Further Previews of Just Flight Palma De Mallorca for MSFS

Just Flight Palma Msfs (5)

Following on from the announcement of Palma De Mallorca coming from Just Flight for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the development team has shared off a few new previews and provided a brief development update on the project. After a short break over the holiday period, the team are back to work on creating the airport scenery for the new simulator.

The focus this time is on the glass structure which makes up Terminal C at Palma De Mallorca International Airport (LEPA). The newly developed area of the airport is still a work-in-progress, but the team are “confident this is a good re-creation of the real-world counterpart.” We can see there is already a good level of detail for the exterior shots (including PBR materials) and also the interior modelling. In the development update, Just Flight also added that the radar at the top of the tower will be fully animated and that the first few objects to be sat on the apron are also coming together.

Whilst this development update focuses on Terminal C, Just Flight also mentioned that the newly renovated northern runway (24R/06L) will also be made for the scenery, including the new taxiway layout. The team has access to the charts and aerial photography to ensure that the airport layout is accurate for the product release.

You can follow development progress on the Just Flight website. Be sure to check out the initial previews shared when the product was announced.

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Just Flight Announces Palma De Mallorca for MSFS

Just Flight Palma De Mallorca Airport Lepa Msfs (3)
Just Flight's first-ever scenery product for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be Palma De Mallorca. This brand new airport development is being built from the ground-up with all new technology and designed exclusively for the new platform. The project is in early days, but is being developed by talented developers in the flight sim industry and also supported by two pilots
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MK-Studios Updates Palma De Mallorca (LEPA) to Version 1.01

MK-Studios has updated their Palma De Mallorca to version 1.01, which adds new features, functionality and fixes various issues all reported by the community. The news posted to Facebook highlighted numerous areas of improvement with the full-build update. As commented in our comparison article, animated vehicles have now been added to the airport, along with further terminal roof details. Alongside
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Head-To-Head: Palma De Mallorca Airport (LEPA) – Aerosoft, JustSim and MK-Studios

Palma Comparison Mk Studios Aerosoft Justsim
Palma De Mallorca is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. With all kinds of airlines from all over the world visiting, it makes for an exciting destination for simmers. From low-cost carriers to charters and premium airlines, Palma De Mallorca is a very popular airport. So popular it seems, that three different developers found it worthwhile to
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MK-Studios Releases Palma De Mallorca for Prepar3D v4 and v5

Official Trailer MK Studios Palma De Mallorca
MK-studios has released their awaited Palma De Mallorca Airport (LEPA) for both Prepar3D v4 and v5. The scenery package contains a complete rendition of the airport with high quality textures, modelling and PBR materials throughout. Also included is photo real scenery of the whole island. In total, over half a million objects were placed accurately across the island and airport,
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MK-Studios Palma de Mallorca Prepar3D v4 / v5 Previews

Palma De Mallorca LEPA MK Studios 3

In partnership with MK-Studios and AviationLads, we have numerous new screenshots to share with the community for the upcoming Palma de Mallorca coming to both Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5. The new screenshots highlight various areas of the scenery including the main terminal building, detailed ground texture work and various objects, building and hotels beyond the airport fence.

Further to the screenshots, we can also share that AviationLads will be premiering their video trailer for MK-Studios’ Palma de Mallorca, which shows the airport in action running in Prepar3D v5. That trailer will be ready to watch at 16:00z. You can set a reminder down below.

We are anticipating a release very soon, at which point we’ll inform you about it. Stay tuned to FSElite for more.

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MK-Studios Shares Status Update

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Anyone have Vatsim's CTP on their mind? MK-Studios certainly does! Earlier today they published a status update for their current products on Facebook. Starting with Dublin, all buildings and ground textures are made with full PBR material. Included below are some pictures of Dublin as it goes into Internal beta testing. They also hinted that the use of full PBR
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JustSim Palma de Mallorca XP Updated to v1.1

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In a Facebook Post, developer, JustSim has announced that they've updated their Palma de Mallorca scenery for X-Plane to version 1.1. This update brings along a few minor fixes and changes, most notably, the addition of Autogate and the VGDS system. You can find the complete changelog below. If you don't already own it, you can grab a hold of
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