JustSim Tease UUWW Vnukovo for P3D and X-Plane, Next Project Hinted

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Usually forgotten by scenery developers, but in no way unimportant, is the country of Russia. Not often do we see too many sceneries around that part of the world, so those looking for a quality Russian scenery to fly in and out of will likely have great surprise and delight in the announcement on Facebook that JustSim has been collaborating with Eugene Baturin from Drzewiecki Design and Digital Design to bring us a cross-platform scenery of Moscow Vnukovo UUWW.

The announcement on the JustSim Facebook group teases us with a blurred over screenshot of the finished product, with the accompanying text from Andrei Bakanov telling us that the project is now completed and in the coming days we should expect some final (less blurred) screenshots to keep us keen for the release – of which no date is specified – and that in JustSim style, this product will be released simultaneously for P3D and X-Plane.

Furthermore, Andrei tells us that the next project is already underway, hinting that the location is nearby to the Mediterranean Sea. He also goes on to say that an update isn’t far away for users of their Nice Cote d’Azur product, along with 2 other European airports (without specifying which).

We’ll be sure to post up the finished screenshots of this Russian airport as soon as they’re made available.

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JustSim Larnaca International (LCLK) Released for X-Plane, Hints At New xEnviro Features

JustSim has released the newest addition to their portfolio of beautifully detailed sceneries for X-Plane; Larnaca International Airport. Larnaca (ICAO: LCLK) is the main international airport serving the island nation of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. Cyprus, and indeed the Mediterranean as a whole, is a major tourist destination for those seeking a sunny vacation. Larnaca handles more than 5 million passengers
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Justsim Larnaca X-Plane 11 Preview

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Justsim has just announced that they are releasing their Larnaca (LCLK) scenery for X-Plane 11. Release is expected to be in 3 to 4 days according to Justsim. Larnaca is situated on the island of Cyprys in the Mediterranean Sea, main big international airport for the country. No price is available at the moment but once released we will keep
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JustSim Larnaca Released

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Coupled with a bunch of screenshots, JustSim announced that they have just sent Larnaca (LCLK) to the store for distribution. Unfortunately we don't know anything about the sceneries features. Luckily we do know it'll release for Prepar3D v4 and X-Plane 11.   Update Feb. 6: JustSim's Larnaca is now available on SimMarket for €18,90.
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UPDATE: [NEW INFO] JustSim Announce Vnukovo-Moscow Airport for P3D v4 and XP11

Update 3 February 2018 @20:03z It has been announced by JustSim that Vnukovo-Moscow will be developed together with Digital Design. Original Content Recently, Andrei of JustSim Scenery announced on Facebook that JustSim will be returning to Russia for some more Russian scenery as well as details on their next airport! Included in the post is news of their next airport;
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JustSim Klagenfurt (LOWK) Released for X-Plane 11

Justsim Klagenfurt 4

JustSim simply don’t slow down. They have today released Klagenfurt (LOWK) for X-Plane 11. After releasing the scenery for X-Plane 10 last year, the team have updated it to use the new standards set by the new sim. Klagenfurt airport is only visited by 3 airlines, but is growing in popularity.

This release includes custom textured taxiways, runways and surroundings, as well as, custom lighting and animated ground vehicles. The scenery package also includes high resolution ground textures, custom runway textures and detailed buildings. Finally, Klagenfurt for X-Plane 11 uses the world traffic and X-Life traffic to enhance the scenery even further.

You can buy it now from SimMarket for €11.52 (excl. tax). If you already own the X-Plane 10 version, you can upgrade for €5.00 (providing you use the same account).


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JustSim Has Released Dresden Airport (EDDC) for X-Plane 11

Justsim Dresden X Plane 1
Having already released their version of Dresden Airport (EDDC) for P3D earlier this month, the guys at JustSim today released the same airport for X-Plane 11. The German airport in Klotzsche serves as a key airport for many European airlines for both city breaks and holiday destinations. The scenery package itself featured detailed airport objects and vehicles, custom taxiways, runways
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JustSim Releases Dresden (EDDC) for P3D

Dresden 1
Developers JustSim has today released Dresden Airport (EDDC) for P3D. The German airport in Klotzsche serves as a key airport for many European airlines for both city breaks and holiday destinations. The 576MB download includes the airport which is fully compatible with FTX Global, FTX Global openLC and FTX Germany South. JustSim were keen to note that the airport comes with
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Justsim’s Riga is now out

EVRARIX Riga For Prepar3D V3v4
JustSim is now released at Simmarket for 18.80 EUR without VAT and a preview video is above. It's developed for P3D V3 and V4 platform. Soon a version for the XP 11 platform will be released as well. Features of Riga: Fully compatible with FTX Global OpenLC Europe Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings Ground
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Justsim’s Varna Bulgaria Released for P3D V4

LBWN For FSX Prepar3D Varna JustSim
Justsim has reached out to the community and released Varna Bulgaria airport. It can be yours for 20.63 EUR at Simmarket's website. If you previously purchased this airport for FSX and P3D (non-V4) then you're entitled to the special upgrade price of 6.25 EUR. Don't forget to watch the preview video above. Varna Airport is famous for being in the historical
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