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Leading Edge Simulations Updates Take Command! Saab 340A

Saab 3

Founder of X-Aviation, Cameron, has confirmed the Leading Edge Simulations Take Command! Saab 340A has been updated. The new update brings it to version 1.6.5 and an email to customers of the product has already been sent out informing them of the update. The update is now available to download through your X-Aviation account and will simply need to be reinstalled for the update to take effect.

Within the update, the team at Leading Edge Simulations has changed various elements of the aircraft to improve various functions. The autopilot has seen changes that fixes a bug which prevents proper trim. Furthermore, the team has created a new torque value curve for the power lever to better match it to the real aircraft. Other fixes include addressing the issue where the aircraft will crash the simulator when at specific airports. The full changelog is down below.

If you don’t own the Leading Edge Simulations Take Command! Saab 340A, then you can pick it up from X-Aviation for $49.95 USD.

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Hot Start TBM-900 Release Date Announced

Exterior 2206b.jpg.ce6dcdb793c6cb64ea514adcdd909659
Finally, the plane that the entire X-Plane community has been following the development of, the Hot Start TBM-900, is approaching release. Cameron, the founder of X-Aviation - the storefront on which the TBM-900 will be distributed through - made a post on the X-Pilot forums today to announce that the aircraft is due for release this coming Saturday at 00:00
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New Exterior Previews Shown of HotStart TBM-900

TBM 900 2104.png.1c1fd935aa679a1bc12bf228d075c48f
A few weeks ago we reported on the announcement of a new TBM-900 by a fresh name to the X-Plane development world, HotStart. Since then, the first official previews of the exterior model have been shown off over on the X-Pilot forums. These previews came from Goran of Leading Edge Simulations, who is working on the modelling in this project. With a proven
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HotStart Socata TBM900 Announced

It's always exciting to see new developers enter the market, bringing new skills and technologies to simulator add-ons. It's even more exciting when a developer branches out from what they're already known for and gives us something totally different. Such is the case here, with the announcement of the Socata TBM900 for X-Plane by a "new" developer going under the
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LES Saab 340A Updated to v1.5, Adds XP11 Compatibility

Saab 7
X-Plane isn't known for having many regional turboprop simulations available. We have the FJS Dash-8 Q400, which divides opinion throughout the community on how good or bad it is, we have the ancient Aerosoft ATR-72 which still somehow manages to work well in X-Plane 11 without much issue, and we have this - the LES Saab 340A which has been
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