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Leonardo Provides Latest Development Update on Fly The Maddog X

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16 months on since the release of Fly The Maddog X from Leonardo and the development team keep on working hard to improve their ever-popular aircraft for FSX and Prepar3D.

Stefano from Leonardo has revealed via the Fly The Maddog X forum that the latest build (1.4b427) has now moved from the open beta trial period with all official installers now sent to simMarket ready for release.

All users will receive an email notification at any moment with this new update requiring a fresh installation. A PDF file with instructions can be found within the installer file.

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Leonardo SH Provides Update on Fly the Maddog X and P3D v4.5

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Stefano from Leonardo SH has provided the community with an update regarding Prepar3D v4.5 compatibility for the Fly the Maddog X addon, along with some interesting new information about the upcoming build. Starting off, he informs us that the new upcoming build, to be available for download very soon, is already compatible with the latest 4.5 update of Prepar3D.  Additionally,
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Fly the Maddog X Development Update

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Leonardo Software House, the developer of Fly the Maddog X, has released a development update. Hot on the heels of the MD83 and MD-88 expansion pack, the developer says they are already beta testing the upcoming Fly the Maddog X release. While there is no release date as of yet, the latest version will add some new features and squash
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FlytheMaddogX Development Update

After a preview of the MD-82, 83 and 88 with PBR, FlytheMaddogX developers have posted a nice update regarding the development of the new MD-83 and 88 Developers of the new MD-83 and MD-88 have already confirmed that these aircraft have entered beta, but are also finalizing the 'advanced icing' feature that will be included in the MD-82, 83 and
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Leonardo SH Previews FlythemaddogX PBR Textures

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Stefano from Leonardo SH has today provided some beautiful screenshots of the new PBR feature in the process of being applied to their FlythemaddogX product.  They expressed their thoughts towards the feature as 'extremely excited' and that they ' resist to show you the progress' - and I'm tempted to agree; take a look at the screenshots below. You can
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FlythemaddogX Update Released

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In their continuing effort to keep their product up-to-date, developer Leonardo Software House has released build b331 for the SP1 version of the Maddog X.

Free to all users and available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, the ‘open beta’ update takes care of some issues that weren’t addressed (or have since cropped up) since their recent SP1 release.

Included in the b331 release are fixes for low volume crew and mechanical sounds, changes to some COMMs logic, and improved GSX compatibility.

The installer for both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions can be dowloaded from the links below and users are reminded that this is a full installer and previous versions must be uninstalled before updating.

64-bit edition
32-bit edition

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FlythemaddogX Open Beta 1.2b264 Released

2018 4 10 13 45 28 615
Developer Leonardo has released another beta for their FlythemaddogX MD-82. Beta 1.2b264 adds a few minor fixes, including minor panel changes, and memory optimization which helps avoid CTD’s in low memory conditions. Earlier this year, the developer asked users if they would prefer smaller, more frequent updates to the aircraft or if they wanted to wait longer for larger updates.
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Leonardo SH Teases Upcoming Update For The Maddog X

Maddog X Previews Cockpit Dynamic Lights
Developer Leonardo has released a video that teases part of an upcoming update to the Fly the Maddog X. According to a post on their Facebook page, Leonardo has said that the 1.1.0 release will be available ‘very soon’ and it is all dependent on the outcome of testing with their beta testing team. In the meantime, the developer has
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Leonardo SH Fly The MaddogX Version 1.0.3 and Paint Kit Released

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After the highly successful release of the rebooted MaddogX, developers have been hard at work fixing bugs, painting planes and getting them out as fast as possible. FlytheMaddogX V1.0.3 Change log: Load Manager problems with certain windows localisation. Stuck brakes in certain version of FSX. Added possibility to disable RealLight, and have ‘FSX style’ panel lightning (no dimming). Further to
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Leonardo SH Fly The Maddog X: The FSElite Review

Review Image
The Fly The Maddog 2008 and later 2010 Professional was an iconic Maddog add-on from the FS2004 days. It was far ahead of its time, offering multi-crew abilities, in-depth study level systems and more. It eventually made its way to FSX and remained the go-to MD80 add-on. With the release and subsequent major boom where P3D became the main platform
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