, we form first impressions much quicker. As a result, we’ll do our best to answer your questions quickly so you can make a more informed purchase decision a lot sooner.

With the release of Orbx Innsbruck by Jarrad, we know many of you have questions about all aspects of the scenery package. So now is your chance. We have our copy being put through its paces, so if there’s something you want to know, then ask in the comments below. We won’t reply directly, but we will collate the information and form a quick Q and A on this article.

We’ll update it in the next day or so. Make sure you check back then!

[Update – 09:10z on 2APR2017 – Awaiting questions]

Orbx Releases Innsbruck (LOWI) for Prepar3d and FSX

Over the last few weeks we have been showing off some magnificent screenshots of Orbx’s Innsbruck scenery. We have been nothing short of amazed by what we have seen of it so far and I look forward to having it within my sim.

The scenery has just now been released, you can buy the scenery from OrbxDirect for the price of $39.95AUD. By the looks of it this will be money well spent. In typical Orbx style, no detail has been spared and they have even gone to the extreme lengths of modelling 2500 kilometres squared of area surrounding the scenery at 1m/30cm/60cm. A picture showcasing the whole coverage area can be seen above. It’s absoloutely massive!

Please do bear in mind that this scenery REQUIRES FTX Global Base or OLC Europe. It will not work without either one of these other Orbx products installed.

Whilst you’re here, why not check out one of our Orbx Developer Month Interviews by Alex Goff.

Orbx Innsbruck (LOWI) Final Shots Appear

We all know that once Iain says “Final shots“, we are within days of release of an Orbx product. With San Diego just released, we hope you have enough money in your wallets to then be able to buy Jarrad’s Orbx Innsbruck, as it’s looking to be incredible.

Here’s Iain’s final shots before release.

As soon as it’s out, we’ll let you know.

Of course, you can save yourself some money by making sure you enter our competition to win a free copy of San Diego. Don’t forget, we had several Orbx developers stop by giving us some insight to how they develop.

Ken Hall

Misha Cajic

Marcus Nyberg

Alex Goff 

Orbx Innsbruck (LOWI) previews

Its been quite some time since we last heard something from Orbx about their scenery for Innsbruck. So you can only imagine how happily surprised we were went just a moment ago we finally got to see something from it again. And it looks amazing. Orbx have put an immense amount of effort into Innsbruck and it is showing. I have never before seen an airport packed with so many details! From the hang gliders club to the apron and the terminal building: everything looks super busy making the airport feel really alive. The surrounding area of the airport that can be spotted in some shots also looks beautiful. We don’t have a release date yet, but here’s to hoping it won’t take much longer! Can’t wait to start making that dreaded turn into LOWI again!

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