MK-Studios Updates Lanzarote and Lisbon

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(Updated) MK-Studios has updated two of their sceneries : Lanzarote (GCRR) for Prepar3D v4 and Lisbon for X-Plane 11. The Lanzarote update is a small hotfix that brings back runway lighting after it disappeared with the release of SODE 1.7.1 in Prepar3D v4 Hotfix 3. The Lisbon (LPPT) update for X-Plane 11 also contains a small fix for the stand textures and the removal of the lighting of the 17/35 runway which is now closed in real life. Lisbon has also been updated for Prepar3D v4 and v5. This version 1.31 brings Prepar3D v5 compatibility, improves the satellite image, the closure of the 17/35 runway, a SODE error correction, and the increase of the runway brightness.

Both updates can be obtained through simMarket, with the Lisbon update also pushed to the X-Plane Store.

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MK-Studios Shares Lisbon Update Details

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Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has shared some details regarding their upcoming update for Lisbon airport (LPPT). We've known the team has been working on an update and Prepar3D v5 compatibility for some time, but the team also announced to be working on some changes (also applicable to the P3Dv4 version). Now, MK-Studios has finally shared the details on these changes.
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MK-Studios 2020 Roadmap – Keflavik, Rome and More

Mk Studios 2020 Roadmap (3)
Scenery developer MK-Studios released a statement about their 2020 plans. The plans include to release Keflavik, Rome, Palma De Mallorca and Tenerife very soon, along with some other surprises throughout the year. In the post on Facebook, Mateusz Stabryla, CEO of MK-Studios, gave a long statement, which we'll summarise down below. First up, the release of Tenerife North (GCXO) is not far off.
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MK-Studios Release Lisbon (LPPT) PBR Update

Mk Studios Lisbon Pbr Update (6)
Teased earlier this month, MK-Studios has released their free PBR update for their Lisbon scenery on Prepar3D V4. The new update primarily updates the scenery to include all new ground and building textures which are now PBR. This new effect adds a range of special effects for added immersion. Further to the PBR material updates, other updates to the scenery include
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MK-Studios Teases Lisbon PBR Update

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Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has teased a short but sweet teaser of an upcoming update for Lisbon that will include PBR textures. The previews don't show off too much yet, but we can see the PBR effects on the apron textures shown, as well as the single traffic cone in the screenshot. Also features in the screenshot is the recently
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Windsock Simulations Release Update for Lisbon on X-Plane

Lisbon Lppt X Plane 11 (1)

Developer Windsock Simulations has just released a large update for their recently released Lisbon airport for X-Plane. The airport was originally created by developer MK-Studios for Prepar3D and this is a port of that same product.

This new update for Lisbon airport includes brand new custom SAM jetways, VDGS docking system and PBR texture work for the ground polys. Furthermore, there are now more custom city buildings added along with new night lighting for a more realistic look within the simulator.

If you don’t own Lisbon for X-Plane 11 already, you can buy it from simMarket for €21.50.

Full Change Log:

  • Custom SAM jetways
  • VDGS docking system
  • Autogen improvements
  • Custom city buildings added
  • PBR for ground
  • New night lighting
  • 3D people in the terminal
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MK-Studios Lisbon Now Available for X-Plane 11

Mk Studios Lisbon Xplane 11 (12)
Prepar3D V4 users have been enjoying Lisbon from MK-Studios since last year, but now X-Plane 11 users finally have an excuse to the travel to the Portuguese capital. Lisbon Airport, also known as Humberto Delgado Airport is now available on X-Plane 11. Serving as the largest base for Portuguese airline TAP, the airport serves a range of destinations domestically, within
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Windsock Simulations To Bring MK-Studios Lisbon to X-Plane

Windsock Simulations are in the process of bringing MK-Studios' Lisbon (LPPT) to the X-Plane platform. The X-Plane community have been asking for Lisbon to be brought to X-Plane since it's initial release and now they will soon be able to have it for their simulator. Windsock Simulations announced that they are closing in on finishing up their MK-Studios Lisbon to
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MK-Studios Lisbon Update

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A brief update from MK-Studios: the team has released version 1.2 of Lisbon. The update comes with autogen improvements and an increase in satellite image quality. The update is available for download right now through SimMarket or the MK-Studios website.
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FSElite Exclusive: MK-Studios Lisbon 1.2 Update Previews

Mk Studios Lisbon Lppt 1 (6)
MK-Studios released a fantastic rendition of Lisbon only a few weeks ago and have actively updated the airport to a higher standard since. We can exclusively reveal today that version 1.2 is in the works and addresses some of the feedback sent to the developer. Namely ground satellite imagery improvements and also huge improvements to the auto-gen. The previews below showcase the
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