New Maddog Development Update from Leonardo

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Stefano from Leonardo has posted an update within their Facebook group of what they are currently working on. This includes some important fixes as well as some exciting new features.

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Leonardo Confirm Fly the Maddog X MD-83 and Announce MD-88

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You may recall us reporting on the fact that Leonardo Software House had announced an addition to their highly acclaimed FlytheMaddogX MD-82, the MD-83. Today, courtesy of a post to their Facebook Post, we now know that the MD-88 will be making an appearance as well, complete with all the difference between the airframes simulated! In the aforementioned Facebook post,
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Leonardo Announce MD-83 and New Features

Leonardo MD 83 Announced FSElite
With SP1 for the MD-82 now rolling out the door to the official release channels, and the revised and revamped paintkit already in the hands of painters, Leonardo Software House has some exciting new information to share on what the future holds for them; the MD-83 and new FMS options! Following a post on the FlytheMaddogX Pilot's Facebook group, an individual
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Leonardo FlytheMaddogX SP1 Open Beta Released

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FlytheMaddogX has released their highly anticipated SP1 into open beta which brings a host of new features to the MD82. The team at Leonardo software has been working hard to make their Maddog product even better than it already was. As mentioned, this product is an open beta which means there are still some issues to iron out before the
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Leonardo FlytheMaddogX v1.10 Released

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While we loved Leonardo’s FlytheMaddogX in our recent review of it, we certainly had a few gripes with the product. Today, many of those have been addressed along with the usual bug fixes and revisions you’d expect from an update to a relatively new aircraft.

First off, there are some changes to the MCDU, exterior model, manuals, and panels. The exterior has had the mapping of the APU exhaust port mapping fixed, and a smoother flap animation added. The MCDU has gotten some love as well and has been updated to version PS4058350911 of the operating system. For those of you experiencing issues with VNAV, today your problems have been solved with the VNAV descent logic getting a complete rework, fixing the descent profile calculation along with the vertical deviation indicator, as well as various other minor logic fixes. Various systems have also been fixed and/or improved, such as the correct startup time for the engines now being implemented. An issue with the mouse scroll wheel repeatedly toggling has also been resolved. To reflect the changes this new version brings, the manuals have been updated as well.

Onto the more exciting bit; the new features! A highly requested feature, pause at top of descent, has been added and can be accessed from the MaddogX entry in the addon menu. Support for Mark Foti’s Remote CDU has also been added that will surely please those who use it! An option in the Load Manager has been added that will allow you to toggle between dynamic and legacy lighting for the external flood lights, which is great news for those who find the performance hit of dynamic lighting to be too much for their system. The load manager has also been updated with new features such as a new activation logic, an option to disable TrueLight separately from TrueGlass, as well as an option to display a text message in-sim when a random failure is armed or triggered. The MCDU continues to receive new features, such as added handling constraints, an added ‘gates’ option for the POS page, and a correct calculation of OPT ALT in the FMS CRZ page. Finally, there have been added inside and outside wing views for the left and right wing as well as an option in the load manager to have the internal floodlights use the P3D fx engine (dynamic lighting) instead of TrueLight.

This update has been long awaited and is sure to please everyone from the diehard Maddog drivers to those who only occasionally fly it when they get the itch to. A full changelog can be found below, and the update itself can be grabbed from your Simmarket account via a new installer which will replace the previous version’s.

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Leonardo SH Teases Upcoming Update For The Maddog X

Maddog X Previews Cockpit Dynamic Lights
Developer Leonardo has released a video that teases part of an upcoming update to the Fly the Maddog X. According to a post on their Facebook page, Leonardo has said that the 1.1.0 release will be available ‘very soon’ and it is all dependent on the outcome of testing with their beta testing team. In the meantime, the developer has
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FlytheMaddogX MD80 Releasing February 20th

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You may recall Leonardo providing a brief update on their upcoming MD80 just a few days ago where they said the release was close, they weren't kidding! It has recently been spotted on their purchase page for the Maddog on their website that the FlytheMaddogX will be releasing on February 20th, or this coming Tuesday! The Simmarket page has already
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[UPDATED: REVISED INFORMATION] FlytheMaddogX Price and Possible Release Timeframe Announced

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Update @ 18:00 Zulu: It has been clarified by Leonardo over on Facebook that the previously provided prices were including a 22% VAT. The prices you'll see on Simmarket will be 70€ + your country's VAT for the 64-bit edition and 57€ + your country's VAT for the 32-bit edition. The 5€ discount will also be available throughout all of February and will
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Leonardo FlythemaddogX MD80 Delayed

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It is no secret that many people were wishing to get their hands on Leonardo's upcoming MD80, as previously announced for a release at the end of January, but Leonardo have provided an update as to why they missed their deadline. In a short post on Facebook, Leonardo explained what has delayed their upcoming MD80 from being released. They started
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