PILOT’S Releases Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST) to All Customers

PILOT’S has released Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST) to all customers as of today. Santiago de Compostela Airport is located in the historical region of Galicia in Spain. A handful of airlines operate to the single terminal airport including Aer Lingus, easyJet, Iberia, Ryanair and Vueling.

The airport, designed for Prepar3D V4, features 4K textures, animated workers around the airport and ambient sounds throughout the airport. In addition, PILOT’S have recreated many of the 3D models of the airport, the interior modelling and a highly detailed mesh surrounding the airport for maximum realism. Furthermore, the airport features a custom city making the approaches stunning.

You can buy Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST) from the PILOT’S store for €29.95.

In addition to the release publically, a new 1.10 update was also shared, which features all-new SODE triggered ALS and REIL lights during bad weather and visibility conditions. The full changelog is down below.

1.10 Update Changelog

  • Reworked ALS on Runways 17/35
  • Reworked ground textures
  • Improved lighting and lighting effects
  • SODE triggered ALS and REIL lights on bad weather/visibility conditions. (Best experienced using our 64 bit FS Real Weather program.)
  • Reworked airport vegetation
  • Corrected various objects that were wrongly placed
  • Added GSX file for ground operations. Manual install! (See GSX.txt in the downloaded archive for details on how to do this.) 
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Further Previews of PILOT’S Santiago de Compostela Airport

Pilots Santiago De Compostela 2
Developer PILOT'S announced that they would be bringing Santiago de Compostela Airport after their successful release of Alicante late last year. Located in the North-West of Spain, the airport sees frequent flights from the likes of easyJet, Vuelling and Ryanair. Iberia and Iberia Express also visit the airport taking passengers to Madrid. The previews focus on the surrounding area and
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PILOT’S Announce Santiago de Compostela (LEST)

Pilots Santiago De Compostela (LEST) (7)
Developer PILOT'S has today confirmed that they will be bringing Santiago de Compostela (LEST) to Prepar3D V4. The news announced on their Facebook page earlier today came with the information that the product is due in June 2019. Along with the information came a few previews of in-progress development. You can follow PILOT'S via Facebook to stay up to date. In
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