King Air 350i

MilViz King Air B350i Release Imminent


Thanks to a tip-off from JB3DG it has been brought to our attention that the MilViz long awaited B350i release was imminent. MilViz has posted today on their unofficial forum the following statement :

“The final testing version has arrived. This version is expected to be a complete version of what 1.0.0 will be. The team has worked very hard over the last few weeks to iterate over and close a number of bugs in many areas and add remaining missing features. There may be a few minor bugs or issues in this build that will be solved before release but the product should behave as expected”.

The release date has apparently been set for December 19th, 2019. MilViz are also already planning for a Service Pack that will address the issues that might be discovered after the aircraft has been released widely.

In development for more than 5 years, the MilViz B350i is announced as a game changer by MilViz. The aircraft will feature a full Collins ProLine21 avionics suite with Navigraph Charts integration, PBR effects, Icing effects, and is expected to have a realistic turboprop engine behavior that often lacks in P3D. Considering it incorporates PBR, it is safe to assume the aircraft will for the moment only be compatible with P3D v4.

No pricing has been set yet. You can visit the product page here.

Stay tuned on FSElite for further release information.

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FSElite Exclusive: Recap from Milviz Live Interview

FSElite Exclusive Recap From Milviz Live Interview
Last week, Milviz Owner and Director Colin Pearson joined us on a special live stream to talk about all things Milviz. The two-hour interview covered a wide range of subjects, previews, and tidbits to excite people about what's to come in the future. This post features all of the aircraft shown off, along with some exclusive previews, which can't be found
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Military Visualizations to No Longer Develop for X-Plane At This Point

During our Developer Interview Livestream yesterday with Colin from Military Visualizations, he confirmed that going forward, it is their intention to stop developing for X-Plane. The reasoning for this is based on several factors, but as of right now, MilViz won't continue bringing aircraft to the platform. You can watch the clip where Colin confirms this from our 2-hour stream
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Milviz Shows Off King Air 350i Icing Effects

Milviz Shows Off King Air 350i Icing Effects FSElite
It's been a busy week for Milviz, to say the least, with multiple previews of the ATR having been shown off, in addition to a sneak peak at their upcoming King Air 350i with PBR. Today, Milviz continued the streak of previews on their aircraft with a first look at the icing effects that are going into the product! Do
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Milviz Previews King Air 350i with PBR

Milviz Previews King Air 350i With PBR FSElite
Just over a month after Milviz announced they would be including PBR in their upcoming aircraft, the upcoming Milviz King Air 350i has been shown off with the new tech implemented! This comes just a few weeks after their upcoming ATR 72 was shown off with PBR as well, and we can't wait to see what their other upcoming aircraft
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FSElite Exclusive: Milviz King Air 350i Alpha Previews

Milviz King Air 350i FSElite Exclusive 13

Just 3 days ago, we reported that Milviz had released the first King Air 350i Alpha build to their pre-order customers. Just as we were about to settle in for the torturous wait for it to release so we could get our hands on it, the extremely kind folks over at Milviz reached out to ask if we were interested in taking a look at it; of course we were! (we were also provided early access to the T-38C; exclusive previews of that aircraft are coming soon)

Now I’m not going to comment on any specific details of the systems or anything like that at this moment, as this is their first alpha and there are bound to be many bugs and oddities to find and fix, but what I will say is that it feels extremely polished for such a state. The performance is great, the modelling and texture work is top notch, and she flies like an absolute dream based off of my 30-minute mini flight test campaign. I’ve yet to do a full flight A-B, but that’s certainly not a long ways away, and I know it’ll be great fun!

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Milviz King Air 350i Alpha Released To Pre-Order Customers

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A plane that has certainly been a long time coming, the Milviz King Air 350i alpha has been released to pre-order clients only. Milviz stated that while there are a lot of missing items, they should be small for the most part. That's all for now but this is certainly a major milestone for the project. When we have more
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