Jetstream Designs Releases Paris Orly for MSFS

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Scenery developer Jetstream Designs has released Paris Orly Airport (LFPO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in Paris, France, the airport is second to that of Charles de Gaulle, but still a vital part of the aviation scene in the city. The airport may be smaller, but it still has a huge amount of traffic from Air France, easyJet, Transavia and a host of other international airlines. The airport can handle pretty much all aircraft sizes at a variety of different stands and gates at the airport.

Jetstream Designs is known for its detailed airport products with Paris Orly favouring no differently. The product comes with detailed 3D modelling, realistic-looking textures and various pieces of ground service equipment spread throughout to give the airport a sense of life. Despite the number of objects and details in the scenery, Jetstream Designs has made the airport optimised for the simulator.

You can buy Jetstream Designs’ Paris Orly Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator from either Flightbeam ($23.99) or through simMarket (€19.80). It’s worth noting that customers who buy the product through simMarket can get 30% off if they already own the Prepar3D or FSX version of the airport.

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Jetstream Designs Paris Orly Airport Coming Soon to MSFS

Jetstream Designs Orly Msfs (8)
Jetstream Designs has taken to Facebook to confirm that their upcoming release of Paris Orly Airport (LFPO) will soon be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport is currently in beta testing with a few more things to fix before the airport is made available to buy and download. In the meantime, the scenery developer has shared a range of
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Jetstream Designs Announces Big Update for Orly Airport

Paris Orly Jetstream Designs Update
Scenery developer Jetstream Designs has been a bit quiet lately, but that period of silence has been now broken.  The team has taken to Facebook to announce that they are bringing a new update out soon for French airport, Aéroport de Paris-Orly (LFPO). In the real-world, the airport is undergoing huge changes, including adjustments to the runway, navigation equipment and much
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JetStream Designs Releases Paris Orly P3Dv3

212980 JSD LFPO P3Dv3 (71)
After its release for Prepar3D v4 in December last year, Paris Orly (LFPO) has now also been released for Prepar3D v3. Jetstream Designs made the announcement over on their Facebook page. The P3Dv3 version has a similar feature list than its v4 counterpart, but lacks some of the v4 exclusive stuff such as dynamic lights. It has also been compiled using
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Jetstream Designs Release New Update for Paris Orly

LFPO 1810 11
Not long released, but Jetstream Designs has issued an update to their Paris Orly airport. The new update, version 1.1, is a brand new replacement from the previous version. This means users need to uninstall the old version and reinstall this new update. The new update includes corrected ground markings on runway 02, corrected some ground parking positions and improved
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Jetstream Designs Release Paris Orly Airport (LFPO)

Jetstream Designs Paris Orly Lfpo (9)

Just before the holiday break, Jetstream Designs previewed some further screenshots of their upcoming Paris Orly airport, along with the announcement that it would possibly release before the end of the year. Fortunately, the team were able to deliver on that and has just released it via simMarket.

Being the second international airport in Paris, France, the airport sees a huge amount of traffic both domestically and across Europe and beyond. The airport sees over 32 million passengers per year and there have been major works on it to allow for further expansion. The airport Jetstream Designs has built is based on how the airport looks in 2019. You will see some construction sites within the scenery as building work is still on-going at the real world airport.

As for features, Jetstream Designs has included dynamic lighting, animated airport vehicles, SODE jetways and a scenery configuration tool to give all users an opportunity to refine their experience. The airport has been built for Prepar3D V4 only, meaning it takes advantage of P3D ground polys with the ‘wet effect’ during certain weather systems.

You can buy the Jetstream Designs’ Paris Orly right now from simMarket for a price of €24.00 (Excl. VAT).

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Jetstream Designs Paris Orly Release Date Announced

JSD LFPO 1012 1 (16) FSElite
With Jetstream Designs Paris Orly looking so close to being finished in the previews we've seen so far, many have been wondering when we will be able to see Orly in our sims. Today, I'm happy to report that we finally have an answer! Announced over on the Jetstream Designs Facebook page, it was said that the team is shooting
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JetStream Designs Show off More Paris Orly Previews

LFPO 1810 11
JetStream Designs has shown off some exciting new shots of their upcoming Paris Orly scenery over on their Facebook page. These shots show off some of the excellent progress that has been made with this scenery. Included in the post is a range of shots which show of the wonderful work that has been put into this much-needed scenery. JetStream
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JetStream Designs Preview Orly Airport

JSD LFPO 0908 1 Fse (9)
Paris Orly airport is the smaller of the two French capital city airports, but still is an important base for many airlines. As of yet, we've not seen a decent Paris Orly in our simulators for a long time. After their most recent airport, Nantes (which we thought was excellent by the way), the team are back with fresh previews
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OOM Scenery LFPO Renders

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OOM Scenery developer has released a render screenshot of their LFPO - Paris Orly scenery over at Facebook. For more, visit FSElite's website for the latest news and updates. Once more comes available we will update you right away.
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