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Leonardo Softhouse

Fly the Maddog X Open Beta 1.5b492 Now Available

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Open Beta

Leonardo Softhouse has released another open beta today, in anticipation for an ‘official’ release next week. The update introduces some fixes, but also an exciting new feature: an ACARS message printer. The printing functionality allows you to print your ACARS messages to any Windows printer (whether that be a physical of virtual one). But if that’s not enough, the team has also added a fully functioning printer into the virtual cockpit.

The update also fixes all of the reported issues with the previous open beta (1.5b486). Furthermore, if you are using PFPX, it is good to note that you must replace the old ACARS template with a new one. More instructions on this can be found on the forum.

The open beta is available right now from the Fly the Maddog X forums. A full changelog can be found at the end of this post.

Pricing Changes

Fly the Maddog X was released back in early 2018. Ever since the release, the team has been working hard on adding more features (and they are not done with that yet). Once this open beta will become available as a stable release, Leonardo Softhouse has decided to increase the price of their 64-bit version and update with €10. This means the price for the upgrade from 32 to 64 bit, as well as the normal 64 bit version of the plane, will go up a little bit. The 32 bit version remains unaffected, as will the MD-83 and MD-88 expansion pack. The 32-bit version of Fly the Maddog X has not received new features and functionality since 2018.

Last but not least, the team comes with an exciting little announcement. After the stable release of this update, the team will focus on another long awaited feature: shared cockpit.

Changelog (Open Beta)

  • minor bug fixes
  • typing on fms scratchpad inhibited until a message is cleared
  • fixed issue with PMS if simrate >1x
  • trip and taxi fuel weights directly read and set in load menager from OFP
  • fixed EXEC light not illuminating on CMA-900 2D window
  • fixed outflow valve animation
  • added ACARS printing capability to physical or VC printer
  • added manual pass oxy mask release and ac xtie lockout reset switches behind CM1 and CM2
  • added VC printer animation
  • added manual pass oxy mask release and ac xtie lockout reset switches behind CM1 and CM2 animation
  • added printer selection for ACARS *PRINT command in setup – simulator option and auto-print option
  • revision: AOM Vol.2 Operational Bullettin; Quick Guide and User Manual
  • updated ‘MaddogX ACARS.txt’ PFPX template file in Madddog X Files\redist
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Leonardo Software to Release New Open Beta Update for FlytheMaddog X

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In an announcement via the FlytheMaddogX - Pilots Facebook group, developers Leonardo Software has announced the latest details regarding their upcoming open beta release for their FlytheMaddog X aircraft. Due for release within the next couple of days, build 1.4b427 includes minor fixes to aircraft systems including improved LOC/ILS capture logic, improved integration with GSX and ACARS messaging alerting the pilot when the
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FlythemaddogX MD Series Significant Update Released

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Whilst it was released a few years back, the Leonardo Softhouse team continue to provide extensive updates to their FlythemaddogX MD series of aircraft. The last update saw the introduction of failures, PBR on the exterior and icing effects, back in December 2018. Today, a new update, 1.4b410 Open Beta , has been released which is rather significant and adds a range of new and exciting features to the product.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the new ACARS system. The ACARS system will allow you to hook into various components such as weather from Active Sky, OFPs and messages from PFPX and messages from maintenance with the new random failures module. The ACARS will show you messages, which means you don’t have to dip and dive between software to get updates.

In addition to that, PBR has now been applied to the virtual cockpit. Many parts of the cockpit now carry accurate textures which now use the new PBR material technique. This is completely optional and can be adjusted to your pleasure. In terms of the exterior model, the aircraft contains clickspots which will enable you to interact with various areas such as the engine cowling and also the nose cone.

Other fixes and changes include improved LOC/ILS CAP logic, fixed magnetic wind component calculations, improved the autoflare and also increased the cabin light brightness.

The full list of changes and additions can be found below. We have been informed by Leonardo Softhouse that it is highly recommended that you read the supporting ‘WhatsNew’ documentation. You can download a copy here.

You can find the installers over on the forums.

If you don’t already own these aircraft, you can pick up the base packs from simMarket for €72.00 (64bit version) and €57.00 (32bit version).

Leonardo Softhouse also won “Runner Up” in our Community Choice awards.

When the original base pack came out, we absolutely loved it and gave it 9.5/10. It’s gone on to be an even better aircraft since that review.

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Leonardo Softhouse Release FlythemaddogX MD-83/88 Expansion

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Leonardo Softhouse has released the MD-83/88 expansion pack to their popular FlythemaddogX MD-82 series. The new expansion pack includes both the MD-83 and MD-88 in a single package. Users will get to experience the longer range and higher density variants of the Maddog in affluent detail. The expansion pack is more than just a visual update as it brings along
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Leonardo Softhouse FlythemaddogX MD-82 Updated (SP1b351)

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The news I know many of you have been waiting for: Leonardo Softhouse has updated their FlythemaddogX MD-82 for both 32-bit simulators and 64-bit sims. As we previously covered, the new update brings a wealth of new features and bug fixes. One of those updates for the P3D v4.4 version is the inclusion of PBR materials on the exterior of
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