Las Vegas

FlyTampa Las Vegas (KLAS) Now Available


FlyTampa has released Las Vegas (KLAS). The anticipated airport from the scenery developers will give simmers a new opportunity to explore the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas.

The airport from FlyTampa features a full rendition of Las Vegas McCarran (KLAS) airport in an up-to-date state. All the current terminal buildings, layouts and ground textures have been modelled to be as accurate as possible. The area is full of high-resolution photo scenery with a completely custom mesh. Throughout the airport, 3D models, animated cars and the airport to city monorail have been included. As this airport has been designed for Prepar3D v4, FlyTampa have also included PBR textures on the terminal windows and dynamic lighting throughout

Further to the airport, the entire Las Vegas strip has been fully modelled. With detailed models of some of the most famous landmarks including the Bellagio Hotel and Fountains, the Stratosphere and FlightSimExpo 2018’s home, The Flamingo Hotel and Resort. Even the famous Las Vegas sign has been faithfully modelled.

The scenery comes with a full scenery configuration tool to give users the ability to change their preferences.

You can buy the product now from the FlyTampa website. Las Vegas (KLAS) costs $32.00 USD.

Thanks to Ole for the heads up.

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FlyTampa Previews Single Las Vegas (KLAS) Night Lighting Screenshot

Flytampa Las Vegas Night
Over on their Facebook page, FlyTampa has released a new preview of their upcoming Las Vegas McCarran (KLAS) for Prepar3D. This seriously anticipated scenery has been teased for many, many months and the latest tease shows how it looks at night in all of its glory. From the sneak peek, the airport is covered with dynamic lighting and various hotels
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New FlyTampa Previews of Boston and Saba Airport

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FlyTampa are well know as one of the best developers to grace our community, bringing high quality sceneries to flight sim over the last few years. Today on Christmas Day, they have shown off some new previews of Boston alongside announcing a new project: Saba - the airport with the world's shortest commercial runway. Serving the small Caribbean Island with
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F-15E Strike Eagle: Mach 2 Plus

Bel Geode answers a viewer’s wish to see the F-15E Strike Eagle that comes standard with Aerofly FS2. The word on the street is that IPACS modeled this thing so well that it can actually fly over Mach 2, and has enough thrust to climb over 30,000 feet in a matter of seconds.

Naturally, all these things need validation. Enter test pilot Bel Geode. Flying within the Oculus Rift as usual, Bel will be leaving Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas (KLSV), and heading to a simulation favorite- Edwards Air Force Base in California (KEDW), one of the former landing places of the space shuttle.

Posted as part of the FSElite Featured YouTube Community project.

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FlyTampa – One Shot of Vegas to Add to the Collection

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We usually wouldn't just post a singular screenshot, but this view made me pick my jaw off the floor so figured it would make for a good Sunday evening post. It's no secret that FlyTampa are developing Las Vegas' McCarran Airport and the strip itself. We've seen multiple previews before, but this is the first glimpse of just how jam-packed
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F/A-18C: Grand Canyon Run (FYC)

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience FA 18C Grand Canyon Run
Bel Geode is back with the F/A-18C to push it to the limits in Aerofly FS2. From an idea generated by a loyal viewer, this trip will take the audience from KGCN (Grand Canyon National Airport), to sunny Las Vegas... KLSV (Nellis Air Force Base) to be specific. Along the way, one can expect the usual shenanigans for which Bel
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FlyTampa Las Vegas Preview

Strip2 1024×406
FlyTampa has released preview shots of Las Vegas. This is from the same developer that has done the stunning Corfu and Amsterdam. As we all know, FlyTampa has their standards set high this time too. I'm sure they will deliver one Las Vegas. One previous post about this airport can be found here. For more take a quick look at FlyTampa's
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FlyTampa Las Vegas – First Shot Shown

FB IMG 1491376955837
FlyTampa have revealed the first preview shot of their recently announced Las Vegas. FlyTampa Las Vegas is the latest scenery from the team who developed Amsterdam and Corfu in recent years. Both of which have been highly praised for their quality and craftsmanship, so as you expect, Las Vegas looks stunning. The image was shared on Facebook and has already
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