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Laminar Research Releases X-Plane v11.51r1

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Laminar Research has released version 11.51r1 of their popular X-Plane flight simulator. This update comes about a month and a half after the release of the first v11.51 beta, which you can read about here.

X-Plane v11.51r1 is a release candidate version of the upcoming full version of 11.51. Rather than releasing large updates all at once, Laminar Research improves its X-Plane platform by releasing incremental beta versions of each update, followed by release candidates, which are the culmination of the beta releases to be tested before the release of the final version. v11.51 of X-Plane has thus far seen three beta releases, all with their own additions, improvements and fixes. This is the first release candidate for X-Plane v11.51.

According to Laminar, the release includes over 2,200 added or improved airports, as well as a list of known issues and bug fixes. Some of the notable fixes include improvements to the default FMS, various fixed ILS approaches, Vulkan/Metal optimizations, and 3rd party peripheral optimizations among many other fixes. You can read the full list of fixes for v11.51r1 below, as well as check out the release notes page on the official X-Plane 11 website here.

Bug Fixes

Release Candidate 1

  • Fixed FMS file not working with X-airports with 7-letter custom ID.
  • Actually remove deprecated airports.
  • Find orphaned approach transitions that dangle at the end of EGLL.dat in Navigraph cycle 2013.
  • Recognize more circling approaches.
  • XSG-11071 Misaligned ILS at NZAA.
  • XPD-11048 Can’t use ext visuals without the aircraft of the master machine in Vulkan.
  • XPD-11079 Fixed inverted normal maps in Vulkan/Metal with HDR off.
  • XPD-11092 Fixed cylindrical projection not working on multi-monitor with Vulkan.

Beta 3

  • Gateway airports approved as of Nov. 24 added.
  • Networking fixes:
    • Support clients talking across different IP protocols.
    • Fixed erroneous messages about not receiving/replying from exvis machines.
    • Fix for potential crash when changing roles.
  • XPD-7986 Rain now displays correctly in multimonitor.

Beta 2

  • Additional log info to investigate issues with Reverb G2 controllers.
  • Additional diagnostics via Aftermath for investigating device loss crashes (requires Nvidia driver 457.09).
  • Portuguese translation updated.
  • XPD-10194 Updated docs & override datarefs for sling object.
  • XPD-11031 Nvidia driver crash in OGL when accessing settings.

Beta 1

  • Updated translations for most languages.
  • Updated & additional joystick config files.
  • Device loss crashes on Vulkan/Windows should be less frequent.
  • XPD-10617 CTD when using “regenerate icons for current aircraft (and livery).
  • XPD-10836 Device loss crashes on Metal/Mac should be less frequent.
  • XPD-11003 Metal has been disabled for Nvidia-based Macs on 10.15 because it hangs.
  • XPD-11025 Plane Maker 11.50 breaks the .acf file when periods are changed to commas.
  • XPD-11028 Crash in the map.
  • XPD-11030 Switching liveries a couple of times crashes X-Plane.
  • XPD-11036 Fixed broken mouse cursor in 3-d cockpit with LDR and OGL.
  • XPD-11038 Fixed washed out GL movie capture.
  • XPD-11044 Fixed missing runway outlines on map.
  • XPD-11047 Fixed option for edge blending with no warping.
  • XPD-11069 Loading flight plans fails after loading a checklist.
  • XPD-10832 Added camera permission string for third party apps
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Laminar Research Updates X-Plane to V11.51b

X-Plane Vulkan Metal
after many iterations in Beta, in September of this year, Laminar Research - creators of X-Plane - released a crucial update, Version 11.50 which included support for Vulkan and Metal API engines. Since September, Laminar Research has worked closely with the X-Plane community to identify some of the persistent issues that users may be experiencing since they updated to V11.50.
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X-Plane 11.50 Now Final, Released

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Laminar Research Releases Beta 6 for X-Plane 11.50

X Plane 11 2

Following on from a very quick and unfortunately unsuccessful Beta 5, Laminar Research has released Beta 6 for X-Plane 11.50.

Laminar Research has released Beta 6 for X-Plane 11.50 which corrects a lot of the instability issues that have been plaguing the releases thus far. Ben Supnik has reported in a post over on the Laminar Research blog that the team has received an unprecedented amount of bug reports, both automatic and manual, since the release of 11.50b1. although the volume has been intense, the amount of information the team has received has been invaluable.


After seeing the amount of data received from the reports from users, the team have put a plan of action in place to gain ground and get closer to a solid release. Firstly, the team want to work on fixing the fatal crashes and bugs that prevent X-Plane from loading and moving forward, they will then look at optimisation in terms of VRAM, and finally look at mopping up any further performance issues.

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Laminar Research X-Plane 11.50 Beta 2 Now Available

Laminar Research released X-Plane 11.50 as an open beta just last week and since then the team has worked hard to fix reported bugs and make various improvements to the platform. The biggest change with X-Plane 11.50 is the inclusion of the new Vulkan / Metal API to render the graphics within the simulator. With that big change came a
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When we last spoke to Laminar Research about the anticipated Vulkan/Metal update, Ben told us that some weather add-ons such as SkyMaxx and xEnviro would not work with Vulkan due to limitations. This has since been found possible thanks to a happy accident. In a full blog post written by Ben at Laminar Research, he goes into explaining how since
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