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Kern Valley

Orbx Kern Valley (L05): The FSElite Review

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When Orbx revealed they were working on Kern Valley, I personally had no idea what airfield it was or why anyone would be interested in it. As the previews rolled in, my attitude towards the tiny Southern California airport had changed. It looks pretty good, is set in a nice location, and had complimentary scenery around it. As soon as it was out, I went ahead and downloaded it and have been enjoying some awesome GA flying ever since.

What’s important to remember with L05 Kern Valley is that this is more of an expansion of Orbx’s fantastic FTX Southern California. You need the aforementioned scenery to be able to use Kern Valley, which already begins to add up in terms of cost. If you’re interested in the region, then I recommend you purchase SOCAL, fly around and enjoy that before you invest any further. You’re probably thinking, “but why?” The answer is simply because Orbx have designed to integrate into the region. Everything from the vector to the landclass has been designed so that the airport fits in perfectly.

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Orbx Kern Valley (L05) Now Available

Orbx L05 Kern Valley P3d 4
  A few days ago, Kern Valley was previewed by Iain and we showed off his final shots, which always means that a release is close. Today, Orbx delivered on that promise, and have released Kern Valley (L05) for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D V1 - V3. The scenery has been developed by Jordan Gough and has been designed to ensure
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