Flightbeam Updates Denver for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flightbeam Denver Update Msfs 3

Flightbeam Studios has issued a brand new update for their Denver Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The all-new version, version 1.40, brings some “significant changes” to the airport product. The airport was originally released to coincide with the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator back in August 2020, but as the SDK has advanced significantly since then, Flightbeam has gone back over the product to improve it.

In a blog post on the (new) Flightbeam website, the team said that the drastic terrain in the area saw some of the launch’s original teething issues. Since then, the SDK has been changed substantially to allow a much smoother experience around the ramps, taxi areas and runways. There are some other improvements also including new custom ortho imagery and better blending with models.

The update is readily available through the Flightbeam Store via the Contrail App. If you purchased the product through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, you can update the content via the Content Manager from within the simulator.

If you don’t own Flightbeam’s Denver Airport (KDEN) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can buy it from the Flightbeam Studios store for $14.99. There is a 30% discount available to customers who own the product on Prepar3D.

Denver is not the only airport from Flightbeam available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can see more on their Washington Dulles Intl for MSFS here. We just need to start seeing more progress on Auckland Airport for Prepar3D.

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Flightbeam Denver for MSFS Updated to v1.03

Flightbeam Denver Update Msfs 2
Flightbeam released Denver International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator on release day and has since issued a few updates to the product itself. Flightbeam has now released version 1.03 which adds various improvements and changes to the product. The new update focuses on improving the night lighting of the airport, adding red beacons to the top of towers and also
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Flightbeam Releases Denver International Airport for MSFS

Scenery developer Flightbeam has released Denver International Airport (KDEN) for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). The North-American airport sees numerous airlines for both domestic and international travel. This is Flightbeam's first airport for the new Flight Simulator which includes ultra-realistic terminal textures, PBR materials and volumetric grass throughout. In total, nearly 12,000 acres of custom buildings and textures have been added
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Single Preview of Flightbeam Denver In MSFS

Flightbeam Denver Airport Winter Msfs
Flightbeam was one of the first developers to preview their content coming to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Today, they have shared another preview of Denver Airport (KDEN) but this time with the ground covered in snow. Taking advantage of the snow weather integration with the new simulator, we can see here the ground covered in the white stuff leaving
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[Updated] Flightbeam Announces Denver International for MSFS

FB IMG 1596662191233
Updated 6th August 2020: It is confirmed that Flightbeam will release Denver International Airport on August 18th 2020 to coincide the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was also confirmed that the pricing will be cheaper than the current Prepar3D versions. Scenery developer Flightbeam has announced that they will be bringing Denver International Airport (KDEN) to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. As
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Flightbeam KDEN-HD Denver Version 3 Now Available


At the beginning of this month, Flightbeam teased that a major update would be soon made available for Denver (KDEN) airport on FSX/Prepar3D. As of a few moments ago, that update was made available to the community. The new update from Flightbeam for Denver sees “[…] almost everything at its core has been updated for better performance and compatibility.”

One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of SODE jetways and also re-compiling the 3D assets of the product for P3Dv4 for the best possible performance. The overhaul also sees all the ground textures completely upgraded and also the inclusion of new optional wet puddles. A few other changes include changes to the ground markings to reflect a better representation of the actual airport, along with other fixes to some of the floodlights.

To install the new update, you first must uninstall the previous version of Denver KDEN by using the Flightbeam Manager. You will also have to re-download the FTX Global texture pack for Denver if that is installed (not the whole package of FTX Global).

This update is free of charge for existing users. If you haven’t yet purchased KDEN-HD Denver from Flightbeam, you can do so by heading to their store. It will cost you $29.99.

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Flightbeam Possibly Teases Major Re-Work for Denver Airport

Flightbeam continues to work on new content for flight simulation. On Facebook, the team teased an image confirming that there is major work commenced on a re-work and upgrade for an existing airport in the Flightbeam catalogue. That airport is, very likely to be, Denver Airport (KDEN). The Facebook post stated "Major re-work and upgrade in progress of the ground
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Flightbeam Denver 2.0 is released

Flightbeam has today released their updated version of Denver International airport. It's available for download through your Flightbeam Manager. Inside the Flightbeam Manager under Denver you can install FTX Global textures or turn on and off Dynamic Lighting etc. For users that already have the earlier version of Denver installed in Addon Manger must first deactivate it and uninstall it.
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