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Lockheed Martin Releases Prepar3D V4.2

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Since the release of Prepar3D v4, simmers have been enjoying using the ESP-powered sim in a 64-bit environment. The new sim from Lockheed Martin brought a bunch of new features including dynamic lighting, virtual reality and improved weather effects. The first update, 4.1, saw a few improvements to these areas. However, today, Lockheed Martin has released Version 4.2 for simmers to download and enjoy.

The Prepar3D V4.2 update brings a huge change log, some of which will really excite most users. Dynamic lighting has been optimised further to help users get satisfactory performance. According to the change log, “dynamic lighting is now LOD based on distance and size on screen”. Lockheed Martin has also worked on ensuring that users see less blurry textures in the sim also by “improvements to terrain paging performance”. For helicopter users, Lockheed Martin has been listening and included new capabilities for them. This includes scenario controllable artificial intelligence and autopilot functionality.

A lot of this update includes additional fixes to the Virtual Reality elements of the sim. This includes the ability to select the headset in the VR menu, fixed flickering issues, added additional error messages and fixing the left-eye lag seen in Oculus Rift VR headsets. There’s a whole bunch of fixes.

Furthermore, Lockheed Martin has also updated the PDK to include new objects which can be placed in the sim as well as integrating a brand new Voice Control plugin and service to add custom voice commands to the system. How developers use this going forward will be exciting!

Other random fixes include fixing time zone issues including updating GMT references to UTC, updating daylight savings time dates, fixing default time zone locations, and fixing international date line behaviour, fixed a crash with Ultra Water when using third party add-on aircraft and performance for render-to-texture (RTT) views and plugins in SLI.

The Client installer is required for Prepar3D v4.2, however the ContentScenery, and SDK installers are optional. You must first have Prepar3D v4 installed to utilize the Client only installer. To install the Prepar3D v4.2 Client, you must first uninstall the previous Prepar3D v4.0/v4.1 Client through Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel. The Prepar3D v4.2 Clientupdate will require you to reactivate your product, however if you have an internet connection it will be automatic. For more information please view the Prepar3D v4 Download/Installation Instructions from the Downloads page.

Don’t forget, some add-ons may not be compatible with P3DV4.2 straight away! You may need to wait for updates before doing so.

There is loads of changes to be seen down below.

Full change log posted down below:

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Prepar3D 4.1 Released

Prepar3D V4 Logo 1140×500 1
Lockheed Martin have just released P3D v4.1, the first major update that has come to the platform since it's release. This comes earlier than originally proposed and is a pleasant suprise. It is likely that we will see some more addons rolling out now that this update has released. Be aware that some addons may not work at this stage.
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Lockheed Martin Reddit AMA Roundup – 4.1 Releasing October 10th, DX12 In the Future

fselite-Prepar3D V4 Logo 1140×500
Over on Reddit, the Lockheed Martin team opened up to any questions the community may of had about the Prepar3D platform. The guys answering the questions were Adam Breed (Prepar3D Engineering Project Manager), Howell “Beau” Hollis (Prepar3D Rendering Lead and Architect) and Robert McCarthy (Prepar3D Commercial Product Lead). All of them took to the keyboards and provided some insight into the
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Lockheed Martin Conducting Prepar3D AMA Next Tuesday – Mention of P3D 4.1 Release

The developers of Prepar3D, Lockheed Martin Tweeted earlier that they'll be hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Tuesday 26th September between 1pm - 2pm ET. During which time, they'll be open to questions from the community VR, augmented reality and the software itself. What's most interesting is the Reddit thread (link here), has now been deleted, whilst the
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Prepar3D V4 Revealed Officially by Lockheed Martin Coming May 30th

Prepar3D V4 Logo

May 23rd will be go down in the history books as the day Lockheed Martin finally put rumour to rest and reveal their next iteration of desktop flight simulation. We have known that version 4 of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D series was bound to happen eventually, but today, Lockheed Martin have revealed the future of their product line.

It’s official – 64-bit simming!

Prepar3D V4 has been officially revealed by Lockheed Martin and as told by us, V4 is indeed 64-bit. The added memory will ensure that simmers will be less likely to encounter out of memory errors and increase detail to suit their hardware without running the risk of running out of available memory. This is fantastic news as it brings the platform to a modern era, as well as bringing the final major flight simulator to  a 64-bit era.

Some great features have been inclued in this upcoming version of P3D.

Other features Lockheed announced:

  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Rain/Snow particles
  • Global 3D trees
  • A fully reworked development software
  • New default vehicles

Now that the NDA has been lifted, we expect to see plenty of streams and screenshots of the new sim over the course of the coming days. We’ll do what we can to get you some exclusive stuff!

Now that it’s finally cleared up, read our article on setting our expectations for the new sim. We’re eager to hear details from third parties about how they plan to support the new platform.

Also, a special thank you to everyone who believed in us from the start. We take this community very seriously and are extremely pleased that our sources  have been honest and truthful. We’ve always taken journalism seriously and only aim to provide you with accurate information even if it is rumour or speculation.  As always if you have feedback, please email or contact us!

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Setting our Expectations for the Upcoming Prepar3D V4

Setting Expectations.fw
Update: Changed the title a little to better reflect the article. Without delving into speculation too much, we’re fairly confident official information from Lockheed Martin is just days away. We’re reported on rumours, facts, insider knowledge and even some accidental leaks over the past few months – giving as much information as we can to you from Lockheed Martin’s worst
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Prepar3d V3.4 Hotfix 2 Coming Soon

Adam Breed from Lockheed Martin has confirmed that another hotfix is in the works for Prepar3d and will be coming soon. In a conversation regarding increased VAS usage, he stated that in the new hotfix, they have "reworked an area of code to more aggressively purge data when traveling large distances". This continues to positive trend that Lockheed Martin are
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Rumour: Lockheed Martin Software Update for Prepar3d Coming Soon?

cyw96icuqaalib_'s been over a year since Lockheed Martin released Prepar3d v3 for our home simulators, and just under 3 months since our last decimal update. With that in mind, Lockheed Martin posted some rather interesting news over on their Twitter. As you can see from the Tweet below, Lockheed Martin have suggested that they will be launching a new 'software
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Prepar3D v3.4 Now Available!

Prepar3d has released v3.4 this morning which includes several new features such as Oculus Rift runtime 1.7 support, HTC Vive support, Navigation Visuals UI showing facility, airspace, user, and AI overlays in the 3D world, built-in network video streaming, avatar mode now supports aiming and shooting weapons, and many more! There are also numerous bug fixes which can be read
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