FlyTampa – One Shot of Vegas to Add to the Collection

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We usually wouldn’t just post a singular screenshot, but this view made me pick my jaw off the floor so figured it would make for a good Sunday evening post. It’s no secret that FlyTampa are developing Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport and the strip itself. We’ve seen multiple previews before, but this is the first glimpse of just how jam-packed this scenery will be.

In the shot above, you can see just the multiple array of hotels, casinos, clubs and skyscrapers that make up the skyline of Vegas. I honestly cannot believe the level of detail in the shots and cannot wait to see what FlyTampa produce with this scenery.

Here’s a few more preview shots previously released just to whet your appetite further.

We aren’t sure on release date, but when we get more information, we’ll let you know! Stay tuned to their Facebook.

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FlyTampa Las Vegas Preview

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FlyTampa has released preview shots of Las Vegas. This is from the same developer that has done the stunning Corfu and Amsterdam. As we all know, FlyTampa has their standards set high this time too. I'm sure they will deliver one Las Vegas. One previous post about this airport can be found here. For more take a quick look at FlyTampa's
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FlyTampa’s Next Airport will be Las Vegas (KLAS)

Update 22:30z 08JAN 2017 - AirDailyX has added further information to the project information. Turns out that the entire Las Vegas strip will be included in the airport package as well. This means all hotels, resorts and casinos. Not only the strip, but we can expect the entire city of Vegas with all the goodies we'd expect from a FlyTampa product. Original
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