Jetstream Designs Milano Linate: The FSElite Review

On 7 km from the city of Milan lies an airport officially named Airport Enrico Forlanini, more commonly known as Milano Linate (LIML). Developer Jetstream Designs have recently released their rendition of this relatively small airport. So let’s take a look at it with this FSElite review. Milano Linate was build around the 1930s when the then main airport, Taliedo
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JetStream Designs Milan Linate Screenshots

After screenshots of Milano Melpensa were shown off, JetStream jumped in on the Italian bandwagon and is now showing off their Milan Linate. JetStream design have confirmed that we should see Linate in 2016. Built with Prepar3d in mind, the entire airport has been designed with frames and VAS in mind. Despite that, expect to see Linate complete with HD
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