Axonos Releases Memphis International Airport for XPL

Axonos Releases Memphis International Airport For XPL (1)

After the announcement earlier this week, developer Axonos has released Memphis International Airport (KMEM) for X-Plane 11. The brand new airport for the simulator will give cargo lovers the perfect destination to explore. Memphis Airport is a huge hub for FedEx and is one of the busiest in the world for cargo. Not only does millions of items of cargo pass through each year, as do passengers helping to contribute to the fact that it is one of the busiest airports in the United States.

The new airport from Axonos has been developed “to the highest detail” and comes with colour-corrected custom aerial imagery and highly detailed 3D modelling of all of the terminal buildings and more. Furthermore, the airport will come with over 200 custom objects helping to bring the virtual airport to life. In addition, the airport is also compatible with other mesh and orthophoto addon and also comes with a custom underground highway tunnel. Finally, SAM jetways will be functional to connect your aircraft to the airport building along with the ability to use various ground traffic plugins.

You can buy Axonos’ Memphis International Airport (KMEM) from Gumroad for $24.88 USD. The 4.17GB installer will require you to have the SAM Plugin installed for use.

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Axonos Formally Announces Memphis Airport for XPL

Axonos Memphis Airport Xpl 11 (1)
Scenery developer Axonos has formally announced they are bringing Memphis International Airport to X-Plane 11. Memphis Airport is a huge hub for FedEx and is one of the busiest in the world for cargo. Not only does millions of items of cargo pass through each year, as do passengers helping to contribute to the fact that it is one of
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A Few Nimbus Simulation Studios Memphis Previews (X-Plane 11)

Nimbus Studios Memphis (3)
Whilst developer Nimbus Simulation Studios announced they would be bringing Atlanta to X-Plane 11 earlier this week, the team are still finishing up work on Memphis airport. Although only a handful, the team wanted to show off some in-development previews of the project. Primarily showing off the busy FedEx apron, and all their cargo aircraft, the 3 shots highlight the
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FSDreamTeam Memphis (KMEM) update

It seems like only a few days ago that we informed you that FSDreamTeam was working on an update for Memphis International Airport (KMEM). Nothing is less true because it was only a few days ago we did this. Today we are happy to be able to tell you that this update is available for download as of right now!
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FSDreamTeam Show off Upcoming Memphis (KMEM) Update

FSDreamTeam released Memphis (KMEM) a little while ago and it has been taken by the community really well. Thanks to it's innovative new ways to explore the scenery outside of the aircraft and the popularity of the airport for cargo carriers. Since then, the team have worked really hard on creating the experience even better. In the upcoming update, the
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FSDreamTeam updates


FSDreamTeam have a couple of updates for us! So lets get into it!

First of all, they announced in an email going out to customers that the much anticipated GSX update has gone live. This update went in public beta just a few weeks ago and comes with a lot of enhancements and changes to the fueling system. The update is free to anyone that already has GSX, so make sure to download the update from the FSDT website!

Next up they announced an update to Memphis Airport (KMEM). This update will add support for ground textures using the native P3D SDK, improving performance of the airport. You can download the update on their forum.

Last but not least FSDT announced some price drops! The most recent and biggest projects of FSDT will drop with about $5, whereas the somewhat more dated products can drop with as much as $10! So make sure to have a look at this for your Christmas!

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UPDATE: RELEASED – FSDT Memphis Coming This Weekend?

UPDATE 02JUN16 0001z: Just like that, already out. You can buy it from the product page. Umberto, over on the FSDT forums may have accidentally revealed that their upcoming Memphis scenery will be out before the weekend is up! Here's the quote from the forums: You can disregard the update notification message, because it only happened because we are updating
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