FSElite Original: Interview with Jonas Hernstig from Total Controls


Late September, we reported about a new company named Total Controls, who hopes to raise enough funds for their first product, the Multi-Function Button Box through a Kickstarter fundraising. The Kickstarter will end of 27th October 2020 at 19.00 CET. FSElite took the time to have a chat with Jonas Hernstig, founder of Total Controls, and give him the chance to explain to our readers the goals of this project.

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Total Controls Multi-Function Button Box Announced

Total Controls Multi Function Button Box
A brand-new Multi-Functional Button Box from a company called Total Control is currently in a Kickstarter and hopes to help simmers looking to improve their flight simulation hardware experience. The Multi-Function Button Box will give users access to a range of buttons, handles and knobs to help them overcome the need to rely on a keyboard and mouse - particularly
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UPDATED [NEW INFO]: Milviz Looking to Use Kickstarter to Fund ATR 72 X-Plane Development

Milviz Kickstarter FSElite
Update 23 April 2019 @ 0244z: Milviz amended their Kickstarter page to reflect that even the lower tier pledges will have discounts available for the final product, directly correlated to the pledge amount. Original article: Aircraft developer Milviz has taken to crowd-funding site Kickstarter to seek support from the community to help fund X-Plane development for their ATR 72-600. The
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Introducing FlightX Pilot Experience – Kickstarter In Need of Support

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We are huge fans of anything creative that the community does to further people’s knowledge of flying or aviation in general. Of course, we all love simming and we enjoy informing you about new ways to sim. But sometimes, it is good to leave the computer chair and find a simulator to hone your skills. In many parts of the world, getting to a simulator is both difficult and expensive. This is why when Sebastian came to us about his idea of creating a Boeing 737 aviation experience in Austin, Texas, got us excited.

FlightX Pilot Experience has been designed to give you an immersive way to experience the feeling of being a commercial airline pilot – without years of training or masses of debt. From the minute you walk in, you will know you’re in an aviation themed environment. Everything from the reception, bar and lounge will be littered with aviation memorabilia and interactive displays. Of course the main exhibit is the exact replica of a real Boeing 737 cockpit. Everything from displays, layouts and chairs will match the real thing.


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