Imaginesim Reveals Atlanta Trailer for X-Plane 11

Popular developer Imaginesim has taken to YouTube to showcase their upcoming release of Atlanta (KATL) for X-Plane 11.

Just under a month ago we revealed the final screenshots before release and we now know that Imaginesim is working hard for a release this weekend.

In this trailer, we see the airport in many scenarios including night time and wet weather conditions with the attractive effects of PBR in full force. We also get a glimpse of how the airport will look in low light conditions with the control tower looking particularly colourful along with reflections on its many windows.

The high-resolution buildings and 3D grass can also be seen in this video highlighting the surrounding area and all of the buildings within the airport vicinity. We also get a first look at SAM jetways and SAM SafeGates in action along with a closer look at the high-quality ground markings.

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Nimbus Simulation has Released Atlanta V2

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Nimbus Simulaton has released Atlanta International Airport V2 for X-Plane 11. Serving over 100 million passengers a year, Atlanta International Airport is the world's busiest airport and is the primary hub for Delta Airlines. Delta also has their Technical Operations Center on the airport, and is the airline's primary maintenance, overhaul, and repair base. Atlanta is a focus city for
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Final Imaginesim KATL Atlanta X-Plane 11 Previews Before Release

KATL Atlanta X Plane 11 2
The team at Imaginesim has shared the final previews for their upcoming KATL Atlanta on X-Plane 11 before release. The airport, one of the busiest in the world, has been faithfully recreated in X-Plane 11 with custom meshwork, high-quality scenery details and detailed ground markings. The new previews above showcase the aforementioned qualities such as the high-resolution buildings, as well
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Imaginesim Drops More Photos Of KATL For X-Plane

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Delta Air Lines fans rejoice! Developer Imaginesim has dropped more tantalizing photos of their upcoming Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL) scenery for X-Plane. The airport, located in the state of Georgia, is one of the busiest in the world, acting as a hub for a variety of flights throughout North America and around the world. The screenshots focus on the
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Imaginesim Shares Yet Another Atlanta (KATL) X-Plane Teaser

Imaginesim Xplane Atlanta Katl
Imaginesim continues to push towards releasing Atlanta (KATL) for X-Plane 11. They have shared a brand new preview of the product on Facebook, saying that "Felipe has now completed the compilation of the extra-fine resolution mesh extending out and beyond the runways." This is the second preview in the past few days of the product in development. We'll continue to monitor
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Imaginesim Release Free Update for KATL Atlanta

Imaginesim has released their anticipated KATL Atlanta update. The new free update available for every customer who purchased Atlanta after October 22nd 2015. The new update includes a wealth of features including switchable PBR materials for water and reflections, dynamic lighting and also interactive SODE jetways.

Further improvements also include an extensive range of hand-placed trees, plants and vegetation surrounding the airport, brand new high definition building textures and native Prepar3D V4 ground polygons and also an update to the main terminal building itself adding the new canopies over the dropoff/pickup zones.

The airport has also been updated to match the real-world standard of today with accurate AIRAC procedures. The airport will also feel alive with the Simworks Studios Live scenery module with new animated traffic around the airfield.

To get the update, you simply need to open the Imaginesim Operations Center and download the new update from there. If you have yet to buy Imaginesim’s KATL Atlanta Airport, you can do so via their website for £24.99.

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Imaginesim Shares Wealth of New Atlanta Update Previews

Imaginesim Atlanta Update (1)
After a small initial delay, Imaginesim has shared a wealth of new previews for their upcoming free Atlanta update. The new preview images show off the large apron areas of Atlanta Airport (KATL), along with dynamic lighting and the updated ground textures. As a reminder of what users can expect in this update; there will be changes to the North and
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Another Sneak Peak at Imaginesim KATL Atlanta Free Update

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Back in July, Imaginesim announced that they would be issuing a free update for their KATL Atlanta product for new and existing customers. The team today took to Facebook to announce that the airport is testing-complete and will be released very soon. To celebrate, a single image was shared showing a moody night scenery at the airport. Some of the changes
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ImagineSim Confirms Free Update for Atlanta Coming Soon

Imaginesim Atlanta 2019
Developer ImagineSim has taken to Facebook to inform the community that they are currently working a brand new update for their Atlanta scenery. The airport has seen an extensive $6 billion renovation to many parts of the airport, which has meant the current version of the airport from ImagineSim is out of date. To this end, the team will be
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