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Laminar Research Update Status on X-Plane 11 Vulkan/Metal, Cloud / Weather Addons to Work with Vulkan

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When we last spoke to Laminar Research about the anticipated Vulkan/Metal update, Ben told us that some weather add-ons such as SkyMaxx and xEnviro would not work with Vulkan due to limitations. This has since been found possible thanks to a happy accident.

In a full blog post written by Ben at Laminar Research, he goes into explaining how since beta testing the bridge to connect OpenGL-based plugins to X-Plane 11, they found some work had to be redone to that specific part of the process. After rewriting the bridge, the team ended up with code that could now support OpenGL-based weather/cloud plugins from within a Vulkan render. Both Skymaxx and xEnviro developers are in the private testing process and have be pleased with the results and are now saying it works.

The pictures in the blog are of a special build of SkyMaxx running in X-Plane 11.50 using the Vulkan engine. It’s important to note however, that this is currently only Vulkan, not Metal that can support this. So running a cloud/weather plugin will still require the OpenGL driver on Mac. This is still a limitation of OS X’s API.

Ben did also want to be clear on this point: “On Windows what we are supporting is 3-d OpenGL drawing by plugins inside the Vulkan renderer, not native Vulkan rendering by plugins inside the Vulkan renderer. Native Vulkan rendering by plugins is an incredibly complex SDK problem, and not something we are looking at for 11.50.”

He continued, “2-d Drawing Just Works; 3-d Drawing Requires a New Plugin: For plugins that draw in 2-d we’ve gone for a “just works” level of compatibility; while we have seen some plugins that need to update due to illegal techniques and bugs, our goal is that a well-authored add-on just works even when Vulkan and Metal are in use.”

This is surely good news for those that listened to our interview with Ben last month.

You can read the full blog post here.

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FSElite Exclusive: A Future X-Plane Update Will Focus on Weather, Clouds and Lighting

X Plane 11 2
In an exclusive interview with FSElite, Ben Supnik has confirmed to us that Laminar Research will begin development on overhauling the weather, cloud and lighting engine within the world of X-Plane. When asked about what the future of X-Plane will look like, Ben said that "The very next thing on my to-do list, we can examine everything about weather, clouds, lighting and all that
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X-Plane 11 Live Q&A Scheduled for Tuesday November 19

X Plane 11

Next week on November 19 at 9pm EST (0200 zulu) various product managers and the creator of X-Plane, Austin Meyer, host a live Q&A on YouTube. If you would like to submit questions to the team at X-Plane, head to the form here. The livestream will not only feature Austin Meyer, it will also include X-Plane’s desktop product manager Ben Supnik, mobile product manager Chris Serio, art director Alex Unruh, and a handful of other special X-Plane friends. If you are unable to watch the broadcast live, a recording will be available afterwards on X-Plane’s YouTube channel.

The previous Q&A livestream took place in February 2019, if you are interested it’s linked here. Along with the livestream a full recap will be featured here on FSElite shortly after. Stay tuned to FSElite for more news and information regarding X-Plane and all of your other favorite flight simulators!

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Laminar Research Releases X-Plane 11.40 RC1

1140 Beta 10 Additional Flight Model Changes
Following on from various beta tests, Laminar Research has sent out the first Release Candidate for X-Plane 11.40. Version 11.40 focuses on bringing new features in for the aerodynamics engine built into the simulator. Based on our previous article, below are what the new flight model focuses on. Flight Model Focuses Wake turbulence – more in-depth and sophisticated wake turbulence system that
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Laminar Research Shares New Information Regarding Vulkan Upgrade

X Plane 11
The developer of X-Plane, Laminar Research has been working hard to deliver major upgrades to integrate the Vulkan Application Programming Interface. Laminar Research has taken to their Facebook page to show two comparable graphs that detail the performance differences in terms of FPS that the new Vulkan system will bring to X-Plane. OpenGL in simple terms is a way of rendering
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Flight Sim Show 2019: Laminar Research Presentation Round-Up

X Plane 11 2
Direct from the Flight Sim Show 2019 in Cosford, Laminar Research’s Philipp took to the stage to talk about X-Plane 11. During the presentation, the team spoke about X-Plane Mobile, X-Plane 11.40, Vulkan/Metal and more. X-Plane Mobile The presentation opened up with talk about X-Plane mobile. The tech and code behind the simulator on mobile is now 75% the same
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X-Plane Mobile Nearing Release and Searching for Beta Testers

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Laminar Research posted on Facebook earlier today with a new screenshot and more information for their update to X-Plane Mobile. The newest version of X-Plane Mobile is nearing completion and will be the first to feature Global Scenery. A screen shot of the new scenery and airports was included and can be referenced above. Accompanying the new global scenery, X-Plane
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