737 Ultimate for X-Plane Becomes Threshold LevelUp

Threshold Levelup 737 Ulitmate X Plane 11 (8)

What was once known as the 737 Ultimate project has now been handed over to Threshold to develop. Now branded as the LevelUp series, the project will bring the Boeing 737-600 to the -900 & -900ER to X-Plane 11. The development project is being worked on with both Zibo and Laminar Research to bring the freeware package to simulator users.

In a post on the Threshold forums, it was said that the core developers of the Ultimate project spent a few days negotiating to transfer the project over to the product development arm of Threshold. A new team, lead by Peter Tram and Magnus Lorvik, has been put together to push out the product which will include a range of new functionality and features.

The exterior modelling will be completely done to enhance the product as well as redoing the texturing to take full advantage of X-Plane 11’s PBR. Alongside that, the team will include a new LevelUp UI built into a tablet system right in the aircraft. In addition, an automatic save state system will be included, improved performance and also dedicated flight performance.

Threshold is known for their X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator news and review coverage, as well as their store, so this appears to be a new arm in their numerous business activities. It’s also worth noting that the name LevelUp was chosen to reflect the fact the team can expand beyond the 737.

You can follow the new development arm of Threshold (LevelUp) on Facebook or join the LevelUp Discord to stay updated.

Thanks to Fish Birb and KriZ for the heads-up.

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