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Leonardo SH

Leonardo SH Fly the Maddog X Now Available to Purchase

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Announced less than a year ago, the Italian development team Leonardo SH surprised the community by announcing a reboot edition of their popular Maddog aircraft. At the time, that version was a highly detailed aircraft supporting study level attributes. It didn’t hold up in today’s world and so it was decided to bring it to the modern era. As of today, the Fly the Maddog X MD-82 is now available to buy from SimMarket.

The aircraft itself comes with a vast range of features, failures and other unique elements to create an extremely realistic rendition of the plane. When installed, you will get to enjoy high quality HAD textures in the cockpit, an immersive sound set, a realistic flight model and loads of ways to interact with the plane. Whether you want to perform a standard flap take off or use the dial-a-flap, then you can. You can also set items to be unavailable meaning you’ll have to adapt your SOPs accordingly. The aircraft comes with 8 detailed liveries from all corners of the globe.

You can buy the Leonardo SH Fly the Maddog X from SimMarket now. It comes in two versions depending on the sim you use.

If you use FSX or P3DV3, then you will need the 32-bit version. This will retail usually at €57.00 (excluding tax).

If you use P3DV4, then you will need the 64-bit version. This will retail usually at €70.00 (excluding tax). The 64-bit version will also come packaged with TFDi Design’s True Glass and Real Light.

As a special promotion for release, both products are currently on offer with a €5 discount!

If you owned the legacy product, then you’ll be entitled to €5 off in the future. No further details on this offer have been confirmed yet. As a result, you’re best off taking the initial discount if you want to buy it sooner than later.

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FlythemaddogX Team Provides Progress Report

Maddog X Tutorials 02 Cockpit Preparation
Today, the Leonardo Software House - the developers behind the anticipated FlythemaddogX product - has provided a news release as to the status of their MD-82 simulation for FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv3.4 and P3Dv4.1. The team starts off by emphasizing that they do not have any release date or pricing information available at this time, but want to be as transparent
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