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New FlyTampa Previews of Boston and Saba Airport

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FlyTampa are well know as one of the best developers to grace our community, bringing high quality sceneries to flight sim over the last few years. Today on Christmas Day, they have shown off some new previews of Boston alongside announcing a new project: Saba – the airport with the world’s shortest commercial runway. Serving the small Caribbean Island with the use of Twin Otters and other small light aircraft.

These previews show exciting glimpses of what is to come. FlyTampa stated that although not quite ready for a Christmas release, Boston, Las Vegas and Saba are all expected to be released in early 2018.


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FlyTampa Las Vegas Preview

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FlyTampa has released preview shots of Las Vegas. This is from the same developer that has done the stunning Corfu and Amsterdam. As we all know, FlyTampa has their standards set high this time too. I'm sure they will deliver one Las Vegas. One previous post about this airport can be found here. For more take a quick look at FlyTampa's
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FlyTampa Las Vegas – First Shot Shown

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FlyTampa have revealed the first preview shot of their recently announced Las Vegas. FlyTampa Las Vegas is the latest scenery from the team who developed Amsterdam and Corfu in recent years. Both of which have been highly praised for their quality and craftsmanship, so as you expect, Las Vegas looks stunning.

The image was shared on Facebook and has already received much attention from the team.

Las Vegas

No further details were shared but we’ll do some digging to find out some more.

Thanks to everyone for contacting us about it!

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FlyTampa’s Next Airport will be Las Vegas (KLAS)

Update 22:30z 08JAN 2017 - AirDailyX has added further information to the project information. Turns out that the entire Las Vegas strip will be included in the airport package as well. This means all hotels, resorts and casinos. Not only the strip, but we can expect the entire city of Vegas with all the goodies we'd expect from a FlyTampa product. Original
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