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PILOT’S Alicante Airport (LEAL): The FSElite Review

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Having spent many years flying to Alicante (LEAL) in various capacities, it’s an airport I have a strong affection for. We have been using a version of the airport for many years from Eiresim, but it hasn’t seen any love for many years. Luckily for us, developer PILOT’S stepped up and has spent the best part of a year developing the Spanish seaside airport.

Let’s look at some facts. It’s a hugely busy airport for tourists. Although it peaks in the summer season, it sees frequent flights from a variety of airlines including low-cost, charter airlines and legacy carriers. Whether people are travelling to party up in Benidorm, or travelling south towards Torrevieja, it is no wonder it holds the crown as the fifth busiest airport in Spain. Over 13 million passengers hurtle down the runway at some point throughout the year and that number is increasing all the time.

As it is such a desired destination in my scenery library, I couldn’t wait to get in and try out the airport.

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PILOT’S Alicante Updated to v1.1

2018 12 18 20 23 44 488
Yesterday PILOT’S newly released Alicante, which you can get your hands on here, was updated to v1.1. Removable static aircraft and people are just a few of the added features. Although no official changelog has been announced according to the developer, the following tweaks have been made: Changelog Additional facility buildings added Castle and stadium added to the scenery New
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PILOT’S Release Alicante (LEAL) Airport for Prepar3D V4

Alicante Leal Previews P3dv4 (1)
After months of previews, teases and more, the team at PILOT'S has released their anticipated version of Alicante (LEAL) Airport. The Spanish coastal airport sees a huge amount of traffic from Europe and beyond from a variety of different airlines. From easyJet, Ryanair to Norwegian, Volotea and more, there's a large number of routes available to enjoy. The airport itself
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Final Previews of PILOT’S Alicante (LEAL) Before Release

Alicante Leal Previews P3dv4 (25)
In anticipation for the release of Alicante from developers PILOT'S, a final batch of screenshots (42!) has been released to the public. The shots showcase the immense detail within the airport, the night lighting, the internal modelling and also surrounding cityscape. A lot of work has gone into faithfully recreating the airport and ensuring that performance matches expectations for the
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PILOT’S Alicante Airport Official Trailer Released

As Alicante from PILOT’S gets closer to release, as do the promotional material. Our friends at AviationLads has produced the official trailer for the product. The 2 minute video showcases the level of detail the team have achieved in the release. You can see the detailed interior modelling, aerial satellite imagery and of course the impressive terminal building.

Beta testing continues on the product to some great results, but we’re still hoping it may see a release by the end of the year (or at least in January). Whilst there’s a trailer, you can also view a whole range of images from previews that have been released over the past few months.

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FSElite Exclusive: PILOT’S Alicante (LEAL) Night Previews

Alicante Leal Pilots Fselite Exclusive 03
We're proud to continue showcasing with the community new and exclusive screenshots of the upcoming PILOT'S Alicante (LEAL) airport for Prepar3D V4.4. The newest screenshots showcase the completed internal modelling that will come with the airport once released. The night lighting has also been done to blend realism with performance so users have a great experience. Although we don't have
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PILOT’S Preview Alicante (LEAL) Night Lighting

Alicante Pilot’s Leal Night Lighting (5)
PILOT'S have been previewing their upcoming release Alicante an awful lot lately as it comes closer to completion. Today, the team provided a deeper look at the night lighting that will be coming with the product upon release. A lot of focus has been put on ensuring the airport runs smoothly on people's computers. For those that don't know, Alicante
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New PILOT’S Alicante (LEAL) Previews

Pilots Alicante Leal Oct 5
The team at PILOT'S continue to share previews of their upcoming Spanish scenery, Alicante. This time, it's mostly about the terminal building from the landside areas, as well as a few from outside the airport itself. We have seen plenty of previews now of the airport, with loads of them being exclusive previews from our good friends at AviationLads. You can
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FSElite Exclusive: PILOT’S Alicante (LEAL) Alpha Previews

We continue to work closely with our friends at both PILOT'S and AviationLads. We have teamed up to provide you guys some exclusive alpha previews of the highly detailed Alicante (LEAL) airport. We have been following progress heavily for many months, as the airport is starting to take great shape. There are so many details within the 32 images. From the
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