MK-Studios Teases Three New Keflavik Previews

Mk Studios Keflavik (1)

Whilst many are anticipating release of MK-Studios’ Keflavik, we are left with just a few more teases of the airport. The previews come from beta testers who are working on ensuring the airport is ready for a release.

The previews don’t really add much to the feature set we revealed a few weeks ago, but it’s nice to see the airport coming along in a timely fashion.

As previously mentioned, the airport is due to release between February and March 2020. MK-Studios did say that it “is close” on their Facebook post.

As always, we’ll keep you updated.

If you missed it, MK-Studios did share a new render yesterday for their upcoming Donegal Airport in Ireland.

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FSElite Exclusive: MK-Studios Keflavik Previews and Details

Mk Studios Keflavik Fselite Exclusive (4)
Since the release of their Dublin and Tenerife North scenery, the MK-Studios team has been working diligently to release their awaited Keflavik airport scenery (BIKF). The airport in Iceland is known for its challenging approach in unfavourable weather. That weather is a staple of the airport itself and changes how pilots taxi and manoeuvre the airport. We are pleased to
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More MK-Studios Keflavik (BIKF) Previews

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MK-Studios has published on a Facebook post new pictures of their work in progress Keflavik Airport (BIKF). The screenshots concentrate on several details on the airport such as the terminal, jetways, some hangars and a few other objects. PBR materials are of course in use. However, no in-sim previews have been posted so far. As per MK-Studios roadmap published a
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MK-Studios 2020 Roadmap – Keflavik, Rome and More

Mk Studios 2020 Roadmap (3)
Scenery developer MK-Studios released a statement about their 2020 plans. The plans include to release Keflavik, Rome, Palma De Mallorca and Tenerife very soon, along with some other surprises throughout the year. In the post on Facebook, Mateusz Stabryla, CEO of MK-Studios, gave a long statement, which we'll summarise down below. First up, the release of Tenerife North (GCXO) is not far off.
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MK-Studios Status Update On Tenerife North, Keflavik

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After the release of their long-awaited Dublin scenery, MK-Studios have posted a small Facebook update on their upcoming work. While announcing that Tenerife North Vol. 2 was not to far from release, the team has also released a work in progress screenshot of their Keflavik (BIKF) scenery. This announcement will come as a good news to many simmers, since the
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